HDLR Tonight

What better way–other than actually going–to kick off the grand opening of the new Yankee Stadium than by having an HDLR?  Despite not having posted much lately, primarily because I’ve been so shit-off busy, I’ve been looking forward to baseball quite a bit.  While not the real deal quite yet, this exhibition should give us something close to the feel of real, regular season baseball.  It’s pouring in New York City right now, but the rain is expected to stop in the next couple hours. Hopefully they can play, although it is exhibition baseball still and, with the regular season looming, they might not risk it if the field is soaked.  I hope the drainage for the Stadium is at least as good as at the old digs. Either way–man, it sure is nice to check weather.com to see if baseball will be played.  I’m jazzed right now.

Sorry for not being too engaged in the comments lately.  I’ve read what everyone has posted, but I’ve been swamped with work.  I’ll be sure to open things up early tonight for the HDLR since I have to shuttle the kids to and from practices.

A few thoughts:

I’ve recetly seen both “Monsters versus Aliens” and “Coraline” and, while I wouldn’t characterize either as great (“Coraline” was the better of the two, to me), I can’t say enough about the quality of the animation in each.  Coraline especially was tremendous, and I’m a big fan of stop-motion animation.  After seeing that “Bolt” was nominated for an Oscar for Best animated Film, “Coraline” and even “Monsters versus Aliens” blew that away in terms of the quality of the animation.

I concur with Pete Abraham who said that Brett Tomko got “screwed” and that the Yanks will need a long man.  It could well be that the Yanks staff will regularly go deep into games and minimize the need for a long man.  However, it could also be that a starter every now and then gets pasted, pulls a muscle in the second inning, or gets sick before a game and can’t go.  Hence the need for a long reliever/spot starter.  Tomko isn’t the second coming.  Obviously.  However, the guy pitched his ass off this Spring, and might thrive in that role. Plus, while the Yanks will do fine with Albaladejo, whom I like, that is not a spot on the team nailed down.  It’s a perform-or-be-replaced spot, so why not choose someone who would add some flexibility?  The Yanks are keeping seven relievers–seven–not four.  They could have afforded a spot to Tomko as long man.  At some point, dollars to donuts, they’ll need a guy like him.  Personally, the bigger concern is whether or not guys like Bruney and Marte will perform well once the season starts.  The Yanks need them to be excellent in set-up work immediately before Mariano.

I’m gratified to hear from Pete Abe about Sabathia’s efforts to be a good teammate to others.  Great stuff, and crucial.  I’m big on quality interpersonal relationships, and I’m thrilled that the Yanks signed a person and player like him for the next seven years.  My gut tells me he’s going to be excellent as a Yankee.  I also concur with the Mighty Abe about Rob Thomson being “a very, very good third base coach.”  He made very good decisions in what ST games that I saw.  Who was that guy before him? Metzgar? Meeks? Mario Van Peebles?  I forget. Moving him to third and Tony Pena to the bench may be subtle but crucial moves this year.  I like them both, the latter especially for Pena’s comportment.

The Final Four should be excellent.  Michigan will need Travis Walton to control A.J. Price of UConn but, if they can play good perimeter defense, look for Michigan State to give the Huskies a tough game.  North Carolina-Villanova will be great, and probably more up-and-down than MSU-UConn. Scottie Reynolds versus Ty Lawson = track meet and personal duel central to the outcome.  I can’t wait.

Hope to see you tonight.

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  1. Sorry, I will not be discussing Monsters vs. Aliens or Coraline on a Yankee blog. No offense.

  2. [Shrug] Whatever. And while I blog about the Yanks, I also write about other things on occasion–politics, basketball, my family.

  3. I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D and IMAX, so that probably took away from some of its flaws. Still I felt it was only ok anyway. I enjoyed the first half, but the alien parts were lame, to me anyway. I also saw the Watchmen in IMAX and that was pretty good, little long. We just got an IMAX right around the corner, so I have been taking advantage.


  4. Outstanding, Joe. Yeah, I agree about “Monsters”–mediocre but extremely well-animated. I’ve never seen a flick on an IMAX screen, so I envy you and your taking advantage of it. You’re doing the right thing, Joe.

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