Good Tidings He Brings

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” —Willy Wonka, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

Check out this story circulating around the Yankee blogoshpere by way of Zell’s Pinstripe Blog (a link to which I’ve added on the right-hand side), illustrating Phil Hughes’s altruism and public-relations acumen.  The guy is one of the brightest, up-and-coming Yankee prospects yet is humble enough to send baseball paraphernalia to this fan–for free.  Since he seems bright, I doubt that the public-relations effect was lost on Hughes.  I also don’t think that’s why he did it.  In a world often cynical and selfish or worse, what Hughes did is a sterling reminder that people can be and often act decent simply because they are and want to be so, not necessarily because they want to be admired.  Great stuff.  Check it out.

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  1. i admire a guy that can actually pull off a willy wonka quote. and you have.

  2. Hey Jason. Just wanted to tip you off to something. I just saw this on Pete Abe’s blog and I comment on it on my own.

    It’s something that may fly under the radar to many, but it didn’t to me.

    As you, Mike and others probably know from listening to YFCR, I’ve been a big supporter of pitching coach Scott Aldred for a while. I’ve thought of him as the best coach in the organization. The numbers show it. The young pitchers I’ve talked about have done their best under his guidance, be it Horne, Marquez, Jason Jones, Kennedy, Hughes or Joba.

    In announcing the AAA and AA staffs, I see Aldred has been promoted to AAA. Yankee fans may not react to this, as they are busy monitoring other things, but to me, this is a small but HUGE step. I love it. Having Aldred (no offense to Eiland) working with probably Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, Horne (looking to rebound off a terrible 2008 after a great 2007) and Melancon to name a few (we don’t know if Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves or Melancon will start in the Bronx or in AAA) should be fabulous.

    Aldred’s track record is superb. I’m as excited about this move as if the Yanks would have pulled off a stunning trade or free agent signing. I think it’s a great move. Get him where the top prospects are. Prospects thisclose to contributing. Maybe with the struggles of Hughes and Kennedy in 2008 it should have been done last year, but Aldred wasn’t at AAA to help them out once they were sent down. Aldred was at AA.

    Trust me. This is not an insignificant move. I hope you guys are as excited about it as I am.

    Time for the fruits (some talented young pitchers) to ripen.

  3. I saw that too, Mike, and figured you’d be excited since you’ve been touting Aldred. The Yankees need smarts among the coaching ranks, and Aldred’s track record is very good. With no offense to Eiland or Gator Guidry (who didn’t get much time), I haven’t felt so comfortable with a Yankees/organization pitching coach since Mel Stottlemyre. That Aldred will presumably handle Hughes, Ian E. Neumann, Aceves, Melancon (should be not make the bigs), and Horne is very encouraging.

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