Banner Day for The Heartland

Before I get to Teixeira’s press conference, I would have blogged earlier but it was my daughter GLG’s birthday.  After getting her from school, we went and picked out a very nice Schwinn bicycle for her to ride–once the ice thaws from the sidewalks.  I then made the dinner of her choice–fettucine alfredo with garlic bread–then enjoyed cake after my wife got home from work.  A great day for a splendid, beautiful girl who is cheery, brilliant, full of laughter, witty, creative, and way smarter than her old man.  I couldn’t be prouder of her.  She’s always been precocious, always had the brains and comportment of someone older than she is.  What a great kid.

I must say that seeing the highlights of the Teixeira press conference had me beaming as well.  I love that he looked genuinely excited to join the Yanks and spoke with enthusiasm.  My first glimpse of him in the majestic interlocking NY cap, speaking with the YES crew afterward, was honestly the first time I had ever heard him speak, actually heard the sound of his voice, the cadence of his speech, and evaluated his demeanor.  I must say I was very impressed with him.  What impressed me most was how he looked Bob Lorenz and Michael Kay directly in the eyes as he both listened to and answered their questions.  I like someone who will look another in the eye.  It indicates a confident, forthright, no-nonsense attitude with a solid comportment that will suit him and the Yankees very well.  I enjoyed his saying that his wife wanted him to be a Yankee, and any Yankee fan would be happy to hear him reflect on his admiration for Don Mattingly growing up.  Yet what stood out to me most in his introduction as a Yankee today was his direct approach, looking people in the eyes, indicating confidence but also accountability.  As a person, Teixeira impressed me greatly today, making me even happier they signed him.  I have no doubt that he’ll stand tall both on the field with his play, and in the clubhouse afterward with teammates and in attesting to his performance.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter Jason! She should go to Columbia once she is ready for college. Just warn her that the football team sucks.

    I saw the whole press conference live and really liked what I saw. Everybody knows there is a lot of pressure in New York. It is what it is. You can make life easier by not getting into trouble or causing controversy. A-Rod is one of the greatest players of all time but he is also a one man circus. Tex seems like he will fit right in and is prepared for any adversity (fools who boo).

  2. So let me get this straight, Jason. You cook. You’re great with kids. AND you love the Yankees? Your wife is a lucky woman.

    As for Tex, he did look happy to be a Yankee and I think he’ll fit in well with the others. There was some issue with A-Rod back with the Rangers, but he said A-Rod was one of the players who called him so it must be water under the bridge.

  3. happy birthday to glg…and if she attends Bard there will be no worries about a football team as there isn’t one.

    tex looked as genuinely happy and proud to wear the pinstripes as anyone i’ve seen. it’s clear that he wanted to be one and i love how he and boras played the sox. now they have retaliated with a broken down 42 year old has been who will find life away from atlanta not as cozy as he might have hoped and poor rocco baldelli who will find little sympathy among the fenway faithless.

  4. I just like Tex’s leadership qualities the most. He’s hitting his stride as a leader and while we have Jeter one can clearly see the mantle and captainship will likely pass to Mark one day down the line.

    Now on a more personal note it is clear Jason and Mark also are very proud of their families. And in life no one can ask for anything more!

    Go Yanks!

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes for my daughter. Tim, my friend played football for Columbia in the late 1980s and early 1990s–not good years in the slightest. However, he played in the years when Columbia finally broke the 44-game losing streak.

    Thanks Jane, but I think I’m the lucky one. I have to hand it to A-Rod who, as Tim said, always brings the circus. But he’s done a good job in helping to recruit players, especially this off-season. He deserves some credit.

    GLG will always have softball or tennis, Mike. I’m interested to see how the Red Sox fans feel about Smoltz and Baldelli,. I’ve seen the news but have been very busy lately. There’s the possibility they can contribute, sure. But both are major injury questions–not exactly top-flight pick-ups. They still need a catcher, and my how Varitek’s stock has fallen.

    I can see that too, Tom. I really like Teixeira’s comportment, poise, and confidence. Nice of you to say, Tom. I can’t ask for more.

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