“Inkheart”-Inspired Idea

It’s been a busy day.  After some self-abuse at the gym and taking the kids to tennis, then lunch, we went to see “Inkheart,” the Brendan Fraser flick.  I’ve been a big fan of Fraser’s since he played David Green in “School Ties,” about a working-class Jewish kid from Scranton, PA who is recruited to play football at a Northeast prep school, where his class and socio-religious background eventually foster conflict and anti-Semitism among some classmates.  It’s a very good movie, and I like Fraser’s abilities and range a lot.  He’s experienced a bit of a resurgence lately, starring in big movies such as “Journey To the Center of the Earth,” and now “Inkheart.”  I’d recommend “Inkheart,” especially if one has kids.  Without giving much away, it’s about a man (Fraser) who is a “silver tongue,” with the ability to bring book characters and objects to life by reading aloud.  Degrees of mayhem ensue.  It’s not too heavy, but it’s entertaining and says a lot about humanity.  In a positive way, it’s really about the power of books, and how reading brings stories of all kinds to life.  That’s well worth remembering.

I tested my own abilities as a “silver tongue” when we got home by re-reading the end of Halberstam’s Summer of ’49, but we’ll need to wait until late October to see if I truly possess the power.   In the meantime–and I’ve been mulling this for a while, but figure it’s worth doing now–how about a book club of sorts?  We can select baseball and sports-related books, slate them over a few months, then read and discuss them by posting thoughts about them here.  If you have suggestions, please post comments for the Heartland Book Club.

I think it’s worth pursuing, with inexpensive books available–usually in good condition–through amazon.com and half.com, as well as from local libraries.  How about it?

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