Yanks Re-sign Bruney

New York settled its arbitration case with reliever Brian Bruney for $1.25 million for one year.  This roughly splits the difference between what Bruney sought and what the Yankees wanted to pay.  Personally, it’s a very good deal for the Yankees. They’re paying just over a million for a guy who, for the most part, has been very good with the Yankees, who got in better shape last year and, despite a foot injury last year, was a terrific member of an excellent bullpen.  He was 3-0 with a 1.83 ERA, 0.990 WHIP, and was just nasty on lefties by allowing them a .106 batting average in 2008.

Great signing, getting a good, hard-throwing reliever back for a song.

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  1. They don’t need Bruney! Joba is the best set-up man of all time and his 60-70 innings as a reliever is way more valuable than 200 innings as a starter! 🙂


  2. Joe, your dry sense of humor is right after my own heart.

  3. absolutely right joe. and as soon as j-boogie gets on this we shall expect you to cover this breaking news…um next week? jk..

    so i still can’t believe they gave melky so much

  4. Given Melky’s extensive suckage last year I will be issuing a warrant for his arrest. No one sucks that much and gets a raise. I consider that money stolen.

  5. I’m a pro-player guy as you know well, Mike and Tim. But that arbitration decision was a bad one, to me. Bruney was worth more in my opinion, and not just in team value. Melky played himself out of a job and got a good raise. Wow.

  6. Tim: Re: your post. Doesn’t that go on with Congress all the time?

  7. This is one of the things that I think gets overlooked a bit, and is oddly enough a reason for optimism with me–the poor performances of Cano and Melky last year. Cano and whoever plays CF are bound to be better than the 2008 versions. Yet their woes, individual and mutual (with their reputed partying), played heavily into the Yankees’ first-half struggles.

    If Melky deserved a raise for that, it’s lost on me. I’m no fan of the old-style, pre-MLBPA regressive bargaining climate. But man oh man.

  8. It has occurred under both parties for the last five years, Mike S. Count me in the pay-freeze category for them and other governmental officials for the foreseeable future, except those who need it most–the people working in everyday jobs often cleaning up after and waiting on them. Everyday people need raises. Elite government officials don’t. On that front, Obama has done the right thing.

  9. Hey! At least I admitted to it, and gave him the credit. 🙂


  10. I truly was impressed with Bruney last year both on the field performance but mostly his working so hard to return from his injury which was predicted to have left him out for the whole season. I expect a similar good performance from him this year as well. The bullpen has solid strength up and down.


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