Have Some Laughs

To say that this has been a hotly contested election cycle is to fail to do justice to just how heated things have at times been.  There is so much at stake in tomorrow’s elections that it’s really difficult to overestimate.  So much–too much, really–has gotten me worked up in the last several months that I’ve occasionally needed a laugh to distance myself from feelings of anger, anxiety, occasionally melancholy, and fatigue.  If you have too, please do yourself a favor and click on these links below for gaffes that I find painfully funny.  A couple are of McCain including a string of clips, one is of Obama having a total brain fart, and the last is the best possible compilation of Bush’s seemingly daily rhetorical mangling of politics and the English language.  Enjoy.

McCain as annoying grandpa.

McCain on gas, Al-Qaeda, Czechoslovakia, “not change we can believe it,” and providing “bottled hot water to dehydrated babies.” Hilarious.

Breathalyse Obama.  Also hilarious.

Yet all kneel before the master of rhetorical disaster, so-called President George W. Bush.  Among other gems, and they must be read and heard, see “peeance freeance” (October 27, 2003), “weapons of mass production” (November 27, 2002), and “Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream” (October 18, 2000).  Enough said. No wonder he’s been stuck in a closet for this election season.

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  1. We need a laugh, so thanks for those videos. Before I go vote, I just want to mention that today’s NY Daily News is reporting that Cashman is open to bringing back Pavano. Now that’s nothing to laugh about.


  2. Jane, that’s the worst news I’ve heard all day about PaVoldemort. I’d sooner have you or me pitch than that clown.

  3. Oh, god did I see Robinson and Melky in a music video? So Jeet got scolded for his bar hoping and it’s ok for the kids to be on MTV sporting hawaiian shirts? I say vote Ralph Nader!!

  4. The Redemtion 3 PaVoldemort

  5. Here’s another good video. It’s Obama telling people he thinks there are 57 states…


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