Watching the Clock Until Pitchers and Catchers

I saw a commercial for the new “Celebrity Apprentice” yesterday that accentuated the borderline desperate countdown for Spring Training that has gripped me.  In it, such social luminaries as Andrew Dice Clay, Dennis Rodman, Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa, Khloe Kardashian as another “famous” Kardashian for no good reason, poker star Annie Duke, country music star Clint Black, former skating champion Scott Hamilton, and more appear.  Expecting some of these clowns to contribute salient ideas to the world of big business and high finance is akin to expecting them to successfully replicate the Manhattan Project.  Clay looks like he sweats in his sleep, the Kardashians have set back humanity several decades with their so-called “reality” nonsense, Rodman has all the stability of a split atom, and this show has no good reason to waste valuable bandwidth–charitable contributions made to the winner’s choice notwithstanding.  Such financial munificence could and should be done without televising the wretch that NBC has planned.

Thankfully, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow.  Hopefully, A-Rod’s steroids circus doesn’t get as much play as I fear it will.

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  1. i know it would be torture, but if you would watch every episode of that this year and write up a review every week – you might have the funniest blog in wordpressdom. you might also consider the real housewives on new york city.

    i’m only half kidding. i know it would be a total waste of time. but still…

  2. no comment jas?

  3. Sorry Mike, I didn’t see it earlier. Plus, I was working a bit. I don’t know about watching every episode, but I might watch occasionally and provide some untoward commentary. Who knows? It might offer some beneficial discourse on the so-called “reality” wasteland.

  4. Spring Training has officially started. Time to go STREAKING WITH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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