Heartland Fantasy League?

Regular reader Nick from across the pond e-mailed me last week, wondering whether or not I’d be interested in having a fantasy league through The Heartland.  I can’t say that I do fantasy sports; nor do I know how to go about setting one up.  I can surmise that participants would draft players, but don’t know if players are chosen day-to-day, or week-to-week.

However, since I’m all about democracy, I do know that I will throw this pressing question open to you, the readers here.  Feel free to answer the poll question below and to leave comments on this.  If you so choose, we can do a Heartland Fantasy Baseball League, as long as I get some help from the more experienced fantasy hands about conducting it.  In the event it transpires, and given a very busy schedule, I’d be more than willing to confer the commissioner post for it to someone else.

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  1. i voted maybe because i’m already signed up in another league already and i’m not sure i want to do two of them. but i will say this-if you decide to do it i will teach you what little i know about it and probably join up–how could i ignore the heartland? . i did the YFC league last year for the first time so i’m no expert–ty is though…talk to him

  2. I would be down. It’s a little early for me to start thinking about it though. I’m not a big fantasy sports guy. I won some hockey leagues but I usually get shelled when it comes to baseball. I’d have to see if some of my friends wanted to start a league first. I’ll be lurking around, so I’ll keep you updated if you decided to do this.

  3. I’m in drop me an email

  4. I’m in drop me an email

  5. I’m glad that there is some interest in the fantasy league, but know that people are committed elsewhere, too. I’ll see how the reaction continues to come in, and how many respond. Thanks to you who have responded already.

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