ESPN: Pettite Back for 2009

According to, in an incentive-laden deal, Andy Pettite rejoins the Yankees rotation, agreeing to a one-year deal with a $5.5 million base salary with another $6.5 in incentives.  That’s quite a cut and, according to audio at Pete Abraham’s LoHud, Pettite admitted that his pride was hurt but that he wanted to be with the Yankees.  The rotation is more solid and the staff, including youngsters at SWB, is much deeper as a result.  Allowing Hughes, Kennedy, and Aceves to stay sharp and ready in SWB is huge, preventing Hughes and Kennedy from being rushed to the majors again.  I believe that Hughes needs a third pitch and, if the cutter he was tinkering with in the Fall League is sharp, he’ll improve and fill in admirably if needed. Pettite’s return allows the Yanks to cultivate their depth.

In the meantime, lining up Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Pettite, and Joba against teams is something I’ll take any day.  Big move.  Welcome back, Andy.

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  1. i’m glad you were able to sit through all that BS ( the audio on LoHud), i couldn’t get past the 2st 3 minutes… . so he was hurt huh?

    i’m glad he’s back too.

  2. 1st that is

  3. I actually like Andy’s return as well. The upside is considerable and the cost is very low. His leadership to others suck as Coke, Hughes and Kennedy is stuff that is hard to measure or put a price on but very valuable in my mind. But I think he will bring some good solid and steady innings and keep the pen fresh.

  4. I can’t believe Pettitte came back for such a low price. Pettitte probably won’t be much better than average this season, but they don’t need any more than that from their 5th starter anyway. Good deal for the Yankees.

  5. This was a good move and a message to veterans on the team. No more Ok you are a great Yankee. Got a few coming and it is time to draw the line. Good Job Cash. Next thing. Ben Sheets same type of deal? Why not? I am still a firm believe in grooming Joba to take over for Mariano.

  6. I sometimes find the interviews quite interesting, Mike, and love that Pete Abe puts them up. They can be quite revealing–how players and management answer or don’t answer questions, examples of doublespeak, what kinds of questions reporters ask and possible tendencies they have. After a while, though, barring startling revelations that rarely occur, I tire of them. I have a 7-10 minute threshold.

    Hey Tom. I hope all’s been well. It’s a good point about Pettite’s mentoring younger pitchers. A good pick-up at a pretty reasonable price.

    Joe, I was a bit surprised too, especially at the magnitude of the incentives compared to the base salary. I think it’s indicative of where the market is for free agents–lots of hard bargaining by management that could be collusion, could be similar approaches to the anticipation of difficult financial straits.

    Hey Swedski. I hope all has been well with you, too. I think you’re right about the message, although many of those to whom a financial message could have been sent have already been inked to big deals. It does portend interesting things for Jeter in 2011, I’d say. I wouldn’t hold your breath about Sheets. He has lots of ability but they’ve already indicated that they have one acquired long-term risk in Burnett. I don’t believe they’d acquire a short-term one in Sheets. Though I am a Joba-in-the-rotation guy, I have to admit that the scenario of a loaded rotation (presuming Sheets’s health, which presumes a lot) with Joba in the pen is enough to make one salivate. But you know where I stand about Joba; I believe he should start. His stuff’s too good not to gobble up innings.

  7. Fair enough. I just hope they stick to Joba all year in the rotation and see how it goes. Maybe Phil can start throwing lighting in the eigth. We’ll see.
    Just would love for the yanks to try Sheets the way the Sox are trying Penny.

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