The Yanks Mean Business

Buster Olney of ESPN is reporting that the Yankees have jumped hip-deep into the free agent market, apparently offering CC Sabathia the largest contract for a pitcher ever, slightly more than the six-year, $137.5 million the Mets gave Johan Santana.  Olney reports that, like Santana’s contract, the offer to Sabathia is for six years.  CC, take the money and run, please.

I’ll be back tonight to discuss this more.

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  1. The Daily News has confirmed that the offer is 6 years/140 million dollars. The Yankees definitely mean business and this offer is also meant to intimidate the rest of the league. The Giants and Dodgers probably will not be throwing their hats in the ring now. The serious players will probably be only the Yankees and Angels. The Dodgers don’t like to spend a ton of money and go long term, see their negotiations with Manny. The Giants are handcuffed by Barry Zito’s contract. The Angels are a player because it is obvious they are done with K-Rod and Arte Moreno is rich enough to pay for both CC and Tex. We shall see.

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  3. That’s huge money for a huge pitcher and acquisition, Wiz. I think you’re exactly right about it being meant to shoo away others. I think the Angels are the only other serious player and, with the free agents they have to address, the Yankees are the front runner. It’s a two-team chase, to me. I said it from day one about Zito, too. Good pitcher, not great, and certainly not worth $126 million over seven years. $18 million per for Zito was a joke. For a guy that big, he’s never thrown hard enough to sufficiently offset his yakker and, when his curve is off, he’s usually toast. I remember talking with Frank the Sage about Zito going to the Giants, and he said it would make the Yankees’ signing Giambi look like a genius move by comparison. He wasn’t too far off. Zito has been awful, especially for that dough.

    Good first day in free-agent season for the Yanks. Good aggressiveness. I like it.

  4. i’ve ben hearing some rumors about getting orlando hudson and moving him to CF. could be interesting. apparently a-rod said something about it.

  5. I have heard, via Keith Law, that Orlando Hudson has declined some defensively at second, but that he has insane range for a second baseman on popups, which apparently could translate into the outfield. Although, it is possible that Hudson has been hobbled by injuries, and maybe he bounces back defensively anyway.

  6. Good first day of aggressiveness is right. The Yankees come out fighting. I like their stance, but I still want Tex.

  7. Thanks to brothers Chris and Trevor from 3G, which I added to the Yankees Bloggers list, for the link to their fine blog. Go check it out when you get the chance. They do really good work.

    That would be a very intriguing move for Hudson, Mike. It would make me wonder what happens to Melky and/or Gardner and, between the two and given how things went last year, I’d rather see Melky go than Gardner. I don’t know how good Hudson’s arm would be in the outfield, but not surprisingly Joe is right regarding his range. Hudson can move. By the way, there you go with all that “reading” again, Joe. I’m convinced it cost you a real shot coaching third for the Yankees. Great. I hope you’re happy.

    Jane, I’m awfully glad you’re OK and that the wildfires have thus far spared you and your home. That must have been terrifying, and I was worried about you right after reading and seeing the pictures of imminent danger on your blog. I agree, I’d love to see the Yankees pursue Teixeira. But it would surprise me, considering that they want pitching but to shed some payroll. We might have to learn to stop worrying and love the Swisher, alas.

  8. Thanks for the good thoughts, Jason. Still packed and ready to evacuate if necessary, but winds are calm at the moment….Stop worrying about Tex and love the Swisher? He just doesn’t inspire confidence.

  9. Jane, you seem to be handling all that better than I would. On Swisher, I made the Strangelovian play on words mainly because I think that’s what we as fans will be left with, not my preference. It just seems as though the Yankees will invest heavily in pitching and let Teixeira re-sign, though it’s still early and anything is possible. I meant it as a reflection of my cautious optimism.

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