Reds Outscore Yanks 13-11

The Yankees blew many leads, including an 11-7  spread, as the pitching was atrocious, resulting in a 13-11 loss to the Reds.  The problems began when Alfredo Aceves blew a 2-0 lead the Yanks built in the first, as he allowed a run and a two-run homer with two outs.  Albaladejo surrendered four hits and took a shot off his calf before exiting, Marte allowed two solo homers in the fifth, Cox and Bruney each coughed up as run, Christian Garcia gave up four runs three earned, and Melancon gave up an unearned run in the eighth.  Poor day for the arms, especially the bullpen.

On a brighter note, the offense was in mid-season form.  Brett Gardner continues to stake a strong claim to the center fielder job, cranking a line-drive homer to center off Aaron Harang.  He also added a double on a misplayed fly ball, but was hung up between second and third trying to stretch his double.  He’s batting .500 thus far.  Jeter was 3-3 with 2 runs, batting .455.  A-Rod has also been strong, ripping two doubles and driving in 2 to bat .429 with 5 RBIs thus far.  Cano was 3-3 with 4 RBIs, homering off ex-Yankee David Weathers.  Teixeira was 2-3 with a run, batting. 500.  Kevin Cash was 2-3, John Rodriguez had a solo homer, and Montero, Nunez, and Leone added a hit apiece.

I only listened to some of the game during lunch, since I went to the gym, then had to take GLG to the library and then do grocery shopping.  I was impressed with Gardner homered, as was the Reds’ radio crew.  I can’t say enough about how Gardner is taking charge in the CF battle, rendering it thus far a non-debate.  Honestly, that’s what I want to see–a clear-cut front runner.  Thus far, Gardner is way out in front of Melky–two homers, three runs, batting .500, two stolen bases.  It’s all Brett right now.

I also had to laugh when I came back from the store and saw that the Yankees yet again abused Arthur Rhodes, this time for five hits and three runs in the fifth inning.  I honestly think that the Yankees could blindly flail at the ball and still score off Rhodes.  The Yanks destroyed him in the 2000 ALCS.  I’ll never forget it when the Yanks came back and beat Rhodes and Seattle in Game 6.  When Justice came up against Rhodes with two on, I knew it was going out.  I was listening to the game on the radio in my office, and laughed my head off when Justice banged it off the upper deck.  Rhodes ranks right near, if not at, the top of all-time Yanks whipping mules.  Pete Abe had a funny line, saying on his blog “If Arthur Rhodes pitched against the Yankees every day, they would score 1,200 runs.”  No doubt.

Pete Abe added that Jesus Montero has a moderately strained right groin from sliding to get a passed ball.  He’ll probably be treated cautiously.

Three-game slide.  Let the Girardi watch begin.

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  1. another nail in the coffin. if nothing else this catastrophe may well waken Old Boss from his demented slumbers. there may be one yet firing left in the ancient hierarch. on the other hand this latest loss may have been the final nail in the coffin for Der Stein. thank heavens for arhur rhodes to provide some hilarity amidst the calamity. like a jester aboard the titanic perhaps…

    nice to know that little G is on his way to surpassing dimaggio– ( he passed mantle yesterday)

  2. You know my take on Gardner. :-). Just hope the long balls don’t take him out of his game. Nice to see, but you know what I mean.

    We need to clone Arthur Rhodes. About 25x over.

  3. yeah i totally agree with both of you. he;’s gotta keep the ball on the ground, but if he can develop some power that would be all the better. he’s clearly working his butt off to make the team as the starting CF. i think the book has been written on melky-and it wasn’t a best seller.

  4. Mike and Mike, I thought the same thing when I got back from the store and read at LoHud about Gardner’s base-running gaffe–I hope he isn’t getting enamored with the fly ball. But I agree–it’s a good sign that he’s driving the ball. Plus, there were eight homers. The ball was flying out today. I just want to see him drive the ball, and he’s doing that.

    My concern is that he’ll succumb to what Melky did last year, when he hit six homers by May 4 and seemed to flail, and fail badly, afterward. It’s not Gardner’s game.

    Melky is in trouble with the CF job. Good thing the Yanks can just jettison Nady and Swisher from RF and stick Melky there. 🙂

  5. Ahh yes Arthur Rhodes. The last time he got a Yankee out, I was probably in the 4th grade which was a long time ago. I AM SO OLD, AHHHH!

    Melky Cabrera=Suck. If he was put in any corner outfield spot I would go insane. Not that I am not already crazy enough. “Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger” RIP Heath Ledger.

  6. Gardner needs to slap the ball. He should watch video of vintage Damon!

  7. Tim, I think Rhodes would struggle to retire you or me if we were in pinstripes. He must hate to face the Yanks. Melky had a good day today, but he’s still well behind Gardner in the CF race. He has a lot of making up to do, to me. There’s no way Melky should play a corner OF spot without some significant injury to a starter. Great that Ledger won the Oscar. He was absolutely brilliant in “The Dark Knight.”

    Slaps and drag bunts for Gardner, Jane. I like the pop in his bat, but don’t want him to get enamored with that aspect. Focus on the speed, Brett.

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