Countdown to Spring Training

I just purchased the MLB.TV Premium package, which looks great–except for the small fact that I haven’t had any features successfully upload and play yet.  Oh well, soon enough all will be resolved and, at $10 less than last year’s Premium cost, I’m happy.  Some of this year’s features are great–live DVR functionality, live game picture-in-picture, HD quality picture, home and away feeds, and live game radio option.  Especially if I am subjected to listening to DeWayne Staats and Joe “Migraine,” I just might switch to Sterling while watching.  I’ll probably do a few HDLRs during Spring Training, for anyone interested, and I’ll give feedback on the new Premium package and features.

Sam Borden has a good guest post at LoHud about Jorge’s recovery being the key to the season.  It’s hard to argue with that, especially since a healthy Posada is so good offensively and defensively, since the alternative is playing Molina who is great defensively but sub par offensively, and possibly using Posada at DH that would result in nudging Matsui out of that role. The Yankees need to be cautious with Posada, ensuring that he’s recovered but also being game-ready.  I’d obviously prefer that Posada be ready out of the gate but, if he missed a few weeks but returned 100%, I’d gladly accept that. He’s the guts of the team, a good leader and very good bat.  A healthy #20 in the lineup every day again should do quite a lot for the Yanks.

One week until pitchers and catchers report.  One week.  I can’t wait.

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  1. for once MLB does something for it’s customers- a nice gesture. i hope all the new features work well. i’d love to see if their claims of a real HD quality feed is on the level. color be suspicious, but hoping for the best. i still prefer the extra innings package so i can watch on tv and chat with all of you guys on my laptop.

  2. I got the package last year and never found the quality very good. Also the sound was low, which was odd, even on the highest volume. They always tell me it’s because I have a Mac – come on! – but I’ll try it again this year…..One week to go. Cannot wait!

  3. the yankee years just arrived in the mail! now with the books you have sent me i have reading material for some time to come

  4. Oh, I see Jane. It’s you MAC USERS who have been slowing down my MLB.TV experience all these years! [wringing hands, hunched over, plotting revenge as I await books flying through the air at my tin foil helmet.] I hope this year’s version is better than last year’s, Jane, for your sake as well as mine.

    Great, Mike. I look forward to an update on it. If you like, feel free to write a review for The Heartland. No pressure, but I believe many of us would be keenly interested in what additional details you unearth.

  5. hey lay off us Mac guys! you windows sufferers should be thrown a nice pity party 😉

    i’m up to page 40 and i’m hooked-verducci is a really captivating writer-i have to say his style is a bit livelier that golenbock (sp?) i’ll keep you posted

  6. I’m glad you got the Mac jab, Mike. All in fun.

  7. I need to get me that. I tried last year and it wasn’t bad.. but very addicting. Now with the MLB Network up, I’m like Hambone and baseball is my cocaine, lol.
    I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this season. There’s so much to look forward to. I really want to see how Jorge does now that he’s recovered. I want to see how Andy does especially. This may very well be his last year. I could list more than 20 reasons why I’m going crazy waiting but I think you get the idea lolz.

  8. I think a healthy Posada could make a very big difference for this season. Catchers are such an important aspect to the team, and when they can hit it’s even better!

  9. I hear you, V. Posada’s health is crucial, certainly as Elizabeth discusses, too. Welcome to The Heartland, Elizabeth. Especially since Molina was a big drop-off from Posada offensively, Posada’s healthy return may mean doubling the RBIs from the catcher spot, with perhaps 60-80 points higher on the AVG (Molina was .216 last season). Those numbers from a healthy Posada wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Come back anytime, Elizabeth.

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