What’s The Rush?

Tyler Kepner of The New York Times has a good blog post at “Bats” questioning why the Yankees would consider moving either Nady or Swisher right now, given the improved depth they have.  There are also some options for the back end of the rotation should Pettite not re-sign–although Jason Johnson should not be one of them–so unless Nady or Swisher are dealt for a quality pitcher, what’s the hurry to jettison someone now?

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  1. i couldn’t agree more. i hope they keep them all. only way i’d let nady go is for a SP if andy doesn’t come off his high horse.

    i’m curious..how bad would it be to have swish play CF and then have little G replace him in late innings?

  2. PS now the sox add Saito to their collection of re-treads.

  3. Especially since we and others have bemoaned the lack of bench depth in recent years, Mike, any rush to trade quality players–unless it’s to adequately address a genuine need–boggles my mind. The depth didn’t seem to hurt the late 1990s Yankees any–a different team, yes, but better than the sum of their deep parts because of such depth. The team had many players who could and did step in for various reasons, especially injuries, and they produced. The 2009 Yanks, at least in the outfield, have lots of depth and Girardi could rotate them all in to ensure they get plenty of playing time. It’s not rocket science.

    The moves the Red Sox have made are interesting–not bad ones, but lots of “coulds.” Smoltz could be a very solid pitcher, though he is hopping to the tougher hitting league and has been hurt. Baldelli could be a heck of a fourth outfielder, though he’s been so frequently injured. Penny could report in better shape and contribute to the back end of the rotation, but he also is moving to face tougher lineups. Saito could strengthen middle relief. But these moves to a degree dance around a couple glaring issues such as catcher. The Smoltz and Penny signings don’t necessarily solidify the back end of the rotation. Smoltz could be a heck of a set-up guy with Okajima should they use him there. It might keep his velocity up and spare the wear and tear on his arm.

    These moves could just as soon backfire as they could improve Boston, a good strong team without question but not one with a pat hand, either.

  4. Saito is an intriguing move, and I forgot to mention his moving from the NL as well or the injury issues. At 39, we’ll see. Another big “could” for the Sox. I’m interested to see how his 1.95 ERA in the NL translates to the tougher AL.

  5. jason- i just read on trade rumors that they might trade swisher for mike cameron. i could hardly keep my breakfast down…surely they wouldn’t be so foolish. would they?

  6. My understanding from that piece is that the Yankees floated the possibility of Swisher for Cameron, but Bob Doug Melvin said he isn’t inclined to move Cameron, thinking that without Sabathia and Sheets they’ll need Cameron’s good defense. I sure hope that there’s no deal. Cameron has some good aspects as we’ve discussed, but I’m really not keen on the Yanks acquiring him, especially considering that Swisher is younger, less expensive, can play first as well, and draws more walks. The K’s are roughly even, and Swisher provides more power. I really think the Yanks should keep Swisher.

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