First Snow of the Fall

It isn’t exactly a whiteout, but the first wet flakes of the year are falling at my house.  With all due humility, I have a certain sense about winter weather, not unlike Lorelai from “The Gilmore Girls.”  The family and I checked out the flakes, with my son and I staying out the longest in the blustery cold.  A good sign, the first snow.

I must admit, I am fond of snow.  Then again, I’m from Buffalo, so it’s in my blood.

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  1. i’ve always thought of you as more of a heidi type–
    but if it is lorelei–so be it.

    i remain as always..the blind grandmother

  2. Heidi? Heidi?!? I’ve never been so insulted in all my life, Mike. Well, at least the movie about me is closely associated with a classic football comeback. 🙂

    There wasn’t any snow that stuck around but, with the advent of consistently cold weather, I grabbed some Sam Adams Winter Classics 12-packs and stowed them in the garage for later in the winter. A good two-month chill on those should be excellent.

  3. Snow. Wow. We could use a little of that in California right now. But do you really LIKE snow? I went to college in Rochester. It snowed on my birthday in May. Not for me.

  4. you know i really miss snow as well. being among the first to walk in the park during or right after a snow—being the first to lay down footprints.

  5. You could use some snow and deadened winds, Jane. I have to say I actually do like snow. Being from Buffalo, I didn’t even mind shoveling it–TOO much. I recall with some fondness coming home late from school or a meeting, getting a fire in the fireplace going, and working the shovel for a while with a bottle of beer waiting in the snow bank. There’s a certain beauty to snow, especially when it’s without a lot of wind–when the snow falls almost straight down. I find that even during a good storm which, in Western New York, could drop a few inches an hours for a few hours straight–pretty awesome, actually. I know it sounds geeky, but I also find a certain beauty in a neatly shoveled driveway–stark contrasts in light, geometric but also amorphous. Yeah, I like snow. I also like cold-weather cooking. There’s nothing like good, comfort, stick-to-the-ribs foods like hearty beef stew, chili, pasta and meatballs, meat loaf and potatoes with lots of gravy.

    I’m right with you, Mike. There’s something exciting about laying down an original path in the snow. I used to watch my paths going to and from the local corner store back in Western New York when it snowed.

  6. Greetings from WNY. Thankfullly it hasn’t snowed here yet. I don’t mind it, but I’m not a fan. It should start any day now which means it’s time to bust out the snowblower. And i just finished raking my leaves, a task that took about 5 hours.

    Anyway, it’s been a while. Benn laying low. I’m quite anxious to land the big whale that is CC Sabathia. i’m hoping it happens soon b/c the longer it goes, the less likely it becomes in my mind. And Moose is driving me nuts. Make up that mind already.

    Hope all is well out there.


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