Before tonight’s game, I wanted to thank everyone for coming by Sunday for the last HDLR of the year and, more importantly, the last HDLR of Yankee Stadium.  It was a blast, and helped set a one-day record of visits here at The Heartland of 964 individual hits after 7 p.m. CDT. Combined with the 359 hits from 7 p.m. Saturday to Sunday at 7 (when the tracker set to Greenwich Median switches), there were 1,323 individual hits on the site, nearly all of which were on Sunday which blew me away.  For all its limitations, this site’s strenghts emanate mainly from the various readers who are good enough to come by and share great ideas and insights.  The Heartland simply wouldn’t be what it is without you all, and I am deeply indebted to you for that.

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  1. It looks like Cash is coming back..”He knows that we’re with him, that we want him back,” Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner said in a phone interview with a reporter from the Long Island newspaper

  2. thank you jason–you and mike S have provided a wonderful place for us to gather to chat, bitch, whine, moan, complain, ( for the wiz to threaten)–and even cheer this year. it hasn’t been the year we all envisioned this spring, but the stadium send-off was quite an event–i think it eclipsed whatever we even hoped it might be–well maybe if jeter had gotten a grand slam instead of being killed by angel hernandez- who should be executed by tim, if he hasn’t been already.

    i hope the team can continue to pile a few more wins on and end on a positive note–more importantly i think would be to play little G every day and to get cervelli and miranda in.

  3. ^^^ Wher’s the love for Vanessa and I?

    My favorite person in the world today is Cliff Lee,Fausto can take Pyrd to school. We need a miracle for Jon lester to fail and nothing short. Did anyone see that short hop yesterday in Boston? It’s the traveinig ghost of Yankee past!

  4. Leo is the all time hits leader here at classic Bombers Beat stadium.

  5. Hey, Jason …

    It was great to travel over to the HDLR for the final inning, of the final game, at the old Yankee Stadium on Sunday night. I made it just in time to help close out the Stadium, with a victory, here at The Heartland !!!

    I don’t know if the 1,323 hits on your site that day was a “record”, or if the 519 comments during the game was a record. But, I’m honored to be the 519th comment, and it’s great to be part of a 500+ comment HDLR !!!

    Congratulations !!!

    Now, it’s time to DREAM !!!

    The Yankees still have the slightest, of slightest chances, of making it into the playoffs as the wild card team.

    How about the Yankees traveling up to Boston this weekend, only three-games behind the Red Sox? First, what’s the odds of that happening?

    Then, the Yankees sweep all three games of the Red Sox series. What are those odds ?

    The Minnesota Twins also have to lose two games this week. Very Possible.

    Setting-up a “one-game” playoff on Monday September 29th …

    Yankees vs. Red Sox — play for the wild card spot in the playoffs.

    Hey, it would be a great ending for a movie !!!

    Keep the dream alive … Go Yankees !!!

    — Jimmy [27NYY]

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