Last YFCR Show Tonight

Unfortunately for us as fans, the guys at Yankee Fan Club Radio have decided that tonight will be their last show.  Be sure to tune in this evening live at 6 ET at or via  Ty, Uncle Joe, and Tony have various projects to which to turn, and I will let you read for yourself their announcement sent via e-mail a couple weks ago, posted below.  I e-mailed my thoughts on the show and the hosts this morning, and feel free to do the same at  Guys, you will be missed.

Dear Fans, Friends and Supporters of Yankee Fan Club Radio,

If you're receiving this message, then you've helped contribute, in some  way, to the success of Yankee Fan Club Radio over the last four years.  We are truly grateful for your support and wanted to take this opportunity to inform you directly of our latest announcement.  After much thought, we have
decided to retire Yankee Fan Club Radio in the next few weeks.  Our plan isto record a short announcement and post it as a podcast on November 23rd and hold our farewell show on December 7th.

By no means was this an easy decision for us to make.  After all, Yankee Fan Club Radio has been our baby since 2005, and it's been a fascinating journey, showing us the intensity of Yankee fans and the stunning reach of
the Internet.  The notion that fans around the globe have taken time out of their busy days to (voluntarily) listen to our thoughts on the Bronx Bombers is absolutely humbling.  Just humbling.

The goal of Yankee Fan Club Radio was always to provide an outlet for everyday Yankee fans to express their thoughts on the team.  Interactivity was our fundamental value.  Over the course of the last four seasons, we've been able to fulfill that by reading your comments, playing your voice messages, and pitching your questions at some of the most respected baseball reporters in the country.  And while it is a bit sad to say goodbye to our beloved show, it is rewarding to know that we accomplished our goal by filling such a huge niche among Yankee fans.  We couldn't have made it this far without you, as we've always been a show "for Yankee fans, by Yankee fans."

Please help us as we celebrate the success of Yankee Fan Club Radio during our final show on December 7th.  Feel free to send us your comments on the show via, or leave us a voice message at
206-984-0596.  As always, we're planning on reading everyone's comments as well as playing all voice messages.  And obviously, we'll be sharing our own thoughts about the exciting voyage from a start-up live show to the
most-listened-to, independently-run Yankees podcast on the Internet.  Yup, it's been quite a run.

In closing, and most importantly, we feel we've forged some incredible friendships through Yankee Fan Club Radio.  Though our show may be ending, we hope you'll all keep in touch.  It just wouldn't feel right if we *didn't * receive the occasional anti-Boston e-mail from time to time!

Thanks again for all your support -- it's been fun!

Ty Hildenbrandt
Uncle Joe Colarusso
Tony Colarusso

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  1. Wow. Sorry I didn’t know about this show until just now. I would have been an avid listener, I’m sure. Good luck to Ty, Uncle Joe and Tony.

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