HDLR 9/21/08: Last HDLR of Yankee Stadium II

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, the chin-wagging is always lively, and the tissues will be handy and amply provided as the Yankees play their last home game ever in Yankee Stadium 2.0.  Everyone’s emotions will undoubtedly be close to the surface as the Yankees close out the cathedral in grand fashion.  Be sure to be thankful for everything that The Stadium and the Yankees have provided us in it, all the games, memories, and milestones that we will always remember.  The Yankees will move to a new, lavish, spacious stadium nearby that will no doubt prove to be a great home to the Yankees and us as fans in its own right.  However, until then, only one place will be The Stadium and that place will always be unique, always be known as The Stadium in our hearts.  Below, as per Pete Abraham, are both the lineups and the Yankee Stadium patch, a copy of which I have as a magnet on my refrigerator.  Come on in, share your thoughts and memories, grab a digital leather recliner, a cold one, and a commemorative digital jersey, and enjoy the last game at Yankee Stadium.  With glassy eyes, LET’S GO, YANKEES!


YANKEES (84-71)
18 Johnny Damon CF
2 Derek Jeter SS
53 Bobby Abreu RF
13 Alex Rodriguez 3B
25 Jason Giambi 1B
22 Xavier Nady LF
24 Robinson Cano 2B
55 Hideki Matsui DH
26 Jose Molina C
46 Andy Pettitte LHP

ORIOLES (67-86)
1 Brian Roberts 2B
21 Nick Markakis RF
6 Melvin Mora 3B
17 Aubrey Huff DH
55 Ramon Hernandez C
10 Adam Jones CF
15 Kevin Millar 1B
16 Jay Payton LF
2 Juan Castro SS
29 Chris Waters LHP

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  1. How those this miss the playoffs?
    18 Johnny Damon CF
    2 Derek Jeter SS
    53 Bobby Abreu RF
    13 Alex Rodriguez 3B
    25 Jason Giambi 1B
    22 Xavier Nady LF
    24 Robinson Cano 2B
    55 Hideki Matsui DH
    26 Jose Molina C
    46 Andy Pettitte LHP

  2. Jason is in.

    Leo, I am still trying to figure that out. I’d attribute it to their being less than the sum of their parts this year. They never put it together offensively this year and, with the injuries decimating the staff and Jorge’s injury/absence, this wasn’t their year. Next year, Leo. Next year.

  3. hello one and all–i’m in.

  4. V is in as well.

  5. Hey Mike. How are you holding up? I’m drowning myself in Sam Adams Oktoberfest and my wife’s killer meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and a gallon of gravy. It’s helping for now, but I fully expect to be crying during the pre-game ceremonies.

  6. I still can’t tread 04-05 collapse, seriously. I remember being teary eyed in the pizzaria. The Sox win eliminate my “miacle” comeback. I can’t watch this……vome check in later. Oh, the “bombers beat” rat pack suggested Matsui-Cano for Cain of the SFG in a heartbeat? I dammed them to hell. What do you thin if it wer’e even possible.

  7. Hey V. How have you been?

  8. Doesn’t the game start @ 5:05? What a bunch of babies……….:)

  9. Leo, you’re a good man for your action at Bombers Beat. That small, narrow-minded pack of mullet-heads (among an otherwise good group at Bombers Beat, since some good fans DO post there) don’t know their collective ass from third base.

  10. i’ve been okay J. i been happy that i’m in my last year of high school, but not as happy that yankee stadium is closing… my mind still won’t believe it just yet.

  11. What will you do next year, V? Don’t underestimate college, which can be completely liberating and infinitely more stimulating than high school.

    I know what you mean about The Stadium. Tonight will be hard for me, and I never went to the degree that you, Mike, and Mike did, or Frank the Sage for that matter.

  12. i’m sitting in a cloud of marijuana smoke—

    holding up as well as i can– i really wish i was home.

  13. i’m not 100% sure what’s next for me but i assume i’m going to try college out. i don’t know if i will last though.
    how have u been?

  14. V you’ll miss it all. Mike you are home you’re just blown.

  15. ive been keeping track of last minute ticket sales on Stubhub–someone bought a pair of tickets for 12K each last night…there are 2 on sale for 125K each–

  16. I hope you can see the TV through the cloud, Mike. ESPN just had Stick Michael on. He doesn’t get enough credit for what he did for the Yankees in the 1990s, in my opinion. He and Buck helped make the Yankees a force again.

  17. Those prices are insane.

  18. Boomer Wells frosts my ass as often as not, but I absolutely love seeing him with a big ol’ beard. I’ve always thought the team’s policy on facial hair is a colossal joke.

  19. Jason everytime you don’t post I worry and have to rehearse my hail marry’s before bed in hope your ok. The stadium in jam packed them scouters done a great job.

  20. The Stadium is already about packed. Amazing.

  21. I should have invested I seriously was.

  22. Sorry to make you break out the rosary, Leo. I was gone early and back late the last couple days. I missed it, honestly, and will do my best the next couple months which will be enormously busy. I love blogging with you all as readers. I honestly do.

  23. i paused the DVR so i’m a bit behind on the ESPN telecast-i must catch up…

  24. i was checking every ticket site you can think of for the cheapest price of a ticket yesterday and it was like 280 for bleachers. parking passes were being sold for like 100. ri-dic-u-lous.

  25. Those prices are, honestly.

  26. i can’t believe espn is getting to broadcast this one. worst broadcasters ever.

  27. BTW–i watched the game 5 pennant W against the royals –then the reggie game 6 on ESPN classic last night–best moment was bob sheppard admonishing the crowd…

  28. I made you dinner and this is how you repay me? At least come up wuth something better than that! 🙂 Ticket scouters are going to put there kids through college with those prices. I can say I actually read “Boomers” book.

  29. agreed V–i wish that somehow the YES broadcast was nationwide–

    at least the whole country will be able to watch even though we must suffer through fools like steve bethiaume and co this afternoon and joe morgan tonight

  30. Look at all the legends in the dugout–Yogi, Gator, Wade Boggs–amazing.

  31. it truly is–seeing don larsen sitting next to boomer–the different era jerseys!

  32. i wish i were there today. the all day coverage is a tease.

  33. Larsen, Nettles after the cancer, I love the different jerseys. I can’t wait for Bernie to be announced.

  34. Big tease. My daughter was watching the classic innings at Yankee Stadium with her Yankee Stadium cap on. That’s my girl.

  35. me neither–i have an ambulance waiting outside my building-in case of heart failure

  36. i saw nettles at one of the games shown in bryant park a year or two ago.

  37. Torre should be here……

  38. gosh, i get annoyed by baseball ignorant people. someone who noticed how many people were heading to the stadium just asked me: “is it that important of a game? who are they playing?”

  39. i wish torre could be there as well–but he has a playoff bound team to manage…

  40. thats just plain sad V…

  41. I know it won’t start for another hour plus, but this is the most must-win game of the year, given the Yankees’ situation and the gravitas of Yankee Stadium.

  42. you know, if the yanks [baseball gods forbid] lose today, they’ll be eliminated from playing in the postseason for the 14th straight season on the day the stadium hosts it’s final game… wouldnt that be sad.

  43. Willie Randolph, Winfield, Bernie, Stick, Boomer…

  44. Worse than sad, poignantly so…

  45. i couldn’t agree more–it’s the most important game since the last game against the tribe last year–a must must win–i just hope the players aren’t tight.

  46. must win of the year? try of their 85 year history.

  47. Ya’ kiddn me the O’s can’t win. They won’t make it out alive.

  48. V–keep us posted on what the YES pregame has going on please…

  49. I know! Tell Toronto couldn’t score darn three runs!

  50. I hope they’re not too tight, distracted, or wrung out from surely an emotional day and series of ceremonies. This is just so highly unusual.

  51. I’m forced to watch ESPN Classic right now, better than Miller/Morgan but still…

  52. right now bob lorenz and ken singleton are on the field talking about basically what’s been said all day.

  53. I want another walk off! Did you hear Marioano is taking home the bullpen bench?

  54. What if Andy does something amazing?

  55. of course the oriole players aree also under pressure to win this game as well…

    i hope the rookie lefty they have going crumbles in the 1st inning after surrendering a staggering number of runs

  56. so who do you guys have money on for the last homer in the stadium?

  57. ok here’s a crazy scenario to ruminate on–andy with a perfect game going on–but after getting 2 outs in the 9th relinquishes the mound to mariano…

  58. Brosius, O’Neill, Bernie–just phenomenal. No better reminder than the great 1990s dynasty.

  59. wow, people left hand prints on the walls in the outfield.

  60. haha, that would be crazy mike.

  61. Reggie…

    Last homer–I’d love it to be Jeter, though A-Rod has a good shot. Regardless, I hope the Yanks score 20 and make it all academic, just bury the Orioles.

  62. Bob Sheppard has a recorded message, very touching.

  63. bob sheppard is speaking via tape.

  64. i missed that about bob sheppard–when was it?

  65. Sterling and Kay emceeing–great move.

  66. Just now, before Sterling is speaking.

  67. john sterling is now speaking.

  68. On another note Megan Fox is hot!!

  69. Cone is chatting with Yogi in the dugout.

  70. i have only ESPN coverage and am missing that..

  71. Edwar and Cervelli went walking by, looking starstruck.

  72. OH ESPN 2

  73. It’s still a damn fine looking Stadium.

  74. I say they pinch hit Bernie, he’s still got pop.

  75. damn i cant believe i missed all that

  76. it’s on espn classic too.

  77. wow first pennant flag

  78. They have the original 1922 AL pennant on the black bleachers–great move.

  79. yeah-that was a nice touch

  80. are those look-a-likes or something?

  81. They just showed lou gehrig “The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth” speech on mlb tv. Very emotional.

  82. hey nick

  83. hey everyone

  84. Hey Nick. Good of you to come by.

  85. Winfield was great in his time, truly great.

  86. derek jeter chant before the game even starts. gotta love the stadium crowd.

  87. The crowd chanting Derek Jeter is tremendous, very emotional.

  88. Scooter should have been here for this.

  89. this is are amazing moments there

  90. Great move to have the family members of deceased greats here, with legends like Mariano escorting them out. Great.

  91. Stick!

  92. the chants of derek jeter, derek jeter…

  93. this is too much history to wrap my head around.
    unbelievable day so far and who knows what’s going to happen during the game.

  94. Great to see Nettles there, a clutch bat and GREAT glove.

  95. Nettles and that shit-eating grin to the camera, classic.

    Boggs gets a great hand, key member of that era.

  96. Brosius was one of my very favorite players.

  97. scott brosius is trying mighty hard not to smile so big.

  98. That or cry, V.

  99. Reg-gie, Reg-gie, Reg-gie

  100. how bout some deja vu and get the paul o’neill chant again…

  101. I’m so glad they’re honoring Maris, who had to endure way too much stress for such a great player and a tremendous right fielder.

  102. maris’s son taking the field. good touches all around.

  103. Strong Reg-gie chants.

    O’Neill is so beloved it’s amazing.

  104. O’Neill waving to the bleachers, great moment.

  105. i love o’neill
    always gets the biggest chants. he retired too soon.

  106. Billy kicking dirt, classic.

  107. Knoblauch was clutch, flat-out clutch for the Yankees.

    I’m so happy Willie is there. I REALLY hope he’s there next year for the organization.

  108. Billy Martin’s son doesn’t look TOO much like his Dad, does he?

  109. Bobby Richardson, terrific Yankee and also clutch.

  110. here comes willie!

  111. he slid! ( slided?)

  112. i’m always disturbed when i see that video of chris chambliss running around the bases. he’s like shoving people to the ground and everything lol.

  113. The BamTINO!

  114. Willie’s slide was classic, my favorite moment so far.


  115. HIP HIP

  116. Yogi! NO bigger winner in baseball than Yogi, ever.

  117. yogi is the greatest.

  118. his yogisms and personality wouldn’t work if he played for any other team.

  119. Elston Howard was great, too.

  120. wow, daughter of elston howard.

  121. Thurman, my first favorite player.

  122. munssonn.

  123. when sterling said “manager for the new york yankees” i thought of joe torre. girardi really hasn’t imprinted the title in my mind for him.

  124. No Rocket. Wow.

  125. good call jason–i didnt notice…

  126. That’s understandable, V. The Yankees need to bounce back big next year or Girardi is in real trouble. He’s had a lot to deal with and did a good job in some respects, but poor in others. The team wilted under him when they always, always picked it up under Torre.

  127. Whitey was so great it’s hard to believe.

  128. larsen is taking dirt from the mound lol.

  129. Goose and Gator.

  130. goose’s stache is classic. i think he and hulk hogan are the only two men alive that can rock the handlebar look.

  131. i love how joba is chatting everyone up before they head out to the field!

  132. Boomer and that beard. I wonder if he’s sober.

  133. I agree, Mike. He’s in the catbird seat.

  134. Cone looks glassy-eyed.

  135. joba knows how to take it all in.

  136. get ready for bernie…

  137. If there is one guy I’d hand the ball to in a must-win game in those late 1990s, it would be David Cone.

    They’re saving Bernie for last–very classy.

  138. it’s still funny seeing johnny damon up there and thinking back to when he was all bearded and a red sox member.

  139. David Mantle runs like his Dad.

  140. Murcer should have been here, so sad.

  141. i wonder what it feels like to be the flesh and blood offspring of mantle.

  142. Bernie on the bench with Jeter, like old times.

    The crowd is already going crazy for Bernie.

  143. They’re chanting Bobby Murcer.

    Bernie, classic moment.

  144. Bernie genuinely seems awestruck.

  145. bern is getting the chant paul o’neill got in ’01.
    he is the happiest man alive right now.

  146. that was amazing.

  147. JD is going out to center after being introduced.

  148. damon came out just a smidge too late lolz.

  149. Bernie’s moment was classic, the best of the night with Willie’s slide.

  150. Giambi hasn’t shaved for a week.

  151. he must really want that last stadium home run.

  152. I’m happy that Matsui is playing tonight, bad knees and all. He deserves to.


  154. great hearing the voice of god…

    unbelievable tribute tonight

  155. i feel bad posada isn’t playing in this game. he, mo and jeter are all thats left of the dynasty.

  156. I hope Pettite has his best tonight.

    I also hope that the Orioles will be stiff after sitting through all that.

    Let’s Go, Yankees chant.

    That ceremony was one of the great moments in Yankee Stadium history.

  157. Leo, you write better when you’re lit up.

  158. haha, u see the glasses hughes has on? lol, he looks weird.

  159. yeah -it must be hard for jorge—

  160. Reggie and O’Neill standing together, just classic.

  161. Clark Kent Hughes.

  162. what is everyone confused about?

  163. i think someone went onto the field.
    i read mariano’s lips: “that’s stupid”

  164. Jorge is catching the first pitch, tremendous.

  165. JOR-GE!

  166. Babe Ruth’s daughter is throwing out the first pitch. That’s a sign.

  167. great way to include jorge !!

  168. Now get out there and win.

  169. i love how they assume the yanks will win tonight. they will have a post game celebration even if the yanks lose i guess.

  170. there is literally no empty seat there tonight.

  171. Phil needs a pair of designer glasses. I read that like five times before I pressed submit, checking for accuracy. Vanessa! Mariano doesn’t swear!

  172. Jorge’s bloody rubber arm, why!

  173. jeter is being treated like the babe.

  174. that bat looks hottt.

  175. That empty bottle of Whiskey is talking to me.

  176. it’s all crystal?

  177. Alex’s Miami hair gots to go.

  178. oh god i just turned to espn and the first thing i hear is jon miller… ugh.

  179. Miller is atrocious.

    What brand of whiskey, Leo?

  180. They said “It’s a meaningless game for the Yankees”. I swear…….

  181. Morgan is wrong in saying this isn’t must-win. Like hell it isn’t.

  182. joe morgan just said that this isn’t really a must win…

  183. hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate espn.

  184. he should be embalmed.

  185. The bottle refers to it’s self as “Jameson”.

  186. Ah, the Irish Whiskey. That poor bottle. I’m sure you gave it a good home, Leo.

    Still cloudy, Mike?

  187. No, honest I’m bummed the Sox won it would be a killer loss. JD needs to win a ring here or he’ll always be a sox.

  188. Jorge taking a picture of plaques, among which he’ll have one in several years.

  189. All this time and Jorge decides to take pictures today?

  190. me’ iris

  191. I have virtual friends

  192. i thought this game was supposed 2 start at 8:05 or at least close to it.

  193. yes–i’m quite toasted. they take the field!

  194. At long last, the game starts.

  195. Good deal, Mike.

  196. ’bout time.
    can u imagine how pettitte feels? old reliable must come through again tonight.

  197. bleacher creatures

  198. heyy, bald vinny.

  199. showing tghe roll call is awesome

  200. Abreu made the catch during the roll call, and the first thing he did after catching the ball was wave to the bleacher creatures.

  201. i know. classic, showing the roll call.

  202. Two down.

  203. 2 down

  204. Three down.

    Now, score a dozen in the first and roll from there.

  205. ok – we got thru the 1st inning easily–i think that was important

  206. come on bats lets send this stadium of in style

  207. ouch, jeter Ks.

  208. Poor K call on Jeter for the second out.

  209. that was inside–the ump should be killed ASAP

  210. okay, not so great start.

  211. That wasn’t a poor K call on Abreu, slider right over the plate.

  212. Aren’t you supposed to be mellow, Mike? 🙂

  213. wait, whom has the last homer as of now?

  214. i’m drinking coffee as well.

  215. I do not recall those events.

  216. cano has the last homer

  217. i’m feeling a bit stentorian as well as nostalgic

  218. didn’t even realize pettitte has a losing record… sad for him.

  219. nice K!

  220. He can only go even steven now. We’ll greatest player built this house greatest modern player can close it?

  221. that bitch with the triple

  222. um no pefect game.

  223. lol

  224. Evening gang. Sorry I’m late.

  225. That makes sense with the coffee. LOL on the comment on Jones, Mike. Good point, Leo.

  226. hey j boogie!

  227. J-Boogie! How’s it going, man?

  228. damn they get the first run…

  229. Hey Mike and Jason. I’m as good as one can be all things considered.

  230. orioles score first.

  231. Great that you got to go to Yankee Stadium for that terrific game yesterday, J-Boogie.

  232. yeah– i think we’re all in a bit of shock

  233. That pre-game ceremony was chilling. Still have goose bumps from Bernie’s ovation.

  234. Alex must call his shot that would be so cool.

  235. J-BOOGIE

  236. yeah– bernie was smart not to show up till tonight–what a moment it was

  237. Yeah I was lucky that I work with a bonehead who wanted to sell them. My wife waited until today to tell me i should have gone to tonight’s game too.

  238. LEO!!!!

  239. Crappy 3-1 strike call on A-Rod.

  240. oh god, someone ducttape millers’ mouth

  241. Miller is brutal!!!

  242. how he stays employed is beyond me.

  243. not a very encouraging beginning….

  244. but –i have faith

  245. That boy say’s the darnest things. We predicted every possible outcome here J.

  246. they always struggle with no name rookie pitchers.

  247. That’s my concern too, J-Boogie.

  248. Pinch hit Bernie!

  249. it looks like they all have a case of nerves–hopefully they will settle down

  250. lol leo.
    bring in louisiana lightning for relief.

  251. LOL Leo.

  252. i actually wondered if they could sign a guy, namely bernie, to like a 1 day contrat. how cool would that have been to see him get an AB

  253. if they could sign billy crystal they could sign bernie–maybe they did–they say there is a surprise coming…

  254. a quiet crowd…

  255. Yankees gotta start playing ball, and Andy needs to keep the ball down.

  256. they should replace miller and morgan with yogi and whitey

  257. paul o’neill walking through the crowd!

  258. I love the clip of Whitey pretending to grab the rubber out of the mound.

  259. O’Neill is awesome.

  260. i think we may have to just ry to savor every moment of the game–no matter the result…

    otherwise we may end up an unhappy group.

  261. A surprise? Like a disco ball?

  262. Angel Hernandez is out of his min with his strike zone tonight.

  263. Then everyone can do the J-Boogie dance.

  264. i forgot the guys name but in some game long ago they signed a midget to a one day contract and put him in i think the with the bases loaded, so he got walked and a run scored.

  265. Hang this bastard!

  266. i really hope ESPN shows us who pulls rhe countdown lever. any guesses on who it is?? has to be George right? my only other guess is that they somehow got Donnie Baseball and Joe Torre to do it taped.

  267. ok—we’re getting it together now guys

  268. C’mon, JD, yank one around the pole in right.

  269. i love seeing yogi and whitey but i’d like to SEE THE GAME

  270. My understanding is that George won’t be there tonight, but I hope I’m wrong.

  271. Eddie Gaedel was the midget.

  272. Atta boy, JD!

  273. JD!!!!!
    great call J!

  274. you called it!!!!

  275. John-ny Da-mon!

  276. it’s kind of weird not having george there.

  277. they are all trying to hit it out.

  278. jeter just got robbed guys

  279. Jeter almost followed up…….

  280. You’re right, V. You can see it.

  281. i have to remember who hits the last homer. when i’m old it’s going to be one of those trivia questions during the game lol.

  282. freddy’s sign for today is: yankee stadium gave birth to champions

  283. love freddy—i’d like to see the game then watch the booth however.

  284. yada yada yada yada…

  285. How about Sheffield getting beaned them smacked around by Carmona the other day? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  286. that was a nice brawl–too bad leyland was on suspension for it

  287. nice play jeets!

  288. Good play charging in, Jeter.

  289. Hernandez must be on crack today.

  290. fucking millar

  291. another bad play by andy –jesus

  292. i love the manufacturer’s hanover sign in the 1976 series ( my first bank in nyc)

  293. jon miller is KILLING ME -PLEASE SHUT UP

  294. Crap, 3-3 on Roberts’s single.

  295. the feeling is mutual here on miller, mike.

  296. Runs now, guys.

  297. I’m glad to be on the phone with Frank the Sage and not listening to Miller.

  298. it look like were going to have to score a bunch of them –

  299. Roberts has taken away two hits, robbing Matsui.

  300. i have times the DVR with john and suzyn now–


  301. timed..

  302. molina!

  303. YES, JOSE!

  304. MOLINA!!!!!

  305. i have the feeling that won’t be the last homer by a yankee tonight.

  306. The Yankees are rising to the occasion.

  307. JOSE!!!!

  308. I love the pause the DVR and synch it up with the radio broadcast technique.

  309. what up y’all?

  310. Molina is now the one who could be the last to homer at Yankee Stadium..

    Robbie -> Damon -> Molina

  311. its working for me!!

  312. hey Jason.. long time no type

  313. i was hoping Johnny’s HR was the last HR. I’m going to Toronto and was hoping to have him sign a ball and inscribe it saying he hit the last HR in Yankee Stadium. He’s the only guy that would do that. I doubt Jose Mo would do that.

  314. maybe JD will get another one…i’d like to see many more tonight–from our guys

  315. j-mo had the only smile on his face around the bases. he hopes no one hits one after him.

  316. not to brag–but i have this thing synchronized perfectly…

  317. Did this guy just say after 9/11 in 1999 against the Diamondbacks world series……..????? or am I drubk?

  318. Did this guy just say after 9/11 in 1999 against the Diamondbacks world series……..????? or am I drubvk?

  319. i’d hook up the radio synch but they don’t carry yanks games here in buffalo and the satellite radio doesn’t work in the house so i’m stuck with dumb and dumber

  320. lol mike, congrats.

  321. C’mon, Andy. YES, K!

  322. K!!

  323. That’s total BS that my old hometown Buffalo doesn’t carry the Yanks.

  324. so what was girardi rambling about?

  325. What a goof…..

  326. i’ll telephone hermann goering and have him raze the city to the ground jason

  327. i love them playing jungle boogie at the stadium!

  328. nice little hit el comaduce

  329. buffalo radio sucks, all local no national sports coverage.

  330. Crank one out, A-Rod.

  331. i don’t even own a radio.

  332. True J-Boogie. Buffalo radio stinks on ice.

  333. I love listening to Sterling via radio. Waldman should go.

  334. did they already pull down the lever or are they going to do it at the end of the game b/c this is the last game?

  335. damn!

  336. The Bills are 3-0 though, J-Boogie. Good start even with too many dramatics, but the defense is good and Edwards has been solid.

  337. i have a feeling the boss will be shown on tape pulling the lever

  338. level! Sorry it took a while to get you on. I didn’t know you posted and had to check the dashboard and approve new comments. Good to have you by.

  339. last words u want to hear– veras warming..

  340. andy hasnt been fielding very well tonight to say the least

  341. lol mike.
    and pettitte is coming out, in line for the win.

  342. well thank god i had john and suzyn on since ESPN was doing interviews off the field as andy was leaving the mound

  343. True on Pettite’s fielding, Mike. Oh, and Veras who has just not been reliable.

  344. awe ya’ had to say curt shilling…

  345. i have NO faith in veras whatsoever…bad move IMO

  346. “squeeze my lever till the juice runs down my leg”-led zeppelin

  347. K!

  348. lol r-a-d-i-o vanessa

  349. nice quote leo!!

  350. bad play there…

  351. Veras’s pitch was a strike, terrible.

    Two down.

  352. see those chicken fingers? best food there!!

  353. yeah the K zone is ridiculous

  354. So I’ve heard, Mike. Good sized ones, too.

  355. ok, i’m disgusted. according to the comments at Pete Abe’s blog, Michael Friggin Kay pulled the lever. Hope that’s a joke, but it doesn’t sound that way.

  356. veras blows

  357. damn this fucking ump!

  358. i love michael kay but it wouldn’t fitting if he was the one who pulled the lever last.

  359. whenever the yanks need a pick me up, they should turn to Coke

  360. That would be a joke, especially if not Bernie.

  361. yeah–get coke in there right away–veras is a loser

  362. i for one advocate the use of Coke

  363. YES, Coke!

  364. coKe

  365. Using Coke should be illegal

  366. LOL, J-Boogie.

  367. V— LOVE IT

  368. that was a nice yogi commercial there.

  369. as long as Girardi doesn’t overindulge in his Coke use, we’ll be OK

  370. damn that was close…

  371. I wonder what goes on through Joe-G’s head? Oh, thank you.

  372. Joba for 7 and 8, Mo for 9???

  373. seems like that would be the set up j-boog.

  374. I hope Matsui stays and produces he’s always clutch.

  375. joe morgan should’ve been born without a mouth.

  376. I think that should be the order, J-Boogie.

  377. Or at least with a zipper on it.

  378. i hope that’s the order. i like coke and all but I don’t want to get too addicted.

  379. who would’ve thought that molina would be the one producing the most tonight?

  380. jose–player of the game…

  381. we could use this hit JD

  382. jose is def player of the game. unless JD goes deep here!!!!

  383. the table is set for jeter. the second grand slam of his career?…

  384. How about your second career grand slam in the lats game here, Captain?

  385. ouuuuuuchhhhh.
    not what everyone was looking for.

  386. that ump should be drageed through broken glass face down

  387. Oh boy, is Jeter pissed. Hernandez has absolutely shit the bed in the last game here. What an ass.

  388. hernandez is horrible.

  389. what are the odds that ESPN goes to commercial break and doesn’t show us the 7th inning stretch, or even worse, Mo’s entrance?

  390. thought you never would approve my comments lol

  391. joba baby.

  392. Phil Coke was doing great.. why did Girardi change him out?

  393. great job coke!!! here comes joba!

  394. yeah, i’m pretty sure we won’t see mo’s full entrance. they have a freaking 7 hour pre-game show and they can’t show us the little things the make the Stadium what it is. I want my YMCA???

  395. Classic Jeter on that play up the middle.

  396. not smart of joba to take a stab at it with his hand but nice play by jeet.

  397. sweet play jeter!!

  398. Jeter is upset what a shame. Level Boss? We must be feeling good Jason? We’ll enjoy the last couple of JObaMoE innings.

  399. fucking SQUEEZED

  400. Joba had to throw an extra pitch after the 2-2 perfect pitch on the corner was called a ball. Great K, though.

  401. tynan has one strong voice

  402. anyone think Girardi will pull anyone mid inning for an ovation?

  403. I think Girardi is trying to get everyone in. I don’t know Coke and Aceves are not getting by there dominating. If there half as good next season e’ll have a actual pen.

  404. Gotta love Ronan Tynan’s version of “God Bless America.” Classic.

  405. Amerika’ 404 Comments

  406. they had to have ronan–truly old school to do the song with original intro. love it

  407. ronan rocks!! i’m glad they brought him in for one more go around in the ol ballpark

  408. michael kay is taking over! lol

  409. Michael Kay is calling the game on ESPN, a major upgrade.

  410. yay for michael kay.
    saving us from miller-morgan awfulness.

  411. michael kay!! feels like an old friend!

  412. Abreu with a bloop single and stolen base. c”mon, A-Rod, deliver that run.

  413. I saw the YANKEE STADIUM letters when I drove in yesterday. It was beautiful. TV doesn’t do it justice.

  414. Productive out, sending Abreu to third. Score the run, Giambi.

  415. ill take it…cmon G

  416. I saw the TV view of them and they looked beautiful. In person they must have been awe-inspiring. The front looks incredible, J-Boogie.

  417. from pictures of the new stadium so far it looks like all the lights are from above the bleachers, like surrounding the scoreboard… wouldn’t that be kind of blinding?

  418. I’ll take that bloop insurance run, 6-3.

  419. tv and pictures of the new ballpark period don’t do it justice. it looks b-e-a-uuuutiful up close.

    another run for the yankees.

  420. I’m pessimistic as a artis I feel the letters should have had a gold lining as opposed to silver.

  421. i agree V. it looks amazing in person.

  422. Frank the Sage said that Giambi looks like Freddy Mercury with his ‘stache.

  423. ill take that too

  424. brett gardner is in the game

  425. I’m pessimistic as a artist I feel the letters should have had a gold lining as opposed to silver.

  426. no more runs. Mo needs a save!!

  427. little G!!

  428. many more runs—mo wont mind!

  429. kay is doing a better job than morgan/miller on their own network, hahaaa.

  430. um….double post? I told you guy’s the Yankees arn’t dropping another “pride” game this year.

  431. rocky cherry…. that’s one awesome name.

  432. Angel Hernandez has been a stinking-ass joke tonight.

  433. we heard that story yesterday mr kay…

  434. gardner is friggin amazing.

  435. little G runs like the wind!!

  436. Boy can that Gardner fly. The booted ball wasn’t 20 feet from the shortstop and Gardner went from second to third, amazing.

  437. apparently sheppard appeared on the screen and read a poem about the stadium that he wrote. we’re missing everything b/c of espn.

  438. Even a shallow fly scored Gardner–standing up. Amazing.

  439. hopefully YES postgame shows us those kind of things…..we’re so gonna miss Mo’s entrance.

  440. Gardener needs a nickname.

  441. he ran through home like sherman went through georgia…

  442. also, michael kay did indeed pull down the lever. but instead of zero it said forever [b/c willlllll live forever]

  443. these extra runs are going to make it easy for girardi to pull people and give them a huge ovation.

  444. Good for you, Cano, giving your batting gloves away to a kid above the dugout. Great move.

  445. b/c the stadium willll*

  446. Little G is my nickname for him boogie

  447. 3 outs to go for anyone else to take the last homer at Yankee Stadium distinction from Jose Molina

  448. how about brett the jet?

  449. well if jose is the last–it will be OK with me–he’s been an absolute rock this year for us.

  450. mlblogs sucks!!!!!

  451. i like brett the jet V

  452. pull jeet now!!

  453. nady should have stayed in and played 1st

  454. nice play cody–sorry for the dig kid…

  455. no save for Mo 😦

  456. Boy, that 8th took about 45 seconds. Joba was amazing.

  457. joba did his job is stellar fashion!

  458. No save, but seeing Mariano close down Yankee Stadium is the right way for it to happen. That’s enough for me.

  459. girardi isn’t going to pull anyone for an ovation. no one wants to be taken out of the game and they’ve had their ovations.
    i wonder what they have planned for the post game celebration.

  460. Bret the Jet stands untill further notice

  461. damon and jeter will have a chance to take the honor from j-mo here.

  462. i think he should pull guys, not necessarily for the ovation, but to get guys into the game, let them have the memory of playing in the final game

  463. i wonder if boomer had to pay for his beer?

  464. how fitting!!! Derek Jeter could be the last at-bat for a Yankee at Yankee Stadium

  465. a HR by jeter would be fitting.

  466. not the game Jeet wanted

  467. so it stands, jose molina will have the final homer at yankee stadium…. not what anyone expected.

    damn whoever hit jeter yesterday!

  468. unless Mo breaks down big time, then Jose Molina is the one with the last hr at Yankee Stadium

  469. Enter Sandman.

  470. i’ve got goosebumps!!

  471. well that actually is perfect—jeter last yankee at bat–enter sandman

  472. giambi gets final yankee hit. Cano gets final yankee RBI.

  473. now mo just needs to strike out the side. saanddmannn.

  474. here we go…

  475. Hi, Jason …

    And, hello to everybody else, also !!!

    Finally had a chance to stop by tonight and say Hi to everyone.

    The pre-game events for tonight’s “final game” at the Stadum were awesome. And, the Yankees are playing a great game.

    I’m happy Jose Molina’s homerun ended up being the final HR at the Stadium. He really played great this year, and the final Homer is a fitting way to keep his name part of Yankees history.

    The “Great Mariano” will now close out the victory !!!

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


  476. thats one

  477. Atta boy Captain, one down.

  478. Jimmy, good to see you.

  479. that’s two

  480. pettitte’s win will get him back to 500. mike- does that stat you dropped a few weeks ago still apply or does he have to be over 500? He and Ruth are the only 2 pitchers with 10+ years as a pitcher and all winning seasons??? is that what it was.

  481. they did take him out for an ovation…

  482. and a curtain call to boot. DEREK JETER!

  483. The “Captain” takes a bow !!!

  484. i wonder if any idiots will try to rush the field? you know the NYPD is out in full force.

  485. and that’s three, game over! yankees win!!!!!

  486. And, The Yankees Win !!!

  487. start spreading the news….

  488. How perfectly fitting, Mariano closing down Yankee Stadium–the House that Ruth Built and the House that Mariano Closed.

  489. i’m shaking.

  490. chilling

  491. shivering here…..

  492. It turned out to be a “perfect night ” !!!

    Really, more happy , than sad.

  493. i think some fans just tried to run on but got tackled.

  494. i’m happy that the last game at Yankee Stadium was a win..
    i’m happy that the last series at Yankee Stadium was a sweep..
    that the last homerun was by Jose Molina who did awesomely catching when Jorge was on the DL..
    that the last at-bat was by Derek Jeter..
    that the last curtain-call was for Derek Jeter..
    that the last Yankee pitcher on the mound was Mo..

  495. i have a feeling we’re gonna see George!!

  496. something is wrong with my tear ducts

  497. That’s a great gesture right there, thanking the fans to close the game and Stadium.

  498. great way to end it.
    can’t get anything out of my mouth but “wow”.

  499. I think the sadness will sink in eventually, but right now I feel an overwhelming sense of pride for this team, thanking the fans, circling the field and waving while doffing their caps, ending the Stadium with a win, getting Andy a win, Mariano closing the House. Great send-off.

  500. Thank You, Derek Jeter …

    And, all the Yankee players.

    From, the greatest fans in the world !!!

  501. Hey,

    I just wanted to say thanks guys for running the blog this year. I discovered this and the Somner Frieze and read both daily. I’m a huge Yankee fan, just went back to college in the West Coast, but live in the East, and use these blogs as my lifeline to everything Yankees.

    Everybody here and over at the Frieze offers great insight and analysis, and is clearly a very astute, knowledgeable baseball fan. I admire it.

    is it wrong that i got emotional during jeter’s ovation in the 9th and post-game speech?

  502. They’ve had one of their crappiest years I’ve seen… and I’ve never felt more in love with them.

  503. John, many thanks for coming by and the kind words. Heck no. I openly cried when Bernie was introduced in the pre-game ceremonies, getting lots of ribbing from my wife for it. It’s that kind of day. Right now, I just feel lots of pride for this team. The sadness will come back for certain, but right now, this is the best I’ve felt about this team all year by far.

  504. they aren’t going to make the postseason but you would’nt know it by looking at them. happiest guys in the world.

  505. wow–speechless as well–full of pride and love for them as well

  506. They genuinely seem appreciative.

  507. tonight was absolutely incredible. i would have dropped $300 to sit in the bleachers to see this live.

  508. thx for hosting the last one J. despite not being at the stadium… best night of my yankee life.

  509. alex gets no love kinda feel foe him

  510. thanks jason–so much–

    the big 4 just now together on the field

  511. I’ve said it before, in fact after every WS the Yankees won in my lifetime, but it’s a genuine privilege to be a Yankees fan. I’ll say that now and forever.

    V, it’s been my pleasure. Thanks for coming by, everyone. Tonight was amazing, a night I’ll never forget as a Yankees fan.

  512. i just went and bought some dirt from Steiner. I hate steiner but i feel like I need to have that dirt.

  513. I do too, Leo. He’ll get a lot after the Yanks win the 2009 World Series.

  514. i guess you don’t have to get 27 up 27 down for it to be a perfect game.

  515. great quote J Boogie—it was indeed an amazing , beautiful and perfect game–with heroes, both unlikely and undoubted

  516. thanks mike. I’m actually incorporating it into my blog right now.

  517. We’ll thats it fellers I’ll pass by on tues for number 19.

  518. Thanks for coming by everyone. I’m going to write the wrap. Great night, sad but great. If it was going to happen, it couldn’t happen much better than that.

  519. Jason …

    Thanks for hosting the HDLR for this final Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium !!!

    I see you had over 500 comments … So, it was great to be a part of this special game, [and, Yankees victory], with you and everyone else who was at the HDLR tonight.

    I made my appearance with Mariano, and as “The Great Mariano” closed out the Yankees win, I helped close out tonight’s HDLR !!!

    I’ll end by saying …


    Take care, Jason …

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


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