4/3/09 HDLR: Cubs @ Yanks

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room.  Grab some wings and other snacks, a few cold coldies, and a digital leather recliner as you hunker down for the game.  Below, as per Pete Abraham, is the Yanks lineup.  I like the new look with Jeter leading off, and Cano ahead of Nady.  This is a stretch in which the bottom of the lineup needs to assert itself, with Ransom and Gardner hopefully infusing the team with some speed and energy to complement the capacity for power permeating most of the rest of the lineup. It’s also an important tune-up for Wang before the start of the season, when he’s slated to go next Wednesday.  I’ll be in soon after the start of the game, some drop in when you get the chance and enjoy the game.

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Ransom 3B
Gardner CF

Pitching today: Chien-Ming Wang.

Lineup TBA

Pitching today: Ted Lilly.

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  1. Is this your version of live blogging? My reading of this site doesn’t go back to last season.

    I was planning on doing some live blogging as well. Stop by.

  2. It is my live blogging, Rob. If I’m not too saddled down, I’ll stop over.

  3. i’m in–butm i’ll talk to you at game time…provided there is a game…fingers crossed

  4. I’m in–will see you at game time

  5. Pregame radio show @ 630.

  6. hey mike


  8. me too -hey tim–

  9. BG almost got him.

  10. gardy !! sweet throw!

  11. So Sheff signed with the Mets. How long before that goes badly?

  12. it’s a heavy chip he carries on his shoulder tim–if he feels in the least bit slighted—it’s over

  13. If he feels the least bit slighted, will he pull what will now be known as a “cutler”?

  14. Hey everyone, just got in from picking up my daughter from track. I see the Cubs are on the board.

  15. And a double for DJ.

    When the Houston Astrodome opened in April 1965 with an exhibition game between the Yanks and Astros, Johnny Keane (ugh) batted Mantle leadoff so that the Mick could be the first batter in the place.

    Later in the game Mickey hit the 1st HR (even though just an exhibition).

  16. even though it doesn’t count–nice to see jete get the first hit

  17. That whole Cutler drama was absolutely absurd. If he was a whiner in Denver, imagine what he would have been like in New York with the Jets.

  18. C’mon, Teixeira, plate that run.

  19. The Stadium looks beautiful, but familiar with the sight lines and background.

  20. Terrible pitch to swing at, Teixeira.

  21. they voided his contract J

  22. I’ve had it with Teixeira, Mike. Clearly, he can’t handle the pressure of NYC.

  23. Matsui grounds out to Lily. No run, boo…

  24. agreed. but he will go down as a true yankee. unlike some.

  25. Lead-off double by the Captain squandered.

  26. i love the open concourses!!!

  27. yesterday swish called that screen ‘the megatron”

  28. Yeah Mike, I’ve never considered Mariano a true Yankee, either.

  29. Hilarious about Swisher, Mike. I like the guy.

  30. Can’t wait until I can watch. I’ll most likely put on the NY news later tonight just for a peek.

  31. Keith Olbermann made an interesting observation on his new MLBlog, wondering if the open concourses will adjust the flight of balls, saying during a BP balls even from righties flew out to RF from a swirling effect. We’ll see.

  32. i wouldn’t complain if wang threw a strike. would you guys?

  33. It’s really something else, Mike. Quite a place, and I’ve loved all the pics that Greg from Sliding into Home and others have posted. The locker room is bigger than my house.

  34. thats a very interesting point–i didn’t even known he started a blog J

  35. Lush seats for the blue-bloods in the lower bowl.

  36. Keith Olbermann ugh…shoot me. If I wasn’t watching the game, I would sign his execution warrant.

  37. Nice K of Johnson on a slider, well located, too.

  38. Thank goodness you’re judging him on his merits, Tim.

  39. even i’m not going to be goaded today… 🙂

  40. Gathright makes the Cubs Gardner-fast.

  41. the familiar phrase–“past a diving jeter”

  42. the familiar phrase–“past a diving jeter”

  43. Gathright jumping the car, Ransom landing on the 56-inch foam pedestal–some kind of athleticism on the field.

  44. I thought the same thing, Mike. I love the MLB video quality, BTW.

  45. Bah, 2 run double for Miles.

  46. am i stuttering? terrible play–nobody covering 2nd?

  47. No one covering third, but one of those things with Cano in short RF and Jeter in the flip position. Nady was slow to the ball in RF, too.

  48. Get it out of your system in a game that doesn’t count, Wang.

  49. The news media would best be served with Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Sean Hannity 6 feet under.

  50. Yeah, we’ll have to keep tabs on the “gets by Jeter” this year.

  51. One of those things when the OF was emptied to be in positions, Mike. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault.

  52. well mike thats not a bad idea.

  53. Wang is leaving some pitches up, and the Cubs are laying off the sinker early in the count.

  54. Huge concourses–HUGE. And the photos above the concession stands are great touches.

  55. hip hip

  56. Get it going, Jorge.

  57. Nice, Jorge, staying back on the slow curve and punching it past the 2B.


  59. It’s cold in NYC. I see Jorge breathing smoke. Then again, he’s a fiery guy.

  60. seeee yaa!!

  61. KA-BOOM! Robbie goes deep!

  62. Cano cranks the first homer in new Yankee Stadium, out to RF! May you hit a couple hundred more there, RC.

  63. High-Fives all around the HDLR.

  64. …and the first (unofficial) HR goes to Cano.

  65. *high fives Jason and then drinks a glass of fire*

  66. What’s the brand of fire, Wiz?

  67. I’ve got assorted coldies–Great Divide Titan IPA–after writing like made for the last 10 days.

  68. Bloody Mary lit on fire.

  69. That’s 50 push-ups for the pop-up, Brett.

  70. I haven’t had any lit drinks in years–used to some some shots on fire, mainly whiskey.

  71. hey anyone know why soriano isn’t playing?

  72. wang very efficient with his BB–only 4 pitches. excellent

  73. wang very efficient with his BB–only 4 pitches. excellent

  74. I don’t, Mike. I hadn’t heard anything, and local and Chicago radio is salivating over the Cutler trade.

    Sweet DP!

  75. Nice stretch, Teixeira.

  76. i’m just glad the redskins didnt get cutler

  77. Too bad for the Bears that Orton didn’t have Cutler’s ability, and Cutler Orton’s attitude.

  78. They just showed the clip when JD hit the wall and the ball sat atop the wall for a moment. Unbelievable.

  79. i was at that game if im not mistaken. july 3rd?

  80. The seats in the upper deck aren’t nearly so steep.

  81. 2/2!!!

  82. Jeter smoked that into the hole.

  83. Hit it right through that hole, JD.

  84. I’m not sure about the date Mike, but you might be right.

  85. Big hole on the right, Mike.

  86. I like Derrick Lee, heck of a first baseman and a decent guy.

  87. nice camera angle from above 1st base in the upper deck

  88. Two K’s for Teixeira, looked on his heels for both.

  89. Matsui absolutely smoked that foul ball.

  90. Matsui swung at a ball near his eyes.

  91. I’ll say this: even though class is embedded into the structure of the new Stadium with the upper tiers moved back, fewer seats, ticket prices and more, the upper deck doesn’t look as far away as I initially thought. Maybe it’s just the TV angle, and I know there’s no overhang.


  93. We need that from Matsui. Otherwise, Teix will be pitched around until the distraction comes back. Way to go, Godzilla!

  94. sweet!! i love his swing

  95. Mat-su! That’s a welcome sight, banging it off the pole.

  96. It’s true, Mike. Matsui’s always been a dangerous bat when healthy. They need him solidifying the middle of the order, no question.

  97. our pals in queens are beating the sox…

  98. The enemy of my enemy is my friend indeed Mike. It is about time the Junior Varsity made themselves useful.

  99. I made cheese burgers with bleu cheese stuffed in the middle. With all due humility, they were pretty damn good.

  100. Go Mets!

  101. O’Neill called for Sabathia and Burnett to win 18 apiece. who knows but, with Wang, Pettite, and Joba, it’s not fanciful to think that if healthy, they could all win at least 15.

  102. ah, yes. Time to once again hate that stupid jig and the infernal Sweet Caroline.

  103. …as well as ridiculous looking beards…

  104. very high brow jason—you must have seats behind the plate

  105. Wang painted the corner on Soto, one down.

    Cone is so modest, not mentioning himself as one of the staff aces in the 1990s and mentioning Pettite and Boomer, all Cone did was go 20-7 in 1998, and go 12-6 with an ERA under 3 in 1997. Yeah, he was no ace. Love Cone.

  106. both throws were nice…

  107. Poor throw from Jeter, with Gathright’s speed forcing that play.

  108. yes agreed jason—i meant the ones from lil g and cano

  109. I love listening to O’Neill, just hilarious talking about his never bringing a pen, marking everything a hit.

  110. double clutch…

  111. I followed you on that, Mike. I wrote it before I saw your comment.

  112. thank god jason–i didnt want to cause any trouble here

  113. Yeah, you damn well better apologize Mike. I won’t stand for any crap–ANY. Mwuaahahahaha! [laughing maniacally]

  114. nice at bat from cano— so far…

  115. yep it was….

  116. Wow Jason. I can’t imagine you laughing maniacally.

  117. Cano steers one through the hole, nice hitting on an inside pitch.

  118. I have a good one in jest, Wiz–that’s it, just one for show.

  119. They showed a shot of a young boy on the lap of his father. What a memory to have, first game at new Yankee Stadium.

    I disagree with Kay that Nady is the better RF.

  120. more maniacal laughter….

  121. Alex who?

  122. CODY!!!

  123. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pop-up so badly misjudged. Theriot was all over hell’s half-acre, and missed it.

  124. HOME RUN DERBY! Cody Ransom goes off the left field fair pole.

  125. Cody with great pop, ripping one off the pole!

  126. Lilly is getting smacked around tonight.

  127. that ball looked like it hit the ground…

  128. I thought so too Mike, but I think the SS had his glove drag along.

  129. What’s with you deleting my comment on your blog, Mike? Thanks a lot!

    O’Neill is hilarious, talking about Pinella instructing hitting after a game in his underwear, and having him hit BP in heels to get on his toes. Great stuff.

  130. who me? i never saw a comment form you jason

  131. Two K’s and a pop-up for Teixeira. What a disgrace. He’ll never make it.

    Sorry, it was Miles who lost the pop-up before, not Theriot.

  132. ???? Didn’t see anything on mine.

  133. Yes you, Mike. You! First it was there, then it was gone. In the immortal words of Elaine, we’re broken up for the rest of the night.

  134. No, that was Mike F.’s blog. I’ve been banned.

  135. which mike?

  136. i saw no comment there!!

  137. Poor call, Teixeira tagged him, but a terrible throw from Jeter.

    The comment did disappear Mike, but you know I’m just teasing.

  138. rain delay at citi field

  139. Ransom sno-coned that pop-up. Are the lights an adjustment?

  140. hey mike S–what was sterling’s call for ransom’s homer?

  141. Everything is an adjustment. Lights, batter’s eye…

  142. Cano is just great going to his left, so smooth picking that grounder and spinning. Amazing.

  143. I am signing off. Catch you gentlemen tomorrow. The bell rings on Monday.

  144. Wiz, be good, and have another flaming Bloody Mary on me.

  145. bye tim

  146. Thus far, Pete Abe has nothing on why Soriano was scratched.

  147. mariano warming

  148. Mariano’s up in the pen.

  149. that damn speedy gathright

  150. Jorge with a long, loud out to LCF.

  151. “The YES X-Men Origins Wolverine Scoreboard.” I love baseball.

  152. I love the manual scoreboard in the new Stadium. Great touch.

  153. would you guys have rather heard bob lorenz prattle on or mo enter?

  154. that SS can range to his right very smooooothly

  155. How have you liked doing your new blog, Mike?

  156. Didn’t hear it. Reception isn’t that good for whatever reason. He was more concerned with it being fair or foul than a call, I think.

    Just off the phone with the “Truth”, who says the Stadium just looks huge on TV. Get this, he just bought a new car for his wife, who totalled hers. The dealership had a March Madness special. All those who bought a car in March were eligible for a free throw shooting contest.

    Guess who won the contest and $10,000?

  157. Was that Pena? It looked like him.

  158. The Truth won the cash?

  159. well i am enjoying it so far—i like forcing myself to organize my thoughts.
    little G flashes leather!!

  160. Yup. The Truth won.

  161. Gardner had to come way in for that sliding catch, but made it look almost routine.

  162. How many did he have to sink, Mike?

  163. wow 10 K sweet

  164. That 1-2 JUST missed.

  165. Great K of Theriot looking, that inside cutter tailing back over the corner. Tremendous.

  166. 14 pitches. The great Rivera.

  167. He didn’t say. He said it was some kind of elimination process and he was the last one standing.

  168. I’d like to see Gardner put one down here. One on, one out and Melky PR for Nady.

  169. sweet–anybody else that woulda been a single

  170. I’ll take the double. Swish in.

  171. Gardner is tremendous. He turned that into a double and made it look easy.

  172. cmon swish–drive em in

  173. You’re right about the double, Mike. Gardner just expands the possibilities.

  174. Pinch runner for Gardner, how ironic.

  175. Poor at-bat from Swisher, unfortunately.

  176. Nothing with 2nd and 3rd and an out.

  177. Why I like the little G.

  178. they already have a monument for gardner out there…

  179. Great anecdote about Mariano wanting the mound in a new location, and a door to go to Monument Park, in the new stadium. I’d say what Mariano wants, Mariano gets–rightly so.

  180. Does he get his tree, too?

  181. They brought out Ronan for the first game.

  182. Mariano has a patch of lilies named after him too, Mike.

  183. I just love when Ronan sings.

  184. wasn’t that a song from sweet charity? whatever mona want’s , mona gets

    who knows… nice to have the great irish tenor!! i figured he’d be here

  185. That’s a terrible call about Rodriguez going around on the check swing.

  186. Actually, wasn’t it from Damn Yankees? Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets… Gwen Verdon with Ray Walston …

  187. phil cuzzi-what dya expect?

  188. oh yeah stupid me…

  189. Funny how John and Suzyn are talking about JD taking pics all game (when he wasn’t on the field or taking his ABs).

  190. …and if I recall, Tab Hunter as Joe Hardy.

  191. yeah he’s been taking pix all night mike

  192. rain delay over in queens;. they’re playing again. mets still 3-1

  193. I’d do the same as JD, Mike.

    Nice discussion among the YES crew about favorite announcers and memories of voices in the home growing up. I love that stuff.

    Honestly, I’m so happy to have some baseball to watch, listen to, and discuss. I appreciate everyone coming by, too. This is a much-needed breather.

  194. melky always has a good spring. it’s the rest of the year he sucks

  195. you seem to be swamped of late jason…

  196. Nice hit by Melky and a nice play by the SS to prevent the run.

    Yeah Mike, Melky played his way out of the chance to stink this year. Gardner will excite, and he’s earned it.

  197. I can’t complain too much because I’ve asked for what I’ve gotten, but juggling writing chapters, some research, two jobs, and family has been a grind the last month. I was thrilled to write a post or two today and not feel guilty about doing it.

  198. i could see hoffpauer going yard on eddy

  199. You almost called that, Mike.

  200. but he doesn’t

  201. How has work and everything been, Mike S?

  202. that kid has a ton of power —

  203. Love that Edwar change.

  204. glad the old cathedral is still illuminated—no need to hide it until it’s gone

  205. Frankly, I hate my job, but there isn’t alternatives, is there?

  206. i agree with paulie–the reds are my sleeper pick for the NL- wild card maybe

  207. I agree about the cathedral, Mike.

    Sorry to hear that about work, Mike. That’s not a good feeling. I’ve been there. Plus, the economy is so bad that alternatives are hard to come by.

  208. sorry to hear you hate it mike… you write so well…i wish you could make a living that way

  209. I think the Reds will do well, and I think the A’s offense will be better with Giambi. I wonder how, and if, Cleveland will bounce back. So many picked them last year and they tanked. Right now, the AL central is rather open. The Twins have injury problems with Mauer and Baker. Detroit fell hard and fast. I’m not sold on the White Sox.

  210. Thx. So do I.

  211. Kay’s exactly right about the Cubs missing DeRosa. That was a bad decision by the Cubs brass.

  212. Tomorrow, it’ll be AJ and Andy. With the off-day Sunday (and Tues), they both need their work. 1 pm. Same. YES and WCBS.

  213. Alby will go the 9th.

  214. I’m so psyched for baseball I can hardly contain myself. I’ll be around for much of Opening Day–maybe an HDLR day Monday.

  215. i love mark de rosa-why the hell did they get rid of a guy who hit very very well and could play almost every position?

  216. It was a bad move Mike, as I’ve discussed with a good friend who’s a Cubs fan. DeRosa’s versatility and bat will be missed. He was glue for the Cubs.

  217. Took a half day off on 4/16. Working 8-12. You don’t have to ask why.

  218. I’m going to grab a beer.

  219. good deal mike !!

  220. A hot Bingo tournament, Mike S?

  221. Yeah. Mo 42.

  222. i’m gonna try to embed that chat window feature i showed you jason…if it works i will host a game some time

  223. meanwhile—the rich people in the 2500.00 seats have gone home. i hate seeing that;. i dont care what thye weather is

  224. I’m going to tinker with it Mike, now that I have a little time. It looks good, and Vanessa used it with some success. If it allows for past posting and page reloading, it will be a great addition to The Heartland, which I feel has needed some changes and/or face lift.

  225. [Topping multiple cards and markers] Mo 42, Bingo!

  226. nice catch linden!! do you miss bobby?

  227. Nice play in right by Todd (Trevor) Linden.

  228. not the comments–the IM window…

  229. Yes–his bat. On that play, Abreu would have caught a rash from the yellow Nason sign.

  230. …and a win.

  231. start spreading the news….

  232. That’s what I meant Mike. Vanessa used that for an in-game chat.

  233. Last game in old Yankee Stadium a win, first (if pre-season) game in the new Yankee Stadium christened with a victory.

  234. ahh! anyway–fun game tonight–i can’t wait for tomorrow, monday and really the 16th!! its back–now i have to listen to the numb nuts harold reynolds…

  235. Now for the trifecta. 4/16

  236. To quote Michael Kay…. See Ya!

  237. hey we haven’t trashed sheff yet!!

  238. I’m going to miss most of the home opener. I’m presenting a chapter to a writing group.

  239. Vaya con Dios, Mike S.

  240. Who Mike? Oh, that funny character from “South Park?”

  241. thats a shame jason!

  242. ok —thanks for hosting..tty soon —

  243. Be good, Mike. We’ll chinwag soon.

  244. Argh, can’t believe I missed the HDLR =(
    Let me know next time you’re hosting another one.. I missed these =)
    Hope all is well J.

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