Yankees Game Photos, 4/23/08

Geez, I thought I lost these!  In fact, they were buried in an e-mail, and perhaps good for keeping spirits high this off-season.

The first and only time I got to see Dr. Mussina operate.


Jorge hanging tough despite a bum shoulder and a cold night.  He also stood tall at the plate, going 4-5 with 3 doubles and 2 RBIs, including one ripped to the center-field wall over Nick Swisher’s head.


And, of course, as big an event in the whole evening, getting to see the greatest closer and, to me, greatest relief pitcher of all time come in for a five-out save.  From the upper deck behind home plate, we could easily hear Mariano’s cutter blowing the dust off Jorge’s glove, making the save look routine.  Great stuff.


61 days until pitchers and catchers report.

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  1. what a treat! it’s going to fel so good having jorge back and strong next year. he was sorely missed.

    it’s going to be strange not having big G and the moose around next year

  2. Wow. Your seats must have been good – not TOO far up in the upper deck – to get those shots. April can’t come soon enough. Let the games begin!


  3. No question about Jorge, Mike–the guts of the team. It will be strange without Mussina, and Giambi too. They were here for eight and seven years, respectively. I was much fonder of Mussina than Giambi, but The Big G’s offense won’t be easy to replace. Still, my gut tells me that the money is much better spent elsewhere.

    Our seats were closer to the top of the upper deck that the first row, Jane. But my wife went down the aisle and, especially when the stands got thin, went to the railing above the walkway–about 3-4 rows in the upper deck–and used the zoom lens on the camera that her adoring, caring, thoughtful husband got for her for Valentine’s Day to snap those excellent photos. A couple of Mariano in mid-stride were a bit blurry, but these will certainly do until ST. I can’t wait.

  4. Hey, Jason …

    I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving Day !!!

    Nice pictures on your above post. I remember when you wrote about that trip on one of your posts; and how you had a great time at that game. At the time, who could have predicted that Mike Mussina would end the 2008 season with a 20-9 record, and it would be his final season !!!

    Also, Mariano Rivera had one of his best seasons as a Yankee; Posada ended up being injured most of the year; and, the Yankees had a very disappointing year, not making the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

    But, back on that April day in Chicago, your three above pictures captured all the hope of Yankee fans, that 2008 would be the year the Yankees would win their 27th World Championship.

    Well, Mussina and Mariano did their part; but, it just wasn’t the Yankees year in 2008.

    The upcoming 2009 baseball season looks very hopeful for the Yankees right now. Joba, Wang, CC, and A.J. are all great starters, and this rotation can lead the Yankees into the World Series this season.

    I hope, though, that the Yankees sign Mark Teixeira, because it will take more than pitching for the Yanks to make it to the playoffs. But, “NO MANNY” … The Yankees do not need all the headaches that “MANNY BEING MANNY” brings to any team he plays for !!!

    Anyway, Jason, great post to get us ready for baseball again !!!

    Also, Jason, I finally put together my “Link Lists” on my blog. And, of course, “Heartland Pinstripes”, is listed on my Yankee Blogs. The Heartland was the first to “link” my blog, so I think it is finally time that I return the favor. Thanks, Jason !!!

    Spring Training, and the new season will be here before we all know it. Enjoy the rest of the “Hot Stove League” !!!

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


  5. Thanksgiving was great, Jimmy. Thanks for asking. We went to Chicago for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, returned for a big feast, napped, ate dessert, then played games for a few hours with the kids. It was a blast.

    The Yanks’ rotation indeed looks formidable, and I like the signings a lot. Of course, I’m not nearly a keen on the length and cost of the Burnett deal. However, the Yankees needed better pitching in a bad way and, as long as he’s healthy, I have little doubt that Burnett will provide that. It’s really a matter of the quantity rather than the quality of his starts being a question.

    Teixeira would be a great signing, but I think the Yanks figure the offense will bounce back well enough and, with better pitching, they can win by subtracting runs allowed more easily than adding runs on their side of the ledger. Still, Teixeira would be a great Yankee…

    Thanks a ton for adding The Heartland to BY&L, Jimmy. I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be sure to stop by your fine blog just as soon as I’m not swamped with work. I hope your Holidays are as festive and joyous as you richly deserve.

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