Great Start and Finish

My kids started tennis lessons today, enjoying it and doing quite well.  It was good to see them hit well and aggressively, and I hope they grow into the sport.  It’s good exercise and a lot of fun.  My son also learned to ride a bike today–sans training wheels.  He did exceedingly well, riding well up and down the sidewalk and gaining confidence all the time.  It was a great, proud moment today as a father.  I get the distinct impression that the scooter will receive less riding time lately.

I just got done watching the Texas-Texas Tech game, and it was a classic, a real doozy.  Texas Tech was up big early, leading 19-0 then 22-6 at the half.  Texas roared back in the second half, cutting it to 29-26 before taking a 33-32 lead with just under a minute and a half remaining.  But as so many late comebacks begin, Tech got a very good return to their own 37 and Tech proceeded to move the ball downfield quickly.  But with about 16 seconds to go, just as I thought Tech would run to position the ball for a field goal and use their last timeout, Tech QB Graham Harrell’s pass bounced off a receiver and should have been picked off, but freshman Texas safety Blake Gideon let the ball go through his arms, dropping what should have been a game-ending interception.  With eight seconds to go, Harrell–who lit up Texas for 474 yards–hit great wide receiver Michael Crabtree near the right sideline, and he tap-danced along the sideline and ran into the endzone for the winning TD.  After two penalties on Tech for the crowd’s rushing onto the field, Texas eventually turned it over on a failed kickoff return attempt.  Tech 39, Texas 33.

I expect Alabama and Penn St. to move up to 1 and 2, with Oklahoma, USC, and Florida rounding out the top five.  I wouldn’t rule out Tech’s moving up to number 5, since they’re undefeated and just knocked off the top-ranked team.  Texas had an incredible run, beating previously top-ranked Oklahoma, #11 Missouri handily, and then #6 Oklahoma State 28-24 before losing tonight.  They deserve respect and praise for working through such a tough stretch in a great, deep conference.  That said, it’s always better to lose a game–one game–early instead of late in college football if one wants a second chance at the national championship.  Oklahoma, USC, and Florida all have one loss and are still in the hunt, waiting for Alabama and PSU to drop a game for them to return to the top.  Such conditions make the case for a playoff system for the top eight ranked teams all the more compelling to me, except for the fact that it would turn college football into a pro-style 16-game season for those teams, and just might interfere with that school thing for the players who take it seriously.  Regardless, expect the end of the season to be hot and heavy, and PSU to push for some blowouts since the Big Ten doesn’t have a conference championship to allow top-flight teams another chance for a big win to help its BCS rating. I just hope that PSU doesn’t get unfairly nudged, yet again, out of a chance for a national championship as it did in 1994 through no fault of its own, especially should it continue to be undefeated and to rest atop and therefore win a tough, deep Big Ten.

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  1. Yes, that Texas/T Tech game was awesome. I was working but I saw the end and part of the game before.

  2. Good for your kids Jason. How is life in Middle America? When is YFCR going to be back on? I am going bored on Sunday Night. Forget college football man. The big story is……..the wide open AFC East. GO JETS!

  3. It was one of the better games I’ve seen in a long time, Joe. I love exciting games even and sometimes especially if I have no vested interest in the outcome. I was glad to see Texas lose for Penn State’s sake, but really wouldn’t have lost a lot of sleep had Texas won that back-and-forth shootout.

    Hey Tim. All has been good but very busy. Good question about YFCR, which I’d like to hear again soon. I imagine that once the hot stove gets working, they might broadcast, but I’ve not heard from them in some time. It was a good, cool weekend for and with the kids. Congrats on your Jets beating my Bills. Once the Bills had the ball for literally a full quarter but didn’t score a point–with the Jets in fact returning an INT for a TD–I knew the Bills were in trouble. Kudos to the Jets for being able to run the ball well when they had to, cinching the win. The Bills have talent and are much improved, but just can’t overcome turnovers and penalties, which they’ve had by the bucket the last couple weeks (not coincidentally losses). It is a wide open AFC East and with the Jets playing better ball and beating Buffalo, they’re in first. It should be an exciting second half.

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