Good Sunday Night Reading

I updated the link on the right for Alex Belth’s Bronx Banter, and there was a post from Belth yesterday well worth reading.  It discussed big magazine stories on sports profiles, and had a link to one that Gay Talese wrote for the July 1966 edition of Esquire on Joe DiMaggio.  It’s excellent, a sprawling piece on DiMaggio’s distinctly secluded life, following him from his San Francisco home to golf outings to Yankee Stadium to Reno’s, a local Frisco haunt of The Yankee Clipper’s.

I share Belth’s love of this style of journalism as well as the format of the “big piece” in various publications.  It’s what in part led me to more frequently read The New Yorker for the tenacious Seymour Hersh and Rolling Stone for the brilliant, neo-Gonzo Matt Taibbi–different in style from each other and Talese, to be sure, but both within the trajectory of the stand-alone, eloquent writing and journalism-as-plumbing that I love. Talese’s article illustrates a lot, including DiMaggio’s views on life, politics, and sexist dialogue all too common for the time, but also a side of DiMaggio that too few, not accidentally, have witnessed and chronicled. Give it a read.

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  1. that was quite a good article. i’ve read a book or maybe two by talese, but i can’t for the life of me remember the title (s)

    hope your weekend was good—

  2. “Honor Thy Father” is a great Talese book, Mike. Maybe that’s the one you’re thinking of? As for Joe D., everything I’ve read about him suggests he was a solitary man with demons. Even in Peter Golenbock’s “7,” the controversial novel about The Mick, DiMaggio is portrayed as somewhat of a cold fish.

  3. thank you jane-that title does sound familiar.

  4. The Summer of 49 is a pretty good book that explains a lot about DiMaggio and Ted Williams. I’d recommend that anyone who likes reading about either of the two should go out and pick up a copy. I see it a lot on clearance or at a reduced price.

  5. That’s a good point, Rob. I love that book, one of my favorite Yankees/baseball books. Thanks much for coming by. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and come back to The Heartland any time.

    I’ll gladly add your blog Bronx Baseball Daily to my blogroll and, if you’d be willing to add Heartland Pinstripes to yours, I’d be very appreciative.

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