Opening Day HDLR, 4/6/09: Yankees @ Orioles

Good afternoon, everyone! Welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room for, at long last, the start of the 2009 regular season.  This has been, in the immortal words of The Tragically Hip, “a looooong, looong time coming, it’s well worth the wait.” (The Hip, “Long Time Running,” Road Apples, 1991)  We finally get to see Sabathia start the season as Yankees staff ace #1, and an actual two-way first baseman in Teixeria take the field.  I’m so psyched it’s finally here!  As per Pete Abraham, below are the starting lineups with links for how the teams have fared historically against the opposing pitchers.  I should be in about a half-hour before game time, so if you’re bored, excited beyond belief, or just so inclined, please feel free to drop in, dig into the chicken wings and pizza, grab a cold one or two, sink into a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the festivities beforehand.  Chris and Trevor from 3G are at the game.  Bring home the W, boys!  Let’s Go, Yankees!

2. Derek Sanderson Jeter SS
18. Johnny David Damon LF
25. Mark Charles Teixeira 1B
55. Hideki Matsui DH
20. Jorge Rafael de Posada Jr. C
24. Robinson Jose Cano 2B
22. Xavier Clifford Nady III RF
12. Bryan Cody Ransom 3B
11. Brett Michael Gardner CF
Pitching: 52. Carsten Charles Sabathia LHP

1. Brian Roberts 2B
10. Adam Jones CF
21. Nick Markakis RF
6. Melvin Mora 3B
17. Aubrey Huff 1B
23. Ty Wigginton DH
30. Luke Scott LF
9. Gregg Zaun C
3. Cesar Izturis SS
Pitching: 46. Jeremy Guthrie RHP

CC Sabathia (17-10, 2.70 in 2008) vs. the Baltimore hitters.

Jeremy Guthrie (10-12, 3.63) vs. the New York hitters.

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  1. At first pitch I will drink a glass of fire and then ring the bell commencing the season. YANKEES BASEBALL IS BACK! GO INSANE!

  2. Wiz, good to see you. I hope you can stick around for the game.

  3. It seems to have rained recently in Baltimore, but according to, the radar looks pretty clear right now west of the city. Looks like baseball to me, unless something more extensive develops.

  4. I will be here for the whole game Jason. Do not worry about that. I have waited months for this day. As have we all…

  5. The tarp is now off the field in Baltimore. Here comes Opening Day baseball!

  6. I’m so excited, Wiz, I can hardly take it. I worked for the morning and early afternoon, then got goosebumps just looking at the Yanks’ home page.

  7. hey guys–i’m in -totally psyched.

  8. Mike! What’s up?

  9. I’m going to grab a beer–Avery Imperial Oktoberfest. Read into the choice and imagery of it what you will.

  10. i went to this place downtown where they roast fresh peanuts and bought a bag–no crackerjacks tho…

  11. nice beer allusion jas…how goes it Wiz?

  12. Outstanding Mike. I loved fresh warm peanuts.

  13. It goes well Mike. I will open this season with a glass of fire and by ringing the bell.

  14. what is this tunnel of balloons and flags they have?

  15. I’m still waiting for them to switch to the game on ESPN.

  16. i have it on the extra innings…I have the YES feed…i’ll take low-def today over ESPN…lemme know who is announcing …i bet it’s morgan and miller-they were in philly

  17. Is there a delay?

  18. so cliff lee got rocked today…

  19. the first pitch will be at 3:20 or so

  20. they are bringing in the orioles like it was friday night lights…

  21. Gotcha. Yeah, Lee looked bad.

  22. Good evening ladies and gentlemen

  23. hey nick—welcome to america

  24. In other news, the Junior Varsity leads the Reds 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th inning.

  25. Nick! Great to see you here. The Wiz and Mike are already in.

  26. Anything on tap to drink this evening, Nick?

  27. anthem sung ( badly) first pitch after commercial break

  28. Santana was terrific, Wiz, but didn’t finish the sixth–pitch count at 99, I believe.

  29. All I got is a can of coke

  30. *Pours vodka into a shot glass and then lights it on fire*. Gentlemen, welcome to the 2009 season of Yankees baseball. This year we crush everyone who stands in our path. Here is to winning a world championship!

  31. Biden with a strike. Jeter already behind 0-1.

  32. yeah he looked good after giving up the walks early, but he needs to stay in at least 6

  33. i’m WAY behind you jason—i haven’t even seen the first pitch yet

  34. That was just Biden throwing out the first pitch. I was being wry (or rye, as it were).

  35. ooops. i guess i AM lagging a bit

  36. Now they’ve switched it on ESPN, Yikes! Miller and that asshead Morgan.

  37. what did i tell you…

  38. *Drinks the shot*. And. Here. We. Go. *Rings the bell*.

  39. What on earth have I done to deserve Miller and Morgan? The Internet is slow, but F%#* it, I’m going to listen to Sterling and watch.

  40. Harry Moskowitz or Miller/Morgan? Ouch dude. I would just mute the sound and play loud music.

  41. Chris and Trevor from the Generation Third blog are at the game today. Chris lives less than an hour from Camden Yards.

  42. Hey everyone =)
    Argh, I’m not home yet.. Is this one going to be played?

  43. OPENING DAY, PEOPLE!! YEEEEAAAAHHH! I am writing what I just yelled.

    Wiz, what was the shot?

  44. V, what is up, KID?

  45. Yes, V, the game is on.

  46. booing tex mercilessly to darth vader theme…he’s all smiles…i love him

  47. The shot was flaming vodka. V is here, cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the visscitudes of fate.

  48. hey VV!! good to see you!!

  49. I totally agree, Mike. Teixeira might be the biggest signing of the off-season.

  50. Very alliterative, Wiz. The vodka has made you poetic.

    Let the baseball begin!

  51. here we go~!

  52. Sterling is actually ahead of my video. I love it.

  53. Good eye, Jeets, 2-2.

  54. 3-2, work him now Captain.

  55. Way to work the count Captain. Good lead-off work already.

  56. Grind these Orioles’ pitchers into the dirt. SCORE RUNS!

  57. good–let him nibble…..sweet at bat!!

  58. Base hit starts the season. YES!!

  59. JD flies out. What a stinking bunch of crybabies. Get a real team, then you can complain about a great player not signing with your shitty-ass team.

  60. oh drat

  61. Wow Jason. You are more profane than usual today. It must be the adrenaline.

  62. I’d love to see Teixeira crank one onto Eutaw St. today.

  63. And Baltimore’s hating on one of their own for no good reason.

  64. Well, go get ’em CC.

  65. I hate the Orioles

  66. Matsui grounds out to Brian Roberts. Go get them CC!

  67. Nick, I agree. Never liked ’em, never will. I couldn’t stand Earl Weaver, good manager what a total jerk.

  68. In other news, it is the bottom of the 8th inning and the Rangers are destroying Cleveland. 9-1 and they ain’t done yet down in Texas.

  69. C.C. time

  70. i’ve been waiting for you to chime in on that nick–i know how much you hate them

  71. I can’t say I’m sad that Kevin Millar is gone from the O-Birds.

  72. tim, you never cease to make me laugh with the V for Vendetta lines =)
    hey mike, nice to “see” you too..
    nd J, nothing’s up.. just got home.. got a little soaked.. should’ve bought a larger umbrella, lol..

  73. Lead-off hit, hold him on now CC.

  74. Settle down, CC.

  75. Passed ball…ugh. Come on boys.

  76. That 2-0 looked good, tight strike zone.

  77. not pretty

  78. CC looks tight. He needs to relax.

  79. Nice curve to Markakis, whom I do like as a player–unlike the rest of ’em.

  80. Nice curve to Markakis, whom I do like as a player–unlike the rest of ’em. Great pitch under the hands, 0-2.


  82. yeah i wish we had markakis–but he DID go around just now

  83. I agree, Wiz.

  84. F8, nice throw new kid in center!

  85. Sterling and Waldman are making a good point about Gardner having a good arm, but there’s a canard spreading about him having a bad arm.

  86. Update. K-Rod just crapped his pants in joy as he seals the Mutts first win of the year. Junior Varsity beats the Reds 2-1.

  87. The 0-1 looked good. Tight strike zone today.

  88. nice command of the curve

  89. CC’s off-speed stuff looks mint today, great curve 1-2.

    I hate K-Rod, Wiz.

  90. Amen, Mike.

  91. Come on CC get a DP please.

    Nice curveball there

  92. I don’t hate many people, really I don’t. But K-Rod is in my top ten.

  93. Amen Nick. Let it happen.

  94. i’m kind of surprised that the Yankees let CC keep his slanted hat look..

  95. i can;t stand that showboating asshat either

  96. Update. Texas smashes the Indians 9-1. I guess Cliff Lee isn’t starting off with a sub 1 ERA this April.

  97. CC needs to calm down

  98. That was on Jorge. It surprised him, but he needs to catch that. He and CC are off. Sabathia is leaving everything high.

  99. nice play!! thanks cody

  100. Great play, Commander Cody and Jorge, two down.

  101. Phew! Ransom guns down Roberts at home. 2 out.

  102. nice play by Jeet. =)

  103. jeter!! nice pick

  104. Oh yeah, well done Captain! Nothing after all that, ZIP!

  105. Jeter snares a hot shot. CC escapes the inning. PHEW! I NEED A DRINK!

  106. Great play by Derek!

    0-0 through 1

  107. Wiz, are you lining ’em up for homers the Yanks hit today?

  108. I actually did not consider that Jason.

  109. C’mon, Jorge, start it off with a shot.

  110. a few hip hip jorge’s in the crowd

  111. Hit him, take first Jorge.

  112. ok we’ll take that

  113. Wiz, if you and I ever watch a game together in person, we’re in reeeeaaaal trouble.

  114. Dear Robinson Cano,

    Take this as a warning. I will be issuing an execution warrant if you have another miserable season. Have a good April.


    Tim The Wizard of Manhattan

  115. Nice eye, Cano, laying off a fastball that wasn’t too high, but is today.

  116. Just got under that, RC.

  117. lol, i don’t think Cano is going to have that bad of a season again. in fact, my gut is telling me he’s going to kick azz this year..

  118. Can Sterling please stop pronouncing it “Exzavier” Nady? It’s “Zavier,” x as z. Not that hard.

  119. hmmm.

  120. I have a very good feeling about Cano too, V. But I think your missive as warning is warranted, Wiz.

  121. Speaking of execution warrants…Harry Moskowitz and his bimbo Suzyn Waldman haven’t had theirs signed yet.

  122. It seems that Guthrie is getting ahead with breaking balls, then working the fastball–pitching backward.

  123. Thus far Wiz, they’ve availed themselves well, making good points. Plus, I admit it, I love Sterling’s voice and anecdotes, foibles and all.

  124. CC needs to settle down. Thus far, it’s shaping up to be a tight one.

  125. Balls

  126. guthrie was god awful at the WBC and in ST–not he’s Cy Young

  127. You’re right Mike, and you watched more WBC than most. You’d know. They need to figure him out.

  128. despite all the trouble he causes [mostly for himself] i can’t wait for A-Rod to come back.. the lineup is going to look siick.

  129. One pitch, one out. Take a deep breath, CC.

  130. CC throws one pitch and gets a fly ball to Nady. Let’s have a short inning CC!

  131. You’re right, V. He’s been an idiot, but that idiot can flat-out mash and play the game. Let the others tend to his myriad peccadilloes, and get him to focus on playing as he can.

    Great pitch from CC.

  132. 1 down

  133. Minnesota’s opening day is 27 degrees, lats year of the dome.

  134. nice jump LG

  135. line drive to Gardner. 2 out.

  136. Position is the key, BG, two down.

  137. can someone tell me what is the point of the off day one game into the season?

  138. why they decided to build a non domed stadium is not only insane, but should have been vetoed by Zelig

  139. That 0-1 was the best pitch CC has thrown, nasty slider.

  140. nice, quick inning.

  141. Easy 1-2-3, well done CC.

  142. You know I was just gonna ask about that V whats the point

  143. Zaun grounds out to Jeter. SCORE RUNS!

  144. nice inning…RUNS PLEASE

  145. it so if you have bad weather teams can get in the first game on day 2

  146. the only explanation i can think of is to tease us.. we’ve waited long enough!

  147. That 1-1 to Gardner was choice; he should have taken a bite; now 2-2.

  148. little G@!

  149. brett the jet looks like he means business..

  150. Way to go the other way, BG! Run kid, run!

  151. Gardner singles. Time to feel the need for speed!

  152. Leadoff single for the lil G.

  153. Brett-the-Jet! Brett-the-Jet! Brett-the-Jet!

  154. I’d also like him to distract Guthrie, allowing him to give Jeter something good for a hit-and-run.

  155. perfect hit & run.. good stuff!!

  156. man he got to 3rd quick!!!

  157. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, hit and run chopper but to left, first and third, no outs.


  159. Jeter’s 2 for 2 and it’s first and third with nobody out

  160. first run of the season!!

  161. ill take it!

  162. SF, 1-0 Yanks. Gardner run number 1.

  163. Sac Fly! YAY RUNS! Let’s go deep Tex. Shut these ass monkeys up.

  164. Teixeira, drive one onto Eutaw St.

  165. Teixeira the accidental bunter, moving Jeter to second. Drive him in, Mat-su.

  166. Sac fly 1-0 Yanks doing the simple things right already if that was last year it wouldn’t have happened.

  167. that one didn’t quite make it to eutaw…

  168. If Orioles fans got this pissed every time a free agent rejected them because they must hate life.

  169. Matsui gave that a ride, but I’m happy with it 1-0 Yanks.

  170. who you think will hit the first homer of the season?

  171. Nick, good point.

    V, I think Cano.

  172. Updates from around the league. The Marlins are destroying Washington 6-0 down in Miami. The DBacks lead the Rockies 7-6 in a slugfest in the desert.

  173. Yeah I think Cano aswell

  174. I am taking Posada to have the first home run of the season.

  175. i’m thinking Cano as well..
    i want Jeet to hit the first homer in the new stadium, but i think that one might be JD, just b/c he got robbed for the final homer in the old stadium..

  176. that Nolasco is an ace…

  177. Come back, now, CC.

  178. Good point, V.

  179. i’ll take a guess and say nady gets the first homer

  180. They’re showing Jorge’s stats for throwing out baserunners last year, throwing out only 7 of 41. With his shoulder it’s a miracle he only threw out 7. Izturis easily stole second.

  181. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation stands vivified. And has vowed to vanquish the venal and virulent vermin van guarding vice and voushaffing the violently vicious and vorarcious violation of volition.

  182. the vulgarians!

  183. though i love the alliteration, i have no idea what that said, lol..

  184. CC isn’t sharp today.

  185. I have no idea what it means either. However, it sounds really freaking cool. CC, get it together please!

  186. …… ouch..

  187. horrendous

  188. That’ll score 2, 2-1 O’s. The ball is carrying to RCF for those who can get it there. Sabathia needs to settle down, he’s way off.

  189. Damn it CC!

  190. SF, 3-1 O’s. Don’t worry, the Yanks will come back.

  191. Not a good start. I hope he does start like he did last year for the Indians.

  192. not exactly the way i pictured the season starting..

  193. Just get out of the inning and let the offense go to work.

  194. Just get out of the inning and let the offense go to work.

  195. will CC ever wear a uniform that fits him?

  196. OK, now it’s our turn. Posada, Cano, and Nady.

  197. it’s a shame a-rod isn’t here for this game.. i’m sure he’d be delighted that someone would get booed worse than him..

  198. SCORE RUNS! Do not piss me off lest I go Team America on my neighbor.

  199. good point V—now lets please destroy guthrie

  200. Agreed on both counts, V and Mike. Nice walk from Nady; Ransom got robbed.

  201. that damn mora

  202. nice play by Mora.. damn..

  203. Ok all these X-Men Origins: Wolverine commercials on YES are getting a little old.

  204. i agree tim.. could care less about x-men..

  205. ugh.. CC is not sharp..

  206. sports illustrated curse in effect on CC

  207. With a day off tomorrow and Cc looking poor, I’d seriously consider getting someone up. CC looks awful.

  208. agreed jason-he’s got nothing

  209. Zaun flies out to deep left. CC, please get either a DP or a strikeout. Something to prevent another run from scoring.

  210. CC really needs a DP here–and he gets it!!

  211. you called it WIZ thank you!!!

  212. YES! DP! THANK YOU!

  213. u ask and you shall receive Tim, DP!

  214. We needed that

  215. slugfest in AZ

  216. Huge DP. Now the Yanks need runs. start it off hot, Brett the Jet.

  217. Dear offense,


  218. uh oh, CC did the Joba fist pump, lol..

  219. I would too, V. CC hasn’t had much to celebrate today.

  220. A fist pump? WHAT WILL MIKE FRANCESSA THINK?! Well he won’t be thinking much after I depost him at the bottom of Hudson.

  221. wow, that boy is fast..

  222. Not a terrific bunt from The Jet but he still almost beat it out. Get it going, Captain.

  223. so whats up with the heat pad on the rib cage?

  224. ohhh yesss, three bagger..

  225. On Sabathia’s rib cage, Mike? I haven’t seen that. JD triples. Teix, score that run.

  226. sweet…now can they get him in?

  227. yeah, what iss up with the heat pad?

  228. Teixeira caught a break on that 3-2, but good. Three-run shot to right, Matsui.

  229. LOL, i thought that was a K, but i love how Tex threw the bat there, hehe..

  230. kenny and kay seem to be a bit concerned about the heat pad…

  231. Utter waste of an at-bat, Matsui, and that’s what annoys me about two-out rallies started from scratch–no margin for error.

  232. Arrgh! Matsui pops out to Mora. Shades of 2008, I think so.

  233. nice to pick up right where we left off last year…

  234. it’s probably nothing.. doubt they’d let him go back out there if it were, especially with how he’s doing..

  235. I miss Alex

  236. Hold it here, Sabathia.

  237. Ground-rule double, Gardner just missed it.

  238. horrible play

  239. this isn’t looking good..

  240. Off Ranson’s glove, first and third no outs. Yikes.

  241. Ugh! Just shoot me already!

  242. Sabathia is overthrowing everything.

  243. already asking for a bullet tim? it’s only game one, lol..

  244. That’s the biggest heating pad I’ve ever seen for Sabathia.

  245. ridiculous

  246. Weak infield single. 4-1 O’s. Bad pitching and bad luck.

  247. finally someone up in the pen, but it’s alby…

  248. Sabathia is flailing. It’s past time to get someone up in the bullpen.

  249. Ah, Albaladejo.

    I’m going to be in and out for the next little while as I make dinner. I’ll be around, just not as active.

  250. ugh.. please tell me someone is warming up..

  251. so much for ransoms glove…

  252. Ouch, Cody. That hurts, bases loaded and no outs.

  253. THIS IS ABSURD! *Throws glass into a wall*

  254. why is CC still in this game?

  255. damnit.. a-rod.. we need you..

  256. 5-1, second and third, one out. That’s within reach, but the offense has been languid.

  257. is it just me or does Joe G. look like he’s a military man planning a war strategy this year?

  258. This and every year for Joe G., V.

  259. CC at 92 pitches already..

  260. Sabathia doesn’t have a K today, I believe. Now would be a perfect time for one.

  261. why…WHY is he still in this game?

  262. oh god…

  263. and he walks in a run…girardi, what the hell have you been waiting for?

  264. 0-2 to a walk, terrible. He’s done, and was long ago. 6-1 is awful, terrible first start.

  265. Honestly, Sabathia was pressing from the very start. Dollars to donuts nerves got the best of him.

  266. What a horse crap…I have work to do. I will catch you all on Wednesday. Hopefully the Wanger will be on his game.

  267. Are we still in 2008 or is it 2009 yet.

  268. Alby, gotta earn your keep today.

  269. bad pitching, hitting and managing. welcome back to 2008

  270. albaladejo must love his job right now..

  271. wow!!!~ LIL G!!!!

  272. Brett the Jet! Terrific! Get some momentum now.

  273. OH YEAHH =D

  274. Turn it around NOW!

  275. I’d love to see Guthrie come out rusty after that hour-long half-inning.

  276. Lil G and Jeets are the only players awake so far

  277. see yaa!!

  278. and the first homer of the season for the boys in blue goes to Jorge =)

  279. Hip-Hip, Jorge! 6-2.

  280. on the replay mora was safe…

  281. tim called that too.

  282. ok maybe something is cooking here…

  283. Wiz, be good.

    I was a few innings too early Jorge’s homer, which ties Mattingly on the all-time list.

    Cano walks.

  284. woah, right on the line..

  285. sweet!!!

  286. Nady, well done, 6-3 as the home plate umpire allowed him to score although a fan touched the ball. Thanks, Jeffrey Maier’s nephew! 6-3.

  287. ok if we can get it to 6-4 this inning, we’ll take the game…my prediction

  288. i was afraid of a bartman moment–maier is better

  289. Brett the Jet, it’s on you. Keep it going.

  290. ouuchh.. Nady, pay attention..

  291. nady? c’mon! WTF?

  292. ok so that was very 2008—a runner on 2nd with nobody out fails to score

  293. That was a gigantic turd, with Nady getting caught off the bag and depriving the Yanks for first and third, two outs for JD.

    Still, it’s 6-3 in the 5th, people. There is plenty of time.

  294. it actually was more the 3rd base coach’s fault..

  295. yeah at least we’re back in the game for sure J–but we can’t tolerate such ass-hattery on the basepaths

  296. brian roberts MVP

  297. Sorry, sixth inning. I’m typing with ground beef all over my hands as I make my son a stuffed cheese burger.

  298. No question, Mike. That was dumb all around.

  299. cancel the MVP for roberts

  300. So, V, how are the college plans going?

  301. c’mon phil!

  302. Big moment for Coke and the Yanks here. I love Coke. He’s our guy.

  303. well, i’m waiting to hear from one more college, but if i get rejected, looks like i’m going to SUNY New Paltz..

  304. okay, now the runs need to pour in..

  305. Good work, Coke. Need more runs now, boys. But with the heart of the order, I’m optimistic.

  306. You could do a lot worse than New Paltz, V.

  307. I agree V–very good school

  308. Yank one outta here, JD.

  309. nice way to start! cmon guys. if they could pull a win out it would be quite a feat

    jeez. tex…

  310. I’ll take it with my slow Internet.

    Teixeira has had a horrible opening day, with CC.

    Matsui, yank one outts here.

  311. see YAAAAAA!

  312. i honestly don’t even care where i go, so long as it’s away from the parentals.. this year [and last] has been a headache..

  313. Atta boy, Mat-su! 6-5! Yes!!

  314. ok we’re BACK in this thing… we’re gonna take it

  315. GODZILLA!! =)

  316. Ditto it, Jorge.

  317. SEEE YAAA Come on you Yankees

  318. i don’t think it’s yr internet J–it has been slow posting today… not on you

  319. THAT’S the matsui we need all year.

  320. Jorge walks

  321. I should have downloaded the feature you mentioned, Mike, but I’ve been very busy and the usual excuses.

  322. the strike zone is quite capricious today

  323. i wasn’t bitching J 🙂

  324. Go-ahead run up to the plate in Cano.

  325. Cano refuses to walk twice in a game.

  326. nice at bat robbie!!!!

  327. Yes Cano! First and second for Nady. Atone for your base-running gaffe.

  328. Whoa s***. What the flip happened?

  329. this is more like it..

  330. But I’ll take a single

  331. this team is not laying down….i like what i’m seeing…

  332. Bang one into the corner, Xavier.

  333. Im intrested to see if Girardi puts in Swish

  334. Amen, Mike. Amen.

  335. lol, Tim, you missed it. your prediction came true. first homer was Jorge.. making the comeback since then..

  336. i’d have swish pinch hit here for ransom

  337. never mind DAMN

  338. $*(#$*#$(. The pen needs to hold them.

  339. Damn it

  340. i guess we were on the same page nick–too bad he never had a chance

  341. Nady’s been bad today, but as long as the bullpen holds it, this team is good for a few more runs.

  342. Walks, particularly from the 7th inning on, kill. THROW STRIKES!

  343. nice DP!!!

  344. That was a Captain and Coke, DP! Two down.

  345. Nice strike out. SCORE RUNS!

  346. Coke with the K to end the inning. Next to Mariano, Coke is my guy out of the bullpen. Two runs will do it.

  347. well we were right about swish…

  348. LOL, Swish in the game =)

  349. Rake one out, Swish.

  350. DOUBLE for the swisher

  351. DOUBLE.. love Swishy!

  352. Way to go Swish! I DEMAND RUNS!

  353. Pinch-hit ground-rule double for Swisher! Outstanding. Mike, you’re the man.

  354. Jeter, get that run in!

  355. ugh!

  356. Terrible situational hitting, Jeter. Terrible.

  357. *Sigh*

  358. JD, base hit now.

  359. please dont wast that double

  360. the drama builds…

  361. i wish tex would change his number.. every time they show his back i think of giambi..

  362. Alright Tex. Time to shut these clowns up.

  363. Teixeira up with first and third, two outs. Will he deliver? I say yes with a big homer.

  364. of course it comes down to him.. dun dun dun!!

  365. think joe pepitone

  366. CRAP

  367. UGH..

  368. Alright I need to get dinner. Enjoy the rest of the game guys.

  369. Ouch. Teixeira has had a horrible day. Still, the ninth looms as long as they hold it.

  370. lol, before my time Mike..

  371. New signings not looked good today. Nervous maybe?

  372. W#iz, thanks for coming by. It’s fun.

    Coke in for the bottom of the eighth.

  373. mine too—but i remember the curb your enthusiasm episode with a pepitone jersey

  374. Coke must hold it here. One run is the minimum.

    Nice K! One down.

  375. why not bring in bruney for a righty?

  376. SEEE told ya

  377. jesus h christ

  378. #&*%!!!!

  379. you guys had to make the maier reference earlier lol..

  380. now the idiot brings in a righty.

  381. I’m sure there was a fan interference

  382. I guess I was wrong

  383. The Yanks had the chance to tie the game and blew it. Now they allow the lead to balloon. I’m amazed at the seemingly endless capacity of light-hitting weaklings to beat the Yanks–Marco Scutaro, Maicer Izturis and his damn brother, amazing.

  384. this just suckks..

  385. Got out of work top of 8th. caught up with score and some highlights on cell phone. Drove home. Heard Gardner lay down bunt to move tying run (Swisher PH double/Pena PR) to 3rd. Heard Yanks not get the tying run in. On way home heard Coke give up the 2-run HR.

    It all comes down to starting pitching, and CC didn’t have it. For all the talk of Joba starting and relieving, and for as great as Mo is, one thing to remember is how the starter sets the pace. Mo doesn’t have any control of the first 7 innings. The starter does. If he doesn’t, the middle relief and bats have to come through.

    But it comes back to the starter, and apparently CC didn’t have it today. You wonder if he (and Teix) were trying too hard? They are human.

    Obviously I don’t have too much to go by being that I was working for the first 7 innings…but just an observation.

  386. sickening.

  387. you hit the nail on the head mike… CC had nothing

  388. I mentioned that earlier Mike S. I’m convinced he was tense. He pitched tight and without much control from the get-go. There’s no question he wasn’t loose. Nor was Teixeira. But it was pretty obvious with Sabathia, who had all of one good inning.

  389. Be back. Time to grab my grub and a beer (and shot).

    Karma? They won 20 of last 22 spring training games. Due for a loss, but… you wish that 20-2 counted of course.

  390. …and the ‘pen is letting the game get out of hand. Ugh.

  391. heck of a performance by our pitchers today guys. really sweet

  392. That blows it open, 10-5 after Huff’s double to the gap off Marte. Poorly pitched game.

  393. well that goes the game.. not a great start to the season to say the least..

  394. That K is a catch-the-bus call, one down.

  395. Well the Yanks did win the opener in the last 4 years and the season didn’t end so well.

  396. Nick, I concur. This is not a harbinger for the season, just a bad opener with poor pitching.

  397. what a fucking tease and a bust…but thanks for hosting J

  398. And I thought the 2008 season ended.

    A-Rod can’t come back quick enough.

    Anway thanks for hosting Jason better days ahead.

  399. such a downer.. now we must wait till wednesday before redemption.. thx for hosting as always though J =)

  400. Well, thanks to everyone for coming by today. It was fun if ultimately disappointing. That we can’t control, and I’m convinced that the Yanks will have a lot of success this year.

  401. sorry I was late to the party. 400 comments is awesome! and I like the middle names in the lineup posting. I think they will do well this year too but this was not a great start.

  402. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH to bad for you guys. Didn’t anyone give you the memo that money doesn’t win championships. Yankee fans are tools that are far from the traditional game of baseball. Half of you have probably never been to new york state.


  403. Hi Orioles_fan_for_life. Thanks for posting. Before getting to the so-called “merits” of your vacuous, puerile post, a few things worth remembering the next time you scribble on the Internet. For the adverb meaning additionally, also, very, and more, it’s “too,” not the preposition “to.” Also, your next sentence beginning with “Didn’t anyone…” is technically a question, so there should be a question mark (?) at the end of it. Additionally, proper names are capitalized, so it should be “New York State,” not “new york state” in accidental ee cummings screed. If you are going to jump onto a blog as a guest and newcomer, you should at least double-check for basic grammatical errors. We here all make mistakes sometimes, but rarely is the ratio of errors-to-characters so dense.

    Along those lines, I sure don’t mind banter from fans of opposite teams. In fact, some good bloggers of the Red Sox, Cubs, and others are linked on the right side. I consider them friends, particularly they are good fans of not just their respective teams but the game, and show it and other fans some respect. I’m all for moderate trash-talking as long as we’ve built up some rapport. You, on the other hand, are a stranger, which is no sin. But worse, in your very first post you’ve identified yourself as a grammatically challenged knave, prancing about calling names because your team won all of one game. Ah yes, but don’t you have us Yankees fans, er, “tools” pegged so well, since your thorough perusal of this post and this blog has readily identified SO MUCH DISCUSSION of how winning the Opening Day game, or spending millions on free agents alone, will make or break the Yanks’ championship chances. Well done O_f_f_l, or rather, Offal. Look it up before you get on the bus to go home, or better yet ask your sixth-grade teacher what it means.

    And for the record, most of us who chat here are either from or still reside in New York State. In case I’ve hurt your feelings, hunker down with some ‘Nilla Wafers, a juice box, and your bankie to watch some “Danny Phantom.” You’ll feel better soon enough. And to think that mark Teixeira passed on playing in Baltimore, with all you’ve offered to the game here, Offal.

    Let the adults talk baseball from now on, Offal.

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