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My Sabres dropped a 3-2 shootout last night, the first loss of the season and the second time in three seasons that Atlanta ended the Sabres’ undefeated start to a season in a shootout.  The Thrashers did the same on October 28, 2006, with a 5-4 shootout win.  Well, if nothing else, the Sabres won’t be saddled with the pressures of an undefeated season.

PSU struggled to stop Michigan in the first half yesterday, helping the Wolverines with a first-quarter turnover, before getting a touchdown to end the first half 17-14 Michigan.  In the second half, PSU blew away Michigan, forcing turnovers and moving the ball with ease in a 46-17 blowout, scoring 39 unanswered points.  I am shocked, shocked, that Joe the Statistician Magician would dare to insinuate the PSU was running up the score.  When has that ever happened in college football?  Ohio State looms next week for the Nittany Lions, a must-watch game.

[Shaking head] Joba, Joba, Joba. Mr. Chamberlain was arrested for driving under the influence in Nebraska, while also having an open container and speeding.  Um, Joba, I know you can work magic on the mound, but your mess stinks like everybody else’s.  Get it together, kid, and stop acting stupid, please.

The Bills have a big test today against the Chargers.  After losing their first game to Arizona two weeks ago, the Bills play for the first time after a bye week, which should help QB Trent Edwards play after his concussions against the Cardinals.  San Diego will test the Bills’ defense just as Arizona did, with SD averaging about 30 points a game.  I’m hoping it’s on locally, though it probably won’t so I presume the radio beckons.  OK by me. I say Bills 27-24.

More to come later.  BTW, Uncle Joe from YFCR leads Bowa (even if by abduction), Randolph, Thomson, and all others with the most votes for Yankees’ third base coach in 2009.  I think he’d be a great hire, personally.  Keep voting here, and you can vote more than once.

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  1. Joe, the stat magician needs a history lesson from a PSU alum STILL MAD at what happened in 1994.

    PSU @ Indiana. 35-17, PSU with say, 4 minutes left. JoePa puts in the THIRD STRING DEFENSE. Indiana scores a TD. In the last minute, they score ANOTHER TD and go for TWO. Final 35-32. Do the pollsters consider the circumstances? 15 points off the THIRD STRING DEFENSE in the final minutes of a game PSU dominated??? Hell, no. PSU finishes the season # 2, and dropped from 1 to 2 based on that game. It still (14 years later) pisses me off. Run up the score. Ha. Oklahoma and Nebraska are the masters at doing that.

    That Indiana game will rankle me to death’s door.

  2. Thanks for the update on this, Mike. I was busy from the get-go and didn’t even have time to check it. I have to agree with Mike on the PSU history. Yes, we’re biased, but the case that Mike brings up was horribly egregious. PSU was the best team that year and would have beaten Nebraska if they had the chance, and that shift in the polls after PSU’s Indiana game was total BS. Still mad here in The Heartland too, Mike. HORRIBLE.

    I’ll add USC to the list of run-up artists. That school has long loved the pile-on for poll position.

  3. Well, I am a Notre Dame fan, although a very casual fan. And one season before that, Notre Dame beat FSU, both finished with one loss, but the Noles got a shot at the National Championship while the Irish did not. This is when I cared more about college football, but of course was only 12. And this may be why I don’t care too much about it now. No playoff system is the reason the Irish didn’t have a shot to win, but many other teams have that same argument at this point.

  4. Oh, there it is. I forgot where I put it. Sorry.

    I should add something. Can you imagine an undefeated team with the Heisman trophy winner coming in fifth? Happened in 1973.

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