Bills Lose 31-27, Fulfilling Their Destiny

Classic Bills loss, yet another in a long line of games given away, this one literally and in a few ways.  Having just taken a 27-24 lead by ramming the ball down the Jets’ figurative throats, and having just stopped the Jets and forced them to punt, the Bills had the chance to run out the clock.  After running thrice for a first down, then for five yards on first down, the Bills out-thought themselves on second and five with about two minutes to go, having backup quarterback J.P. Losman (pronounced “LOSS-man,” fittingly enough) roll out to the right for a pass.  Rather than run the ball as they had successfully most of the day, the Bills tried to pass for a first down, LOSS-man failed to read the pressure, was sacked from behind and fumbled, with the ball eventually ending up in the hands of Jets lineman Shaun Ellis who ran it back for a touchdown, 31-27 Jets.  Having seen more than my fair share of Bills losses, I can personally attest that this was classic, neo-Pisarcik in its embarrassing pointlessness.

LOSS-man now takes his place among Giants QB Joe Pisarcik of the Giants, whose botched hand-off to Larry Csonka against Philadelphia resulted in a Herman Edwards touchdown return and 19-17 loss November 19, 1978–just over 30 years ago, fittingly enough.  I had a bottle of Gouden Carolus Noel ready to uncork in the event of a win, the first I would have actually seen on TV since moving from Western New York to the Midwest over five years ago.  Instead, I told myself as the Bills were ahead, Don’t get too excited.  After all, it’s the Bills, the most inventive team when it comes to finding ways to lose.  They could still blow this.  Sure enough, they came through–like the Hindenburg.  Today, it wasn’t just the embarrassing fumble return for a touchdown.  It was that the Jets scored 10 points in the fourth quarter, coming from behind to win, without recording a single first down. It is perfectly fitting for the Bills, who held the ball for 15 consecutive minutes from the first into the second quarter against the Jets in Buffalo back on November 2, yet not only didn’t score a point but were outscored 7-0 during that stretch on an interception return for a touchdown, leading to a 26-17 loss.

That’s my cross to bear–being a Bills fan.  Back to the days of the mid-1980s, when the Bills had a worse record but lost in similarly ignominious fashion on a weekly basis.  Enjoy, Tim the Wizard.

Thank God for the Yankees.

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  1. what can i say?

  2. That game made my heart stop several times. I was screaming, cursing, jumping up and down, etc. I am sorry though about your Bills. Thank God for the Yankees indeed. They are also rumored to be pursuing Man-Ram.

  3. Mike, not much more need be said.

    Double-plus ungood on pursuing Ramirez, Tim. I really wouldn’t like that, especially if the team is lax about his hair while they benched Mattingly for his mullet. Granted, I think anyone with a mullet SHOULD have been benched, but it’s the inconsistency that would rankle me. Plus, and really much more importantly, I don’t want any flaky quitter on the Yankees. That’s Ramirez to a tee, great bat though he has.

  4. agreed about the hair–but isn’t it time they got rid of that ridiculous policy? these are grown men and should be able to have any sort of facial hair they want. it isn’t the 1950’s for christ sake. ( as much as girardi might wish it)

  5. I totally agree about the policy, Mike. It’s dumb and childish, trying to impose this fickle standard of “class” and “respectability” based on how trimmed one’s hair and facial hair are. Girardi’s crew cut probably landed him the job.

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