HDLR Saturday–Game 5: Yanks @ Royals, 4/11/09

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room.  The Yankees face the Royals and look to make it three straight, and also to get a strong start from CC Sabathia to continue what Burnett and especially Pettite have brought the last two games.  As per Pete Abraham, below are the starting lineups.  Note that JD is sitting while Swisher hits second.  With Swish’s patience, I like it, also serving as a reward for his good start (5-10).  Matsui stays in the clean-up spot against the lefty Ramirez.  I’m less surprised that Matsui is playing because of a lefty pitcher than because he’s hitting .071.  But it appears that Girardi is thus far committed to a rotation involving JD, Matsui, Nady, and Swisher seeing regular action.  I don’t mind that but, as per Mike’s and my comments on the previous post, Matsui not only needs to show something but also show that he’s healthy.  Thus far, I’m far from convinced.  Otherwise, the lineup is similar to what we’ve seen to start the year in terms of personnel and spot in the order.  I m heading to the store and to make dinner, but I’ll be back a little before game time.  According to weather.com, it looks like it will be a beautiful Spring evening for baseball tonight.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, a coldie, and some wings, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

Jeter SS
Swisher Damon LF
Teixeira Swisher 1B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Ransom 3B
Gardner CF

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia.

ROYALS (2-2)
Crisp CF
Callaspo 2B
DeJesus LF
Butler DH
Gordon 3B
Aviles SS
Jacobs 1B
Olivio C
Bloomquist RF

Pitching: LHP Horacio Ramirez.

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  1. As I mention over at my place, I was interested in seeing the lineup tonight.

    I’m not surprised that Damon gets a day. I am surprised to see Matsui in the lineup.

    I was wondering if Pena might start for Ransom. Being a lefty is going, it probably wouldn’t be fair to sit Cody, but should he struggle tonight, maybe giving Pena a shot tomorrow (and Cody a day off) may be beneficial.

    I would guess this means that Molina catches Joba tomorrow (day game after night game).

    Even with a lefty going, Melky sits. Significant? We will see.

  2. Being it’s Easter season, I get to enjoy one of my favorites—Paska Bread. If you’ve never had it, you are missing something. I love it.

  3. Last thing first Mike, I haven’t had Paska Bread in a while but, given my partially Polish heritage, I’d be more than remiss if I hadn’t ever tried it. Good stuff.

    I don’t mind JD sitting, though Matsui’s cold start made me think he would sit before JD. I think another 0-for from Ransom will and should earn a seat, at least for a game. I don’t want his confidence to falter from a slow start, but the Yanks do need some consistency from the bottom of the lineup, and he hasn’t helped. Nor has screwing up on the bases.

    I’d be shocked if Molina doesn’t play tomorrow–maybe with Posada at DH, though I don’t mind his getting full days off, either, to help his recovery. Interestingly, I thought of Melky too as I wrote a comment responding to Mike, but figured that others ought to play ahead of him as long as they hit decently–Nady and Swisher. I’m not against Melky getting some time but, with the others doing OK or better so far, there’s not a compelling argument to start him. Plus, given Melky’s .213 last year as a righty hitter, I wonder to what degree the Yanks consider him an effective switch-hitter or righty option anymore.

  4. JD is now playing and batting second, with Swisher playing first for Teixeira. His wrist is sore and, while he said he it isn’t serious, is getting checked out.

  5. Hey Jason how you doing sir

  6. Base hit for JD

  7. Nick! All is good, especially as JD singled.

    How are you?

  8. Im alright sat here with my cousins watching Doctor Who with me watching mlb tv.

  9. The new Dr. Who, Nick?

  10. Walk for Swish

  11. Swish walks, perfect opportunity for Matsui to get going.

  12. Yeah im not gonna lie its not just my cousins im a bit of a Dr Who geek. It is the new Easter special

  13. I’m not a follower, but I watched an episode a couple years ago and it looked more polished than the original done decades ago.

  14. Damn good catch

  15. F8 on a bloop, two down for Jorge. Let’s score early here.

  16. They’re making Ramirez work. 2-0, and I believe that’s his 18th pitch.

  17. Any coldies tonight, Nick?

    Hip-Hip, Jorge! Two run, two-out double. Outstanding start after making this guy work. Tremendous. Keep it going, Cano.

  18. YES 2 run double for Jorge

  19. Hows your Easter going J

  20. Between the last two weeks of last year and the first week of this year, Cano is hitting about .500.

  21. Good so far. The kids and we will color eggs tonight, my wife will make a chocolate raspberry dessert cake for tomorrow, and we’re heading to my sister-in-law’s for a big meal with ham and pierogies.

  22. How about you, Nick?

  23. From my phone so there won’t be many posts but hello all. Go yanks

  24. Mike! Thanks for the post, and enjoy the game with your brother.

  25. 95 on that 2-1 fastball from CC.

  26. YES! Strikeout looking, 96 mph under the hands, one down. That’s tough.

  27. Nice snag CC, two down. So far, so good.

  28. I’ve only got Coke and Wine (im really not a wine drinker). Lets hope I won’t be needing the wine.

    My Easter has been really fun with cousins we have had a movie marathon with the Lion King, Goonies and Harry Potter 3. Also eating load of Chicken. At the end watching Dr Who

  29. Great start CC

  30. Sweet K!!!

  31. CC with two K’s, efficient too–12 pitches.

    Movies are a terrific choice. “The Prisoner of Azkhaban” is great.

    Roast chicken?

  32. Terrific first for CC, Mike.

  33. Get it going, X-Man.

  34. Yeah Azkhaban is really good I love all the book though.

    Yeah it is roast chicken dinner my fav.

  35. Hey Mike hope Easter is going great

  36. Two quick outs.

  37. Same here about the books, Nick.

  38. Got to say I like Nady but he hasn’t had a great start when he is competing with Swish for RF.

    Quick inning

  39. The bottom of the order concerns me a bit. They’ve gone 2-11 in 3 straight games.

  40. Well that was less than thrilling

  41. No he hasn’t, Nick, just so-so though it’s early. Hopefully he doesn’t drop off too far from his big 2008.

  42. So far nice weekend. Thanks nick!

  43. Nice K

  44. Sabathia looks great so far, 3 K’s.

  45. HBP, too bad with him down 1-2.

  46. Sweet DP

  47. That’s a great way out of it. Good first two.

  48. Are you having a big gathering for Easter, Nick?

  49. Jeter singles and steals second, great.

  50. Way to go, JD, moving Jeter over with a grounder to first. Good baseball.

  51. *Crashes through a wall* What did I miss?

  52. Its about 7 people bigish.

  53. Wiz! What’s up? Jorge with a two-out, two-run double in the first, and CC looks great.

  54. Triple for Swish.


  55. Atta boy, Swisher! RBI triple! 3-0 Swisher is already one of my boys.

  56. SWISH! RBI Triple! MORE RUNS!

  57. Jeez, Matsui is NOT getting the job done.

  58. score that runner, Jorge.

  59. Hip-Hip, Jorge! 4-0. YES!


  61. Any Easter plans, Wiz?

  62. 4-0, excellent lead for CC.

  63. Just going to church and having dinner with my family. This summer should be peaceful. Not an excessive amount of running around.

  64. [sips a Bell’s Amber Ale confidently from the Yankees pint glass]

  65. You were Tim Polo last year.

  66. Haha thanks Jason. It was a rough summer.

  67. Oh, and CC has been lighting up the radar gun–95, 96, and 97.

  68. F7, one down. CC is cruising.

  69. Having fun?

  70. Updates from around the majors. The Red Sox beat the Angels 5-4 after a tense 9th inning. Tigers edged the Rangers 4-3. Pujols went off for 7 RBIs in the Cardinals’ 11-2 beating of Houston. The Junior Varsity leads Florida 4-0 bottom 5.

  71. Indeed Mike. It’s not hard when the Yanks hit and CC–who just allowed his first hit–is good.

  72. Papelbon almost blew it. Pujols is killing the ball.

  73. Nice play by Cody, two down.

  74. Another K looking for CC, excellent. 4-0 through 3.

  75. CC blazes a 96 MPH strike 3 across the outside corner. 3 out.

  76. Now if the Yanks can just have the bottom of the order get it going a bit, that would really propel this team.

  77. CC has been dealing the gas tonight.

  78. Nice, X-Man, lead-off single.

  79. Any plans to visit the Stadium?

  80. Ohhhh, Ransom just missed a homer. That would have big for him and the team.

  81. I need to ask this because I refuse to listen to Harry Moskowitz. What is his home run call for Xavier Nady?

  82. I’m really not sure, Wiz. I am fond of Sterling as you know, but his home run calls are pretty lame.

  83. I’d like to see someone determine how many players strike out after hitting a foul homer. Ransom just did, and you see it so often.

  84. Not great the bottom 3 of the line up have had a couple of bad innings.

  85. Gardner actually got bagged on a hard-hit DP. That doesn’t happen very often.

    Bottom of the lineup? 1-6.

  86. sorry i’m late.. how’s it going?

  87. Couldn’t agree more, Nick.

  88. V! What’s happening?

  89. Cheap swinging bunt for Callaspo.

  90. I see Bart the Colon actually got a victory today.

  91. Nothing.. lying on my floor.. eating a rice crispy treat.. soaking in the performance by CC and the offensive tear Jorge & DJ Swish are on..

  92. Remember remember the fifth of November. The gun powder treason and plot. I can think of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.

  93. Shoot, single. K, DP too much to ask?

  94. As are we, V, minus the rice crispy treat (for me anyway; I can’t speak for Nick and The Wiz).

  95. LOL, can never get enough of V for Vendetta =)

  96. There’s the K! That’s 5 for CC.

  97. NICE K!

  98. And there’s the DP! Love it.

  99. Great DP

  100. Sweet DP!

  101. there’s your DP Jason.. =)

  102. I am not a fan of V for Vendetta. However, it has some great lines.

    DP! Ask and you shall receive Jason.

  103. just for you tim: http://is.gd/rYyA

  104. V made about 46 calls the other day, so I figured I needed to do my part.

  105. That was close; Jeter is running well.

  106. Jeter has been running like a maniac.. he’s dusting off those legs this year it seems..

  107. Update from AL. Orioles lead Tampa 5-0 going to the top of the 5th.

  108. JD works the walk. Keep it going, Swish. Push this guy out of the game.

  109. And I think he’s healthier this year, V.

    The O’s have had a nice start, Wiz. Still can’t stand them.


  111. HOME RUN! Wish granted V.

  112. SWISH!! Homers to left. 6-0! Wow. Big bomb.

  113. Swisher is just killing the ball.

  114. Atta boy, Matsui! Wake it up! Double to LCF. I love it.

  115. slaughtering i think is the more appropriate word J lol..

  116. [shaking head] Poor ball. Poor, poor ball.

    And Matsui ends Ramirez’s night.

  117. I have some hope for this team !

  118. You’re not alone, Mike. I love it when the bats and pitching work together.

  119. Off topic here my fantasy team is getting hit hard tonight. Not good but as long as the Yanks win im happy.

  120. after a long miserable year last season, i can’t express how great it is to see some real yankee baseball again..

  121. I’m reading Jonathan Eig’s “Luckiest Man” about Gehrig, and it’s very good.

  122. Let’s shut the Royals out. GRIND THEM INTO THE DIRT!

  123. Amen to that, V.

  124. My wife’s fantasy team (basically the Yanks) is rolling tonight.

  125. Be right back.

  126. 6-0 is tremendous. This is the first time the Yanks have jumped right out and throttled a team. They’ve also scored two runs every other inning. I guess we should mute things until the seventh…

  127. Don’t let KC get any momentum, CC.

  128. Hey! I’m here and the Yankees are dealing and I love it! Let’s just get this to Mo and call it a game.

  129. Throw strikes CC…

  130. not a bad plan Jane, lol..

  131. Nice catch, JD.

    I can’t disagree with that in the slightest, Jane. How are things, by the way?

  132. 95 mph swing-and-miss. Jeez.

  133. oh god.. when is A-Rod coming backkk??

  134. 2/3 of Sabathia’s pitches are strikes. He looks in so much more control than his last start.

    Ransom with an E5. He’s struggling. Pena may well play tomorrow.

  135. Ransom better be benched tomorrow or there will be blood.

  136. I was gonna bring up Pena J I would play him tomorrow.

  137. Though I never actually saw There Will Be Blood. I heard Daniel Day-Lewis was crazy good as Daniel Plainview. Then again, Day-Lewis is awesome in virtually every role. Bill The Butcher is one of the greatest movie villians of the past 25 years.

  138. 4get tomorrow, put Pena in ahora.

  139. Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor today in my opinion.

  140. I heard that about “There Will Be Blood” too, Wiz. Bill Cutting is one of the greatest movie characters of the last quarter-century, Amen.

  141. finally out of the inning.. CC at 72 pitches now..

  142. You can argue for that, Nick. He’s great.

    Still 6-0, and Ransom’s error didn’t cost the Yanks.

  143. Speaking of which, so is CC tonight. Thus far, three good ones or better in a row. I can get used to that for the next several months.

  144. Years, actually.

  145. Pacino was great until he destroyed his career doing crap movies lie 88 minutes and Two for the Money. His acting in Scent of a Woman remains one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen on screen.

  146. I’m fine thanks, Jason, but I’ll be better if A-Rod comes back and I don’t have to watch Ransom go all Knoblauch/Giambi on me.

  147. I say the best actor I would put Philip Seymour Hoffman(or Seymour Philip Hoffman as he was called at the Oscars)up there with Day-Lewis.

  148. Lil G walks

  149. Hoffman in “Capote” was incredible.

  150. What time is it over in England Nick?

  151. Speaking of movies. I saw How the West Was Won yesterday. It bored the crap out of me.

  152. I like Ransom Jane, but he’s struggled badly. I hate to see it, but I hate to see the bottom of the order replicate last year’s futility even more.

  153. Its 2am

  154. I saw “The General” last night about Irish criminal Martin Cahill–hilarious and well done, with the terrific actor Brendan Gleeson, who was also in “Gangs of NY” and more.

  155. Jeez Nick. You are devoted.

  156. Nick, you’re The Man.

  157. Jeter is also showing outstanding patience this season.

  158. That’s one hell of an at-bat from Jeter.

  159. Cheers guys but you wait till west coast games.

  160. Gotta generate that OBP Jason.

  161. didn’t even know you were in England Nick.. I agree with J.. the mannn, lol..

  162. Oh God, west coast games are always brutal. I struggle to make it to 1 am.

  163. I saw Duplicity last weekend. If anyone liked Michael Clayton, I’d recommend it in that tradition. Same writer/director.

  164. I love the West Coast games. I’m a night owl.

  165. Ok, I want to understand this. Why are there so many freaking Cialis and other ED commercials during baseball games?

  166. Nice snare, Jeter!

  167. Wiz, between that and the spam ED crap I get, I could wretch. Seriously, enough already. I’d rather see those stupid “Miller High Life” commercials.

  168. Jane, I only saw part of “Michael Clayton” but liked what I saw. Julia Roberts was great in “Erin Brockovich,” just great–the best thing she’s done.

  169. Gardner’s trap may have saved a run. Nice hustle.

  170. Isn’t Julia Roberts the one who named her child Apple?

  171. Come on, CC, set him down and get through the seventh.

  172. Nice scoop, Swish! The guy is doing it all around, preserving the shutout.

  173. CC for another inning, Bruney & Mo and another W.

  174. I say we give Mo the night off. Give him a blow after two nights of pitching.

  175. The kids are decorating hard-boiled eggs, and I can’t help but think of Chico Marx’s constant requests for hard-boiled eggs in the classic “A Night At the Opera” sketch.

  176. Ahh, true. I forgot he pitched two days ago.

  177. At this point, Wiz, I agree. Keep the big lead and, especially since Mariano got an inning of work on getaway day in Baltimore, let him rest unless absolutely necessary. Alby, Veras, Marte, Coke, Edwar are all available.

  178. Start to hit, Matsui.

  179. That was not a strike…

  180. Matsui seems lost right now, just lost.

  181. Tejeda struck out the side looking.

  182. ouch, Cano not having a good day..

  183. Any plans for Easter, V and Jane?

  184. Oh, and Vanessa, I changed back your blog’s URL to the original one at MLBlogs on my links list.

  185. Be back in a few.

  186. none.. other than stuffin my face w/ candy & chocolate.. but that’s no different than a regular sunday for me so i guess it doesn’t count, lol..

  187. Nice, CC. 6 K’s now.

  188. Good job off the mound with that grounder, CC.

  189. Swisher has really bailed out Sabathia, twice now.

  190. Terrific start for Sabathia–6 hits, no walks, 6 K’s, 2 HBP, 98 pitches/68 strikes. I love that he and Andy stayed under 100 through 7 IP–14/IP tonight. Three good ones in a row.

  191. who do you think joe g. goes to for the 7th and 8th?
    veras & coke?

  192. woah, mean 8th & 9th**

  193. I think it may be Edwar up.

  194. back. Brett Gardner’s swings are disturbing me.

  195. Little G is cooling off a bit.

  196. Update. The Junior Varsity beats the Fish 8-4.

  197. woah, didn’t expect CC to come back out.. daring move by Girardi..

  198. will michael kay stop telling us everything the avg. person is going to miss at the opening day game? urggg.

  199. Maybe they wanted to get him some work after tanking Opening Day. I would have ended his night. Still throwing 94.

  200. Michael Kay and his big head need to be fired. Jason and I should call the game.

  201. Lol, i actually like Kay.. but i don’t want to know all the goodness I’m going to miss out on b/c I can’t afford a ticket.. Want to go so bad.. any of you need a kidney? Will be more than happy to sell you mine =)

  202. Wiz, do you want play-by-play or color?

  203. CC’s last pitch was 95.

  204. Really terrific start from CC, I’m very impressed.

  205. Sorry. Was gone for awhile. It was Gwyneth Paltrow who named her baby Apple, btw. Great performance by CC. Love the cheers by all the Yankee fans in KC.

  206. Lets hope Veras starts like he did last year not carry on from the end of last September.

  207. No question Jane, lots of Yankees fans in KC tonight. I wanted to be one of them, but chose to get tickets for a couple games in Chicago instead, which is much closer.

  208. You’re right, Nick, and still going at 3 a.m.? Wow.

  209. I’d do color Jason. You can do play-by-play.

  210. You are more colorful, Wiz. And I promise no lame home-run calls. Also, be forewarned, I can be high volume when the Yanks do something good. It should match when you’re high volume when the Yanks do something bad.

  211. We’d have way too much fun. Though I might punch out Harry Moskowitz. It would amuse me.

  212. Did anyone else just hear “I f&*#ed your wife” from the stands? Lol..
    I think Joe G. just told security to eject that guy..

  213. I heard something profane, V, with my daughter listening in, too. I hate that.

  214. I am heading out for the night. Stay out of trobule ladies and gents.

  215. Kay is so clueless.. He’s saying that Girardi is noticing everything.. has his eye on the field and stuff like that.. It isn’t that hard to hear a heckler.. I heard him from I don’t even know how many miles away.

  216. Wiz, thanks for coming by, and we’ll work on our studio teamwork.

  217. Half a country, V.

  218. look at that.. and Kay is like feet away and didn’t know what was going on.. *shaking my head*

  219. I can’t say I mind Pena as a late-inning defensive replacement for Jeter. He could field in his sleep.

    Big win, great start for Sabathia, Swisher is on fire, and the Yanks have won three straight behind three good starts.

  220. Great win.. I wonder exactly how many Red Bulls Swish had.. he’s still pumped up, lol..

  221. My guess is 17 Red Bulls, V.

    Thanks for coming by, everyone. Enjoy your respective Easters.

  222. Great win fantastic start by CC.

    Thanks for hosting Jason

  223. and he answered my question: 3 red bull, lol.
    Thnkss 4 hosting as always J. =)

  224. Nick, you’ve earned some well-deserved sleep my friend.

  225. Great game, eh Jason? Nice to see CC rebound from his Opening Day start and how about that Nick Swisher? I’m in the process of finalizing my GDT summary so in a few minutes if you want to come check it out and leave your thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated. I extend that offer to all your readers too….I can always use the feedback!


  226. Thanks for posting, Beth! I have had some difficulties posting at Yankees Chick, the BPS, and a couple other MLBlogs–getting weird error messages after posting. I did the screen refreshing, which helped and thankfully spared any repetitive posts. I’ll be sure to pop over a good amount this season. I’ve just been swamped with working, dissertation, family, and such, cutting down on my blog leisure time.

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