2/28/09 HDLR: Twins Versus Yankees

Hey everybody!  Welcome to the second of many HDLR games this season, and the first weekend HDLR.  Kick back in the many spacious digital leather recliners, grab some grub and cold coldies, and chinwag away.  Courtesy of Pete Abraham, the lineups are below.  Joba will go an inning or two, and others including Veras, Giese, and the K-Man will get some work.  Enjoy!

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Posada DH
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Molina C
Cabrera CF

Pitching today: Joba Chamberlain followed by Igawa, Dunn, Veras, Giese and others.

TWINS (3-0)
Span RF
Punto SS
Young LF
Kubel DH
Buscher 1B
Hughes 3B
Tolbert 2B
Butera C
Comez CF

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  1. I have to run to the store quickly, and will be back in about 15 minutes.

  2. Hopefully it’s minor, but Pete Abe is saying that Jorge was scratched due to shoulder discomfort.

  3. i’m in –and OH NO

  4. hey is it mlb tv or just radio today?

  5. dunno. I got the radio on.

  6. Soon, spaghetti, a beer, and baseball…aaahhhh…

  7. I’m back, but waiting for the game to be available via MLB.com.

  8. Pete has Shelley as the new DH.

  9. Jorge’s been scratched with a “tweaked shoulder” while stretching Thursday. He seems not to be worried. That makes one of us.

  10. Hey Mike. How is it going?

  11. Hey, did Sterling call it the “Boss”? Damn, knew I should have copyrighted that.

  12. The game is on now-tv feed, that is. It should start in 5 minutes.

  13. ok. looking forward to hearing some baseball.

  14. ok yeah i got the picture on now…spangled banner playing

  15. Did he Mike? I’m watching, though I do miss Sterling. I have the feeling I might be listening to him less, since the MLB.com package should have home and away TV options this year, sparing me the woefully inferior broadcast crews that most teams sport.

  16. *Deranged man walks into the room with his clothes on fire*. BASEBALL! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have a Bell’s Pale Ale, leftover pizza, and baseball. Life is good.

  18. Yeah, he did. I’m suing.

  19. Mike and Tim, good to see you both.

    Joba starts with a strike.

  20. Jorge, team, think it’s minor. Let’s hope it is.

  21. As your attorney Mike, I advise an aggressive legal approach.

  22. 2-2 fastball just missed outside.

  23. Nice throw by A-Rod, one down.

  24. Span grounds out. Let’s Go Yankees! GO JOBA! *Throws gasoline around*

  25. I am really excited about this rotation. It has the potential to be great; potential, but it’s there. Joba as a fifth starter is ridiculous.

    Punto singles.

  26. base hit-the season is over

  27. He won’t break out that killer slider for a while yet. We most likely won’t see it today.

  28. The season is over what? *Crashes into a wall*

  29. Molina’s snap throws are tremendous. He nearly had Punto getting back to first.

  30. And a couple of hits and a run.

  31. Jeez, Joba left that belt-high and away, and Young tattooed it.

  32. John & Suzyn say Joba’s just throwing the heat.

  33. was melky playing to shallow? i’d like to blame him–but now same situation in RF

  34. Yeah, I don’t expect the slider either Mike.

    G-R double, 2-0 Twins. Get it out of your system now, Joba. That fastball was almost chest-high.

  35. hey tim–i didnt see you

  36. He was shallow Mike, but had no chance on that. That rocket was on Joba.

  37. You know it is baseball season when Harry Moskowitz makes his famous call “It is high, it is far, and it is caught in shallow center field”.

  38. Kay had trouble reading the path of both doubles hit. The sun must be giving them problems.

  39. See, if Joba was in the pen those would have been routine ground balls rather than doubles. 🙂


  40. Hmmm….what was that one?

  41. He broke out the slider on 2-1, very nice swing and miss.

  42. Hey Joe. How’s it going?

    That 2-2 pitch was a strike.

  43. howdy joe.

  44. I could get used to seeing that Teixeira guy at first for another several years. Oh wait, I can!

  45. How has everybody been in the last few months?

    Mike S., will you be on YFCR’s podcast?

  46. Swisher batting fifth. He’s had a very good Spring thus far.

  47. Doubt it. I haven’t heard from Ty, and I work 1-10 on Sundays.

  48. He’s pitching against us, but I sure love seeing Liriano pitching again. He’s excellent.

  49. Hi. I tuned in when I saw there was an HDLR. There were two games to watch, either this or the Mets

  50. It has been a long winter J-Money.

  51. Damon drove that near the track, but F8.

  52. Plus, I just discovered it’s Liriano vs. Joba. Pretty good

  53. Long as in bad, or cold, or just calendar-challenged, Wiz?

  54. Jeter singles, nice.

  55. you dont see punto let one slip by like that–good!

  56. That was a nice piece of hitting from Jeter; it was a nice pitch, just below the knees and outer half, and Jeter went down and got it.

  57. As I mentioned over at my place, predict the inning when Sterling and Waldman start doing broadway tunes because they don’t know anyone in the lineup (A and AA players).

    I’ll take that from Teixeira some 40 times or so this year.

  58. tex!

  59. It has been really cold and rough at work. However, I did some good reading over the winter. Completed William Freehling’s two part epic, The Road to Disunion. Tex with a double! WOOOOOOOO!

  60. Joe, I like that you knew that the HDLR was on before the top-flight pitching match-up.

    Teixeira belted that for a double to RCF, loud crack.

  61. I guess that Tex is guy is pretty good, aye?

  62. I took a class with Freehling many moons ago; brilliant, and very nice.

  63. Sac fly for A-Rod, well done, 2-1 and Teixeira advances.

  64. that looked like it mighta gone out..still. nice

  65. Well you are on my bookmarks, Jason. So I just go down the list each morning, the list of my bookmarks I mean.

  66. E5, 2-2 tie.

  67. When do you get your PHD Jason? Are you going to write books and go to high class cocktail parties?

  68. SO I heard that Cano’s stance were to open, so they tightened it up a little and he is supposed to be fixed

  69. Joe, I’m honored. Oh, and your work for the other web site has been very good. I’ve been reading it. I also noticed in your picture, you look like Casey Affleck.

  70. Cano’s looks to have developed some patience too 🙂

  71. Cano walks, HOLY CRAP!

  72. What was that from Cano? A good omen?

  73. Nice patience Cano.

  74. Does Casey Affleck wear aviator’s in front of his webcam too?

  75. Jason, does the HD picture work for MLB.tv (when the season begin, I mean)on a standard computer? Because I know you need an HDTV to get HD quality when it comes to tv’s.

  76. Nice inning for the Yanks, good response against a good pitcher.

    I hope they’re just being safe with Jorge.

  77. I didn’t think Cano and walk were allowed in the same sentence.

  78. It’s supposed to Joe, and I hope it does. I have the computer package.

  79. And Giese is in.

  80. So Pedro has four cy youngs and 2 mvps. did u see?


  81. I love seeing Tino in the Yanks dugout on a regular basis.

  82. Melky battled the sun there. He’s not been smooth this Spring.

  83. Yea, I have the computer package too. I just got HD channels yesterday so at least I will get the ESPN and Fox games in highdef, hopefully in addition to the computer games

  84. Giese in tough competition for the L/R spot. So far so good for him in the audition.

  85. i’m eating–hence my silence…

  86. Nice work from Giese so far, two down. By and large, the Yanks pitching has been very good this Spring.

  87. Home run Gomez. Boo! *Readies the guillotine*

  88. the HD will work on any monitor joe–you just need to have a fast connection

  89. As I speak, Gomez homers.

  90. Wrote too soon. Gopher ball.

  91. Gomez was all over the plate–move him off.

  92. Mike is right, the HD is high-speed based, which I thankfully have.

  93. I’m surprised the Twins actually dropped Gomez down. Some teams will just keep him there because of his speed. His speed his great, but he gets on base less than anyone in the AL just about

  94. ….and Bigelow tea’s radio ads still feature Torre.

  95. Good point Joe.

    I’m now working through a little Ben and Jerry’s NY Super Fudge Chunk.

    Your boy Shelley is up Mike.

  96. Thanks, Mike. I believe my connection will be fast enough

  97. Shelley adjusted to that pitch for a single.

  98. Shelly with a line drive single. Let’s go Yankees! SCORE! SCORE! SCORE!

    And the Jets signed Bart Scott from Baltimore.

  99. the mighty shelley comes thru!

  100. Nice bunt Melky, now please do that in the regular season.

  101. Melky bunts? As if to prove he can or has speed? The Gardner influence? As Suzyn said, he never did that last year.

  102. im shocked that melky got that bunt down so perfectly–i dont care what kenny says

  103. The bunting drills are paying dividends, Damon’s was also a beauty; second and third. Base hit, Captain.

  104. Captain Jeter with the sacrifice. GO YANKEES! MORE RUNS!

  105. ok we’ll take the sac fly

  106. Sac fly, 3-3, the Yankees generating runs–I like it.

  107. Good offense from both sides.

  108. Waiting for some text messages from “the Truth.”

  109. It’s unusual to have the feed between innings. Usually it’s blank, but I can hear the sounds of the ballpark.

  110. Giese just missed twice low.

  111. Young has killed the ball today, 2-2.

  112. I just sent my email to YFCR. Fun stuff.

  113. what has the truth to say on the proceedings mike?

  114. Anyone have any road trips slated for this year?

  115. I’m glad YFCR is back, even if it’s a one-time stint. We’ll see. I know they’re busy, but it would be nice even if they did something monthly.

  116. He was worried about JOba at 88. Advised him too early for the sliders yet. I’m going to Stadium 6/7 and 7/18.

  117. hey mike s–are you coming down for the braves games?

  118. He’s also worried over Jorge since Jorge has only Dh’d so far and the setback today with the shoulder. You see the post I have about Jorge’s OPS+ and comparing it to other catchers?

  119. I am going to try to get to the Stadium for the opening series against Cleveland. I’ll probably go at the beginning of May most likely.

  120. Joba wasn’t blazing the radar gun, but had a couple in the low 90s. He looked rusty with poor location. That concerns me more than the speed.

  121. No, can’t make Atlanta. Giese gives up 2 more. He started good, but… here is an opening for others.

  122. i’m trying to arrange my first trip to se the stadium in the first weekend of may–angels and then the sox i think

  123. But, it’s early–thankfully, because the Twins are killing the ball. Giese hasn’t had much better location than Joba.

  124. I don’t worry about Joba or others until basically the last 10 games of camp. Of course now the Yanks will be losing Cano, Jeter, Alex, and a few others to the WBC.

  125. The new stadium looks tremendous, but the gaffe with the obstructed bleacher seats is a disgrace. That should never happen, and that restaurant just ruined the view of several hundred people.

  126. yes, even at 5 bucks those seats are a disgrace

  127. Yeah, I’m the same way Mike. It’s Spring–as Cano and Melky showed us brutally last year.

  128. Giese is getting cuffed around, as Sterling would say.

  129. what was cano’s av last spring? something like .450?

  130. Good one from Josh and hard to believe. Mantle struck out more than any Yankee. Guess who is #2 (and if you want, # 3?).

  131. Mike, you’ll need to bring the Yanks some luck in the games against the Superfluous Acronyms.

  132. That 1-2 pitch was a strike.

  133. That should have been a called strike on the check swing. He went around.

  134. Strike em out throwm em out DP! SCORE RUNS!

  135. Well, it’s academic after the strike-him-out, throw-him-out DP. But 6-3. Keep the bats warm.

  136. honestly jason it wouldn’t be my choice for my first trip to the stadium to see the angels, but if that is the weekend i am DJ ing that party then i have no choice. i’d just as soon go in the middle of the month and see them play the orioles and twins. it will depend on when my gig is

  137. Yeah, Cano was somewhere around .474 or so last spring.

  138. so are you gonna give us the answer there mike s?

  139. Jason Jones in. He’s the one from AA lost to the Twins in the Rule 5 draft who ripped the Yanks for not giving youngsters a chance. 13-8, 3.26 last year mostly @ Trenton.

  140. Mantle has the most strikeouts by a Yankee. #2 is Jeter, #3 is Bernie and #4 is Posada. Then comes Ruth. …. and Jeter will most likely pass the Mick.

  141. Jason Jones was that idiot? I am going to guillotine him.

  142. I’m relatively unmoved listening to Kay discuss A-Rod’s desire to make amends for his mess.

  143. ho hum–i fall into a light coma whenever the word steroid comes up…

  144. Jason Jones sounded like a jerk. He sounded as though the Yankees denied him an opportunity to be the second coming.

  145. Cano going to left, good sign.

  146. you guys hear that stat about cano? most hits by a 2nd baseman since he came up–only behind utley

  147. Yep. Last year was bad for Cano, but heretofore anomalous. I’d love to see him get near his 2007 numbers. The offense will take off if he does. No stumbling out of the gate.

  148. Veras will get some stiff competition for a bullpen job this Spring.

  149. Kay: “People around baseball think the bullpen can be a strength of this team.” Really, as if it wasn’t last year? THE strength? C’mon, Kay, stop exhibiting the flair for the obvious.

  150. Veras with a strikeout.

  151. Nice K, one down.

  152. veras looking sharp

  153. yeah but if you listened to the clowns on the MLB network you wouldn’t know it…

    there position is that the yank bullpen is non existent w/o joba

  154. *their

  155. I guess best sum up my position on the Joba debate this way. 150 innings of Joba is more valuable than 65 innings of Joba.

  156. Veras looked very good, in control.

  157. Reminds me of how TSN pisses me off in their preview issue. One scout says “Papelbon is the best closer going right now…..” Papelbon 2008. 5-4, 2.34, 41 saves, 77 k, 8 walks in 69 1/3 IP.

    Rivera 6-5, 1.40, 39 saves, 77 K, 6 walks in 70 2/3 IP. Granted the scout would like that Pimplebutt is eleven years younger, but Mo’s numbers—with a shoulder requiring surgery— do not merit that comment from that scout.

  158. They kill me on MLB, and the whole Joba “debate” slays me. The guy has great stuff. He shouldn’t be limited to the bullpen.

  159. nice to see shelley doing well-it would be nice to see him get an everyday job on an NL team

  160. As good as Papelbon is, one can make a reasoned argument that he’s the third-best closer in the game, behind Mariano and Joe Nathan, who I think is terrific.

  161. Good point on Nathan, who had a 1.33.

  162. Shelley has hit so far this Spring. It would be nice to see him catch on somewhere.

    Kay is taken aback by Reggie’s not being big. Neither was Mantle, who was 5’10” but super strong.

  163. 5’11” for mantle–maybe.

  164. you’re all over michael kay today jason… not that i mind…

  165. I didn’t start out that way Mike, and I like Kay. I guess I’m just working something out of my craw.

    My nitpicking must be nearing mid-season form.

  166. I am going to bow out for the rest of the day. Go Yanks! See you guys later.

  167. you can rip him a new one for all i care jas… 🙂

  168. I missed your earlier comment about DJing in NY, Mike. Does Boston follow the Angels in The Bronx?

  169. Wiz, thanks a bunch for stopping by.

  170. Terrific diving grab from Teixeira on the bunt attempt.

  171. nice play tex!,,, yesah i think that boston comes in for 2 games maybe after the weekend… maybe on the 5th ill check the website

    young on fire

  172. Young is outright mashing today, 3-3. They’re taking him out to ice his hands.

  173. jose!

  174. Molina might be one of the very best throwing catchers I’ve ever seen. He’s amazing.

  175. I’m kind of hoping I hear a Montero AB today…

  176. Good point Mike. I’ve yet to see Montero.

  177. yeah i’d like to see him hit as well.

  178. kay jinxes cano

  179. Kay and Singleton discuss Cano as a projected Gold Globe 2B. I agree. He just needs consistency. He got caught going the other way on Kubel’s smash; he was leaning to his left and it went right.

  180. ugh igawa warming–mike –get out yr air sick bag

  181. K-Man sighting. I don’t know what to say about him any more. I suppose I should invent something positive on his behalf, but I just can’t lie that effectively.

  182. LOL Mike.

  183. UGH-Gawa. You see Pete Abraham’s comment the other day? Hilarous (and sad). Why he isn’t on Japan’s WBC team. From a Japanese reporter “they, um, think he’s not that good…” Unreal. I saw him last year at Coca-Cola Park the Iron Pigs Stadium when SWB was in. He was coaching first. Most expensive first base coach ever.

  184. The saddest thing about Igawa is that somehow, someway, if Bora$$ was his agent, Bora$$ would still try to get $3m a year or so for him.

  185. Too bad about Mauer, who has had a kidney blockage and might not be ready for the regular season start. I like Mauer–good player, good guy.

  186. Mike, I think Boras would pitch Igawa as a big draw for fans to come to the park and heckle him–the positive effect at the gate for entirely negative reasons. Boras would probably negotiate that with a straight face, too.

  187. The Yankee bats have gone cold.

    Get the hard hats ready for Igawa’s appearance.

  188. yeah boras has balls-ill give him that

    yanks going away quietly now

  189. UGH-Gawa in.

  190. i DO hope joe mauer is OK..one of my fav playes in the game–he could be ours in 2011

  191. …and an immediate hit off him.

  192. only a single…excellent work iggy!

  193. The CEO of the professional bull riding association will be on YES after the game to talk about “the growth of the sport.” That’s hot TV. What growth? Taking on a couple extra clowns from the local carnival?

    On cue, Igawa surrenders a lead-off hit.

  194. Yeah. Mauer has two batting titles already….for a catcher. Only other C to do that (I believe) was slow-as-a-sloth Ernie (The Schnozz) Lombardi.

  195. an out!

  196. Nah. More steer and bulls. People can’t afford prime rib anymore.

  197. Steven Goldman discusses Ernie Lombardi to some degree in “Forging Genius.” It’s a very good book.

  198. sweeet!

  199. 5-4-3 DP for Igawa? I think they’ve found their ace for The Bronx.

  200. another nice at bat from cano—despite the out

  201. I don’t think I included Ernie in my list. 125 OPS+. .306. Just wanted to say in that post how Posada’s 124 stacks up against the great catchers. It stacks up well, as I’ve noted.

  202. It was hard hit from Cano, Mike; a good sign.

    It was well taken about Posada, Mike. I think Posada deserves Hall consideration. He ranks close to Yogi and Dickey.

  203. Good news and bad news mailbag. Bad news–yet another rejection letter, this time from East Carolina University.

    Good news? The tickets for the August 2 Yankees game in Chicago–my birthday–just arrived. Still waiting for the tickets for August 1.

  204. My son, a White Sox fan, has started talking trash already. He’s claiming the White Sox will launch fireworks spelling out “White Sox Rule!” to greet us.

  205. Melky reaches in a bad throwing error.

  206. those losers in east carolina should be flogged! sorry man.

    glad you for the tix tho–iggy in contention for cy young

  207. So Igawa pitches two scoreless. Go figure.

  208. maybe if you send your little guy to spend a weekend with ozzie his allegiance might change…

  209. Par for the course thus far, Mike, and it’s for people with more experience than I, alas.

    Igawa looked–good? Can those three words actually go together in the English language?

    LOL Mike. I should play some audio clips of Ozzie flipping out on the Mike North show, really disgraceful stuff.

  210. nice inning!

  211. well u guys..i’m gonna head out for some food…the game could have been better, but it could have been worse… thanks jason for hosting

  212. If nothing else, these ST games fly by.

  213. Mike, thanks a ton for coming by. It’s Spring, and people need to work out kinks.

  214. Yup. Catching the 9th. Robertson in.

  215. I hope Robertson stays up Mike, but it will be tough with all the options the Yanks have. I can’t help but think he’ll improve. He started well last year, but struggled later. I think he got figured out a bit.

  216. I love seeing all the kids at ST games. They get so excited.

  217. Kay is making an interesting point about Robertson–that his ERA ballooned when Pudge was catching him because Pudge called a lot of fastballs, not Robertson’s strength.

  218. Love all the options however. BTW, I see Juan Cruz FINALLY signed a deal. Amazing he had to wait so long. 2 yrs w/KC

  219. Missed tag on the steal. Cervelli’s throw was very good and should have had him, but the swipe tag missed.

  220. That’s one heck of a pickup for KC. I think Olney wrote a bit ago that they may move up in the Central. We’ll see, but they’ve made good moves and, if Nuke pans out for them, they’ve got one heck of a bullpen, especially with Soria as closer locked up.

  221. Sean Henn is in for the Twins, and Montero is up.

  222. That’s the line on Pudge, all the way back to Texas. Called fastballs to show off his arm. Cared more for his arm and throwing out runners rather than the pitch that was needed for the batter. A HOF catcher however (maybe… ‘roids for him?). But he is still looking for a job. His Yankee “audition” flopped miserably. I’d still do the deal for him, esp. since it just cost Farnsy, but who’d have thought Pudge would be so terrible?

  223. Well, we see Montero and Jackson. I’ll take the cheapie from Montero.

    Sean Henn. I think the Truth just puked.

  224. I said the same thing to Frank the Sage on the phone, and he was against the trade, like Uncle Joe. I was for it, and I don’t think anyone anticipated it being such a lose-lose. I thought Pudge’s bat would really help the bottom of the order, and he was no better than Molina.

  225. That’s all she wrote, 7-3 Twins. Clearly, they’ve got our number. I just hope the Yanks can shake it off, or they might own the Yanks for a decade or more after the last couple games.

    Thanks for coming by Mike. It was fun, regardless of the loss.

  226. Take care. I was doing a running log at the Frieze and will tidy things up a bit.

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