Wang, Yankees Agree to One-Year, $5 Million

In a move that avoided arbitration, the Yankees and Chien-Ming Wang agreed to a one-year deal worth $5 million.  To me, this is a steal for a pitcher of Wang’s capabilities.  He has a career record of 54-20, 3.79 ERA, is a ground-ball machine, will turn 29 just before the start of the season, and could expect a  big payday after next season.  With him back and healthy, the Yankees have two aces with Wang and Sabathia, and in Burnett a third when he’s on.

The Yankees did the right thing and granted Wang a million-dollar raise from 2008.  They also averted any potential hurt feelings, since Wang lost his arbitration case before last season.  The Yankees got off easy paying Wang $5 million this year.  They won’t be so lucky next season.

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  1. I agree it was a steal, considering how much they paid CC/AJ. It’s not every pitcher who wins 19 games twice in his young career. Why don’t they tie him up for more than a year at a time?

  2. Hey Jason, hope all is well. It’s beginning to look a lot like “Festivus”.

    With Teixeria locked up, we need one more outfielder and the young guns to pick it up a bit. We may have a shot this year.

    I have to laugh as some of the SOx fans are already packing it in (I live north of Boston).

    Happy Holidays to all…

  3. The Yankees are indeed getting off the hook a little bit. Wang(my boy) is an elite pitcher and should be paid like one. The Yankees really need to look into locking him up with a long term deal. 5 years for 50 million in anyone?

  4. Mike W!! Haven’t heard from you in a while, dude. I hope all’s been well. I have the feeling that Gardner or Melky will be playing center, considering the huge salaries the Yanks have doled out. I’m also thinking that we might have seen the last of my boy Matsui in pinstripes. Man, I just might tune in online to some Red Sox chatter. It must be brutal. Teixeira to the Yankees–“It’s a Festivus miracle!!”

    I love the guy too, Tim. Wang will make an enormous difference with his return next year. I have the feeling that, should the Yanks sign Wang to a $50 million contract over 5 years, they will have gotten off easy then as well.

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