Sabathia Struggles as Yanks Lose 7-4

CC Sabathia couldn’t finish the second inning of today’s Spring Training game against Detroit, allowing five runs in the second and six hits and a walk in all as the Yanks lost 7-4.  According to Pete Abraham, Sabathia had trouble locating his cutter with two strikes, his out pitch.  I’m sure he’ll be fine when the season comes.  Struggles occur, as Joba knows all too well this Spring.  For veterans, ST is all about working into shape and good routines, working out kinks and bad habits, and fine-tuning what they do during the season.  I’m not worried in the slightest about today.  It’s Spring.

Aceves allowed three hits, a walk, and two runs earned in 3 1/3 IP.  Bruney, Veras, and Melancon each had a scoreless inning, with Bruney and Veras fanning two each and Melancon allowing the only hit over the final three innings.  Abraham sees Melancon in a strong position to be the first reliever called up during the season, with Edwar, Robertson, Coke and Veras ahead of him.  I think that’s probably accurate, though part of me wouldn’t mind seeing Melancon instead of Edwar.  But I wouldn’t want Melancon in The Bronx or called up just to collect dust ala Britton.  If Melancon either starts in The Bronx or is eventually called up (probably the latter, since he’ll stay sharp at SWB and since Edwar has more experience), he should be up to work whenever the time comes.  Not working should only be a result of starters going deep into games, which would be a fine reason to rest most of the bullpen.  Coke and Veras should start in NY, filling vital roles in middle relief.  Robertson has been good, has last year under his belt, and throws deceptively hard. Plus, for all his quirks and hiccups Edwar has had some very good, efficient stretches. Remember last year, from July 2 to July 28, Edwar went 11 1/3 hitless, scoreless innings over the span of 9 appearance, fanning 16 and walking just 3.  He’s inconsistent, but when he’s on he can be excellent.

Offensively, JD and Texeira had two hits and a walk apiece, Miranda, Cash, and Ransom each had a single, Posada had two walks, Swisher had an RBI sac fly, and Melky had a walk, stolen base (as did Ransom), and a run.  That the Yanks again did well against Verlander 93 hits, 4 runs 2 earned, 4 walks in 2 IP) is encouraging.

Mariano threw a good BP, the Yanks have off tomorrow.  See you Friday.

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  1. Given Edwar’s bursitis, he may start the year at SWB(Melancon as well but for different reasons). Let’s see. 5 starters (CC, AJ, Wang, Joba and Andy). 7 relievers (Coke, Marte, Bruney, Mo, Robertson, Veras…that is six. That leaves one spot—-the SS/LR spot. Tomko, Aceves or Giese. That means Edwar (no S.T. games yet) and Melancon go to SWB). Just my guess).

  2. Maybe, Mike, though I’d be surprised if Edwar isn’t back at some point. The other six in the pen, I agree. I hope the SS/LR contest between Tomko, Aceves, and Giese doesn’t turn into the devolution late last Spring between Igawa, Rasner, Patterson, and Karstens, with each trumping the others’ outings with something worse. By the end of last Spring, the choice came down to who was the least awful, by default rather than by decisiveness, and Girardi went with none of the above in favor of the now-traded Ohlendorf and Albaladejo. Karstens was injured, and Igawa, Rasner, and Karstens stunk the more they pitched last Spring.

  3. So true.

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