Moose Follow-Up

For some invaluable beat writers’ perspectives on Mike Mussina, be sure to check out what Pete Abraham, Tyler Kepner, Dan Graziano, and Mark Feinsand wrote.  They’re all excellent and they reveal much about the guy, how grounded and workmanlike he was–a pro, and not full of himself.  I’d also highly recommend Mike Sommer’s additional and terrific exploration into Mussina’s career numbers.  785 walks in 18 seasons?  A Joke.

Oh yeah, and for the hundredth time, he’ll be a Hall of Famer.

[Edit: I just read this gem from Joel Sherman of The New York Post on Mussina.  Well worth reading.]

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  1. When I was on the road in ’07 researching my book, all the beat writers had nothing but praise for the way Mussina treated them. I was surprised, because I always thought he seemed cranky and distant in interviews. But they said that what they respected was his candor. He never gave generic, cliched answers. He was thoughtful in his responses. Of course they did admit that whenever a junior writer was assigned to the team, usually as a substitute, Moose would give the guy a hard time. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

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