What the Heck…HDLR Thursday!

I’m working from home, so an impromptu Heartland Digital Living Room couldn’t hurt any.  Welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, everyone!  Grab a digital leather recliner, some wings, chips, and something cold to drink with the action.  Lineups as per Pete Abraham are below.  It’s a terrific pitching slate for today, with Hughes, Coke, Bruney, Marte, Albaladejo, and Melancon all getting work against the defending AL East champs Tampa Bay.  Note also that Cano is pegged fifth, an interesting move in what may be a close approximation of the everyday lineup for the season.  Come on in, relax, and enjoy.

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Posada DH
Molina C
Cabrera CF

Pitching today: Phil Hughes followed by Phil Coke, Brian Bruney, Damaso Marte, Jon Albaladejo, Mark Melancon.

RAYS (0-1)
Kennedy 2B
Crawford LF
Aybar DH
Ensberg 3B
Zobrist SS
Kapler CF
Richard 1B
Riggans C
Ruggiano RF

Rays pitching: Wade Davis followed by Winston Abreu, Calvin Medlock, Chad Orvella, Dale Thayer and Julio DePaula.

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  1. i’m IN!

  2. Mike, WHAT IS UP?!?

  3. CHONE:

    East W L Central W L West W L
    Yankees 97 65 Indians 90 72 Angels 85 77
    Red Sox 96 66 Tigers 85 77 A’s 81 81
    Rays 89 73 Twins 79 83 Mariners 78 84
    Blue Jays 75 87 White Sox 73 89 Rangers 72 90
    Orioles 74 88 Royals 72 90

  4. i
    m up–dassit. actually i woke up WIDE awke at 5 am…was up til 7 then went back to bed…now i’m guzzling coffee

  5. Mike, it just might be the most heavily caffeinated HDLR even with just us. I’m working through a 16 oz. Amp, and will probably have another in a little while. It reminds me of when my good friend Greg, who teaches business and accounting, discussed teaching on a cappuccino buzz, “doing a 50-minute lecture in 18 minutes, erasing with one hand and writing with the other.” Hilarious.

  6. i just now installed the beta vesion of Safari 4…it clains to load a lot faster. so far it sems to be good.we’ll see. it may be buggy

  7. Is that the Mac version of Mozilla, Mike?

  8. yeah it is…and it is a great browser…i was always a firefox user when i was on windows and i do have it installed here as well. but safari dooes run faster. they do make it for windows now as well…but i would stick with firefox over there if i were you

  9. this version does refresh instantly though…great for snappy commenting

  10. I use Firefox exclusively. Good to see you’re enjoying it thus far. Sorry for any delay in commenting. I’m wrapping up some work, and will be focusing on the game shortly. No radio pre-game today, unfortunately.

  11. not to worry

  12. you hear johan santana has a sore elbow. yikes

  13. Ahhh, the reassuring voice of Kenny Singleton.

  14. kay and kenny–so great to see them!

  15. I did not hear that about Santana. Terrible news. I hope it isn’t serious. I’ll never root for the Mets. But I don’t root for injuries, either. Plus, watching Santana must remind others of what watching Koufax was like, more or less.

  16. I really like Sabathia. He seems like a good guy to have a few beers with.

  17. Teixeira’s glove will be a huge bonus for the Yanks.

  18. yeah agreed on johan–i can only imagine what the posters on metsblog are saying today–lining up on the ledge no doubt
    love CC and teix and aj as well…can’t wait!!

  19. I’ve noticed it before, but it just struck me now–Teixeira defines barrel-chested. He’s a big dude.

  20. They’re probably ready to jump in the East River, Mike. That link you sent me last year, a blog with a bunch of nearly suicidal posts after a Mets loss, was priceless.

  21. according to the mighty abe-big stein is there

  22. You know what, Mike? I’m going to make a big bacon sandwich with extra, light mayo for the game.

    I am so psyched not just to see the guys pitch, but that stacked lineup. I like the message–right from the get-go, best of luck against THIS lineup.

    So thrilled to see Jorge back, too. That’s so crucial.

  23. oh they are truly hilarious —like parodies of baseball fans

  24. bernie threw out 1st ptch!

  25. Great move having Bernie throw out the first pitch. They’re working hard to salve that wound. Bernie belongs within the Yankee organization in some fashion.

  26. Morgan Ensberg is batting clean-up with TB. Huh.

  27. Be sharp, Phil.

  28. jeez–hit him

  29. Strike, then HBP.

  30. i love those molina bros and their snap throws to 1st

  31. This is big for Hughes–he needs to learn to put guys away with two strikes.

  32. Same here, Mike. Poor guys, losing their Dad last october.

  33. High heat K’s Carl. Nice.

  34. K!

  35. Hughes hit Aybar. Jeez, kid.

  36. plunk…not pretty

  37. nice to see the X man

  38. F9, two down, and a strong throw by X-Man to Jeter on the relay. Nice.

  39. now i’m on fire fox–i wanna test the speed of reload differences

  40. is that his change up he’s trying?

  41. Hughes with a chance to end the inning here. C’mon, kid.

  42. I think so, Mike. The YES guys are saying he’s not throwing his cutter until later in camp.

  43. those pitches that were 83mph

  44. Hughes’s velocity is pretty good–low 90s.

  45. thanks

  46. Two HBP, but nothing otherwise. Not bad, and importantly, Hughes didn’t have to throw 20+ pitches like he did early last season. He needs to be more efficient than last year.

  47. ok-ill take that

  48. Mike, I’m so excited to be WATCHING LIVE BASEBALL right now. Awesome.

  49. me too totally thrilled

  50. wow..nice catch by ens

  51. Where did Ensberg’s vertical come from?

  52. Jeter jammed, 6-3, two down.

  53. cmon tex! i dont wanna see a 123 by this scrub

  54. I’d love to see Teixeira rip one out.

  55. Word is that Boston will give Teixeira a rough ride when he comes to Fenway. Babies.

  56. hmmm -the season is over

  57. 1-2-3, yeesh. Wade Davis looked like Ron Davis.

  58. yeah i read that from some idiotic vice empress of red sox nation

  59. nice play !!

  60. you think big g woulda made that play?

  61. Heck of a play on both ends, from A-Rod and Teixeira.

    LOL, Mike. Yeah, they’ll snivel forever about Teixeira spurning them, just like they turned their backs on Damon when their own team didn’t make a serious offer to him until the Yanks got involved. They say they’re not followers in Boston anymore, but that’s not always true.

  62. No way, Mike.

  63. well phil is a bit wild…but nice curve there

  64. No way on Giambi making that stretch, that is–not without pulling his groin and tearing that golden thong.

  65. Two K’s with the heater for Phil. I love it.

  66. Hughes’s curve looks tight today.

  67. That 1-1 fastball didn’t miss by much.

  68. yeah –i wonder how many starts we’ll see him in in the bronx

    i guess i should hope none…

  69. Love Hughes’s yakker.

  70. nice inning

  71. Two nice, efficient innings (pitch count-wise) for Hughes. I like it a lot.

  72. Still hammering the java, Mike? I’m working on my second Amp after a thick bacon sandwich.

  73. BTW, have you spoken with Nick lately?

  74. more cheers than boos? i guess

  75. i haven’t heard from him –i’m eating an italian sausage sandwich

  76. Jeez, lots of breeze from the last two Yankee batters. Get things going, Cano.

  77. Good eye from cano on the 1-1.

  78. this guy is making us look bad

  79. Davis has fanned 3-4-5. Yikes.

  80. Indeed, Mike. The Yankees are whiffing out of the gate.

  81. F7, one down. I like this kid Coke. I’d love to see him up in The Bronx starting the season. His velocity is very good.

  82. Hughes only threw 33 pitches; good work from him today, definitely encouraging.

  83. yeah on both–love to see coke picth

  84. How’s the Italian sausage?

  85. Great play by Cano as fans continually stroll across the camera. Love the D.

  86. its delicious…nice play cano-lets see him keep that up. i wanna see his uni as dirty as pedroia’s

  87. hip hip jorge!!

  88. Hip Hip, Jorge!

    Welcome back, Jorge!

  89. That was quite a blast, hit very deep and into the wind.

  90. funny comment from kay on the little g

  91. F8 shallow from Melky, two down.

    Jeter to Gardner after Brett’s homer, “Just so you know kid, it only goes downhill from here.” Hilarious.

  92. Just listening to Francesca on the commercial bothers me. I just don’t like him.

  93. he’s just so fucking arrogant to callers

  94. I can’t wait to take my kids to the Yanks-White Sox games in August. So psyched.

  95. now while i’m doing work on my computer i’ll listen to max k in the morning, then francessa’s first rant for about an hour then when michael kay comes on i switch over
    mad dog in the car.

  96. yeah you guys will have a blast. i will be dj ing a party in nyc i think in early may–so i will definitely go to the new place then…

    nice of melky to hold him to a single

  97. Nice hitting from Zobrist, taking it to RCF.

  98. Awesome, you’ll need to tell me how it is.

  99. nice grab robbie

  100. Nice 0-1 pitch from Coke, jamming him.

  101. Cano has had a good day.

  102. oh cmon just put him away…and he does!

  103. That’s one heck of a 3-2 pitch at the knees from Coke.

  104. 0-2 to 3-2 wasn’t great from Coke, but he threw a perfect pitch to get Richard looking.

  105. nice…lets keep this inning going

  106. nice hit through the hole by Teixeira, the first of hopefully about 1,500 as a Yankee from him.

  107. nice alex

  108. Yuck, 5-4-3 DP.

  109. He’s just getting them out of his system now, Mike–I hope.

  110. nice to see alby back–and my new season resolution is to forget how i felt about girardi and start with a fresh slate. i wanna love the guy

  111. Girardi sounds…happy. I hope he’s on lithium this year.

  112. HA!

  113. i think they make a bit more sophisticated drugs these days than lithium..not sure which ones are sanctioned by the papacy though

  114. I like Girardi, but he needs to loosen up.

    Boy, Bruney looks thin. Wow. When he joined the Yanks in 2006, he must have weighed 40 pounds more.

  115. Designer lithium.

  116. Bruney is still throwing hard. I love the guys in our bullpen Mike. I also love the guys with the heat, admittedly. It’s the great veto.

  117. K ends the inning, terrific work from Bruney.

  118. i just hope that melky doesn;’t have a miracle spring considering what joe is saying…but you have to think that joe hates the melkman with his clubbing and his chubby physique

  119. thers the cano we know and love

  120. True Mike. Melky has really fallen in my eyes, and I’m pretty patient with players. But his issues were self-inflicted, and that irks me.

    On Cano, I see your wit is in mid-season form.

  121. nice seeing him go the other way

  122. Nice hit, Nady. Good to hear about the energy and clubhouse presence of Swisher. The Yanks need that.

  123. x man that is

  124. hip fucking hip

  125. That’s so key for this club. Last year, so many guys looked like they were pull-happy.

    Speaking of mid-season form, Jorge ripped that to center, and jeez did Kapler misplay that.

    Great to have Jorge back.

  126. Excellent anecdote about Swisher and the music. I love that, and that Girardi embraced it.

  127. why i wonder does mekly consider bunting…even in a ST game? why?

  128. Also, that about Swisher being a Yankee. Love it.

  129. Nice to see the Yanks add another run. Jorge 2, Rays 0.

  130. speaking of mid season form–jose and the melkman…

  131. I didn’t see it, Mike. The phone rang on me.

  132. yeah i love that swisher. i remember watching him on the A’s and wishing we had fun guys like that

  133. you missed nothing jas

  134. Yeah, true Mike. Jorge’s health is so crucial to the offense, as we’re seeing in spades today. Melky [Sigh], I’m just not optimistic.

  135. sorry but there is no way that melky can be a contributor–so i’d just as soon be done with him by april

  136. Cody Ransom playing first, Gardner in, your boy Shelley in RF. I like Ransom.

  137. i like ransom as well. i’ll always love shelley–im wish he could just go to an NL team and have a little career

  138. nice relay guys

  139. Ensberg showing off his patented speed. He was out by 10 feet.

  140. I wish I could go to one of those KC games but, going to 2 in Chicago, I can’t complain. But that ball park looks so nice.

    Little G out trying to bunt.

  141. not a great bunt gardy…i guess a drag bunt woulda been better

  142. how long a drive is it to KC for you Jas?

  143. Elliot Johnson, that SOB.

  144. About six hours, Mike. It would mean a stay-over; plus I just have too much else going on around that time.

  145. wow 6 hours is way too long for me…i hate driving. a trip to atlanta at 140 miles is daunting to me. too many years w/o a car i guess

  146. Those were six of the fastest innings I’ve ever seen. This game might be over in just over 2 hours.

  147. yeah nobody is exactly working the count

  148. Nice cover, Cox. One down.

    Understandable given your years in NYC, Mike.

  149. I’d like to see Cervelli come out from behind home and belt Johnson.

  150. i will say that the last time i drove back from atlanta at night there was no traffic and with great music blaring it wasn’t bad at all. but driving on highways in traffic is torture to me.

  151. me too

  152. Nice snare by Berroa, but that stinking thorn Johnson beat it out.

  153. I have to split to grab my son from school, Mike. The game might be over when I get back, but I’ll check in when I get home.

    Good chatting with you during this. The Yankee pitchers looked great.

  154. damn!

  155. ok jason–have a great day

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