Good Feelings

Pete Abraham has good tidbits about what the Yankees can expect from CC Sabathia, a guy who seems like a good soul in addition to being a talented pitcher.  I have felt the same way for some time–Sabathia will quickly become a fan favorite.

But I think the line of the day comes from AJ Burnett.  When asked what he thought of being on a team with Andy Pettite and Joba Chamberlain at the back end of the rotation, Burnett replied, “I’m not sure there is a back end.”  That’s both somewhat accurate and rather endearing from a new teammate.

Despite the dust-ups over A-Rod’s steroids revelation and admission, and Torre’s book (which is much ado about nothing to regular reader Mike F., who is reading it), I think the Yankees will have better team chemistry than many think.  That’s more than just feeling good about baseball’s return.

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  1. yeah that was my favorite moment of the day- i hope aj becomes a fan favorite- he has the right personality in a paul o’neill kind of way.

    i loved the torre book from beginning to end. cashman comes off looking pretty bad on several points–who cares.

  2. All the newcomers have comported themselves well, Mike. It’s encouraging. I hope for that, too, and think the fans will latch onto him, Sabathia, Teixeira, and Swisher. So far they’ve shown some character but plenty of maturity. I hope that continues. The Yanks of recent years have needed both.

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