Game 6: Yanks @ Royals, 4/12/09

As per Pete Abraham, below is the Yanks’ starting lineup.  JD sits today with Brett the Jet leading off.  Molina starts for Jorge, who sits after catching the night game, Melky gets his first start in right, with Nady in left.  Swish takes first again in place of Teixeira.  All of this, however, is contingent upon the Yanks actually playing since rain is in the area.  Since the Yanks do not return to KC, my hunch is that they’ll make a concerted effort to play the game, even if it means delaying the start for a while.  If they play, keep the good starts rolling, Joba, and Let’s Go, Yankees!

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Swisher 1B
Matsui DH
Nady LF
Cano 2B
Cabrera RF
Ransom 3B
Molina C

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  1. I do wonder, had Molina not been catching today, if Girardi would have given Pena a start at 3B. With Molina catching, and Melky in the lineup, it was probably too much to put Pena in today.

  2. I have a feeling this will be one of those low scoring games. No Jorge, Teix, Alex and JD

  3. Why are the Yankees the only team in the MLB to have 2 jerseys the other teams have at least 3 or 4 each.

    I only say this because I see the Royals are playing in a new jersey.

    Anyway to Baseball Lil G base hit.

  4. you’re still up nick? or just getting up?

    the yankees are traditionalists Nick. they have never changed their uniforms. one of the things i love best about the team it shows their devotion to tradition

  5. oh sorry nick–i thought you just posted this…

  6. After his 0-2, 2 K’s day Mike S., I think Ransom needs to sit and fast. He’s at .050 now–about GM’s stock value.

    I wish I had been here to chat with you, Nick. I hope your roast chicken was as good as you had hoped Saturday.

    I have to agree with Mike about the uniforms. I love the interlocking NY on the caps, and the uniforms–white and pinstripes for home, gray with “NEW YORK” away. Some of the other teams’ alternative jerseys and caps are quite nice, but it’s a way to make extra cash. The Yanks have plenty of available revenue streams without changing the uniforms.

    Here is some decent information on the history of the Yanks’ uniforms and caps.

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