New Lows

This and this are downright disgraceful–and independent verification of the FAUX news story on it.  These advertisements for anti-Palin misogynist hate have no place in American political discourse, nor do the poster people for stupidity wearing them.

More lows in America deepening the abyss into which our nation sinks:

Obama ghost hung in effigy, Fairfield, Ohio.

Racist anti-Obama billboard in Missouri.

McCain-Palin rally hatred in Johnstown, Pa.

Old-time racism from a California Republican women’s group.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) with nothing to say but McCarthyist smears, sounding dangerously like McCarthy herself.

So little learned from the repulsive failures, excesses, and outrages of the past.  Horrible, nothing short of horrible.  This isn’t Mars or some bizarro, alternative universe, people.  To quote the great singer and song writer John Mellencamp, “This is our country.”

Too often these days, I feel nothing but anger and shame from current events.  We live in bitter, dangerous times, alas.  I know, people want to come here for baseball, sports, and other things too.  If this were during the season, it would be easier to offset all this bile.  Yet for me not to chronicle all this is to be asleep to history, regardless of its depravity.  I feel that it’s deeply personal but also professionally necessary.  My apologies for dragging anyone emotionally down.  That’s really not my intent.  It’s just impossible for me to bottle this up.

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  1. The sad truth is that smears are nothing new in a heated election; I can think of many below-the-belt examples as I’m sure you can. But this time people seem to feel less inhibited about saying and doing things that are way out of bounds. Ugly. Can’t wait until it’s over.

  2. Forgot the calling card again in my zeal –

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