Game 7: Yanks @ Rays, 4/13/09

As per Pete Abraham, below is another lineup I don’t like very much.  Melky, the ersatz switch-hitter, is playing after his two GIDP yesterday, with easily the team’s best threat on the base paths in Gardner sitting.  Ransom at 1-20 is playing, not Pena.  Meanwhile, JD is back in the lineup, and Matsui has been dropped to seventh.  Who knows, maybe Ransom will steer one of those foul homers fair off the terrific Kazmir.  Still, I don’t like the idea of Gardner sitting.  While he’s not torn it up with the average,  .238 is not so awful as to require sitting–before Ransom has at .050. If Girardi is going to give players such as Melky a chance, why not Pena? His glove is sure, he’s a switch-hitter though not a power hitter, and he can’t hit any worse than Ransom.  Odd, just odd.

CMW, please bring the A game tonight.  Also, Jeter is 1 for his last 17 and needs to get back the groove from the first two games.

Rest in peace, Harry Kalas.  My condolences to Phillies fans.  Also, rest in peace, Nick Adenhart.  Shame on that driver for taking the lives of others in such stupid, reckless fashion.  Horrible.

In better news, A-Rod has begun working out, starting the clock ticking on Ransom’s move to the bench or minors.

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Swisher 1B
Posada C
Nady RF
Cano 2B
Matsui DH
Ransom 3B
Cabrera CF

Pitching: RHP Chien-Ming Wang.

RAYS (3-3)
Upton CF
Crawford LF
Longoria 3B
Pena 1B
Burrell DH
Navarro C
Gross RF
Iwamura 2B
Bartlett SS

Pitching: LHP Scott Kazmir.

Game time: 7:08 p.m.

Chien-Ming Wang (0-1, 17.18) vs. the Tampa Bay hitters.

Scott Kazmir (1-0, 1.50) vs. the New York hitters.

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  1. this game is probably over already

  2. I see Wang looks like dung again. He’s had horrible first innings.

  3. Cano saved a run, for now, but first and third with 1 out? Need the DP badly.

  4. Nice play by Swisher, too.

  5. its funny before they sterted they said they switched home plate umpires and i wondered if that would make a difference. huge K zone or pena would have been out. anyway–he still has less than nothing. disgusting

  6. alby up

  7. Clearly, Mike, the fix is in.

  8. see–no tomko—another crappy idea not to have a long man

  9. Albaladejo up, not soon enough after the RBI, 4-0. Wang is like Kevin Brown this year so far.

  10. I hate to say I told you so…

  11. so wang will lose the game and wreck the bull pen for the whole week

  12. Sadly, I got a few beers for the game. I should have gotten moonshine.

    4-0, and a tapper mercifully ends the firs.

  13. i’m not sure how much of this i will subject myself to

  14. He might have to take a beating today even if he plainly doesn’t have it, especially since Girardi’s juggling act failed yesterday.

  15. moonshine? i wish i had some Zyklon B

  16. Same here, Mike. They need to show me something before the 5th–presuming Wang holds it here.

  17. Or Dilaudid.

  18. “100 sixteenths of Dilaudid. This will get you an indulgence, my son.” william S. Burroughs, “Drugstore Cowboy.”

  19. i’d LOVE some Dilaudid!!

  20. Jorge K’s, one down. Kazmir is so tough.

  21. Did you have Easter dinner, Mike?

  22. he’s gonna buzz through this line up–wow upton steals a hit–nothing is gonna go our way

  23. Jeez, X-Man robbed.

  24. 123- time for more torture

  25. easter? are you kidding? 🙂

  26. I hate to say it, and I sometimes think that these can be signs that a pitcher will get hit hard, but I don’t think that today. I really hope that isn’t the best chance the Yanks get, but…

  27. With stinking Ransom and Melky lurking at the bottom of the order. Yeeeeeesh.

  28. Upton’s great.

    Well, Mike, I know the depths of your religiosity, but still didn’t want to presume.

  29. Everybody and their brother hitting off Wang.

  30. Jeter and Posada are telling Wang to buck the f%#* up.

  31. Jorge won’t get much help from the slow Wang today as Bartlett steals second. Yikes.

  32. Now a bunt single. Wang looks like he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind out there.

  33. this is a keystone cop- episode. disgusting.

    i hope they make wang throw 1000 pitches.

  34. Two straight pitch-outs, now a ball low. Wang looks terrible.

  35. pitch out? twice with a guy who cant throw strikes?

    great call.. this rivals one of the worst performances ive ever seen.

    maybe he’s trying to out do pavano

  36. Bases loaded, no outs, and 3-4-5 coming up.

  37. i’m switching to the Mets game. bye!

  38. I hate the consecutive pitch-out calls.

    Ball one to Longoria. Painful, just painful. I need another beer. K and DP, please.

  39. 3-2, no outs, bases loaded–this could well be the game.

  40. Walked him, 5-0. Wang is pulled–1+, 6 hits, 5 runs earned, 3 walks, 1 K on 61 pitches/34 strikes, 23.14 ERA. I wouldn’t have thought his ERA would rise from just over 17. Horrible. He’s a mess.

    Take care, Mike.

  41. Ouch.

  42. Umm….think we need a LONG man?

  43. Now a grand slam, Mike S. And Tomko was a guy I touted, for just this reason–not necessarily anticipating Wang’s struggles, but someone’s.

  44. Waldman raised just this point about Tomko. You never know when you’ll need someone to eat innings.

    Nice play by Ransom. Now hit, Cody.

  45. Had a rough day. Seems like a rougher night. 😦

  46. You had a rough day, Mike? Is everything OK?

  47. Jeez, Cody, make the play cleanly and end the inning, but instead he bobbles it.

  48. Just work. 10 hour day and some rough spots. We all have those rough days at work where you can’t wait to get home.

  49. Sorry to hear that, Mike. Sorry the Yanks are only compounding things. Honestly, that’s why people have fought for shorter days. Anything more than eight on a semi-regular basis is too long and too much. People need to live, too.

  50. is there a mercy rule ?

  51. FCOL (For Crying Out Loud), Girardi, give the kid a shot. My feelings about the lineup echo yours, Jason. Not only that, as we saw yesterday, Swish may have a good day with the bat and make up for Teix offensively, but not defensively.

  52. Kid meaning Pena.

  53. I see Phil Spector will now do his wall of sound from a cell. Deservedly so. Shame how he wasted his talent. Eccentric as hell, but great sounds when he applied his talent properly.

  54. The Yanks need to replicate their miracle comeback on June 21, 2005, when they came back from 10-2 and scored 13 in the 8th. I was at reading group that night, came home and saw the result, and listened to the whole game. I don’t see that today, not against Kazmir, not with this lineup.

    I agree about Swisher defensively, Mike S. He’s OK, but not Teixeira. Yeah; Melky? Ransom? Enough already. Play Pena.

  55. Spector… [shaking head]. A sad story. That case had guilty written all over it.

    Melky with a hit. Jeter really needs to get going.

  56. Jeez, no pressure on Kazmir.

  57. Dye and Konerko hit back-to-back 300 career homers for the White Sox today. I doubt that’s ever been done.

  58. Now that midget Bartlett hits a homer? when he hit just one last year? This is a disgrace already. Play with some pride, people.

  59. Wow. Nice stat, there.

  60. Sterling is right in a way, and missing the point in another, in saying what’s the difference by how many the Rays win–presuming they do. The point is how many pitchers the Yanks will need to burn up simply to finish the game. We just might see the Yanks call up Tomko just as insurance.

  61. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Albaladejo go 3+, then get sent down (or someone else) just to have Tomko up–with no offense to Alby. Either that, or Girardi will need to juggle a ton the next week.

  62. They may be forced to.

  63. How was Easter and the dinner, Mike?

  64. Did you see where Britton is at AA for the Padres? Talk about low.

  65. Good. Was very tired yesterday, but great food. I love Paska bread. Good baked ham, mayo, horseradish all on paska bread. I love it.

  66. Swish!! 10-1. I did not, Mike. Britton will have new roads to learn and wear out now.

    I love baked ham, and could eat horseradish my the spoonful. We just don’t have good Polish places downstate. In Chicago? a ton, but not here. I’m glad you had a good celebratory feast.

  67. Wang’s ERA is now 28.93. I’m just floored.

  68. I live in the heart of Phillies country. I remember (and wrote about) the mourning when Ashburn died. It’ll be non-stop mourning for Kalas. I didn’t see it but my mom said that this afternoon it was all Kalas all over the news (get the Philly stations). It’ll be that way for days, as you could understand.

  69. 28.93. Looks like my dinner tab, not an ERA.

  70. SWB won 6-5. Igawa 5 R in 5 IP. Robertson 3 IP, 7 Ks. Tomko 1 IP for the save.

  71. Ransom just couldn’t do any more wrong right now, losing a pop-up in the dome/lights for an infield double. Ouch, but horrible.

    I understand about Kalas, Mike. Terrible news, just terrible. I’d be crushed if I learned about Sterling, or Rick Jeannerette the Buffalo Sabres legendary announcer (“Top shelf, where Momma hides the cookies!”), collapsing before a game and dying. That’s a real shame.

  72. We’ll see Robertson soon enough, Mike.

  73. Santana K’d 13 yesterday in a losing effort. Very impressive, but lost on a dropped ball in left.

  74. RC with a hit. I’d LOVE to see a comeback, but getting some players right at the plate again should be another goal today, win or lose. Jeter is one and while he’s started well, having a hot Cano is something I’d like to see renewed.

    WP, Cano to second. String a few together and get back in the game, guys.

  75. Wow. Now I see that Mark “The Bird” Fidrych passed on.

  76. Nice productive baseball, Matsui, advancing RC to third on an out–but it’s 10-1. Drive the ball to left instead of steering the ball to the right side for an out. It’s 10-1.

  77. Back in a bit.

  78. Oh NOOOOO! That’s horrible news, Mike. I loved The Bird in the ’70s.

  79. Gotcha.

  80. Ransom caught looking at strike 3. Girardi, please sit Ransom already. Please. He’s 1-22.

  81. Kudos to Melky, singling in Cano, 10-2.

  82. Boy, kudos also to Albaladejo for doing yeoman’s work through the fifth thus far, eating innings after Wang’s turd.

  83. Sorry, now Edwar is in. Still, Alby did OK. I can’;t stand this cobbling together in the pen.

  84. Thing is, if they send down Alby (and they probably should and will), who do they bring up? Tomko is closing, and Robertson went 3 tonight. Melancon had 2 yesterday and I can’t see them rushing him. Steven Jackson?

  85. I think Tomko could be good to go in a day, but only for a lengthy stint in a couple days. It’s a good point, Mike. The usage at SWB doesn’t on its face abate the early-season mess that is the bullpen.

    Albaladejo did yeoman’s work–not great, but decent, and ate some innings. If nothing else, a loss would shave off an inning of work. I’d prefer the win, obviously, but still…

  86. Jeter down to .214, 1 for his last 19. Teixeira, get well soon.

  87. Two robberies at the wall today by the Tampa OF, one by Upton, one by one of my favorites, Crawford. Yeeesh.

  88. Burrell hits a rocket off Edwar, 12-2. Horrible game.

  89. Yup. Catch you later. May as well catch up on some stuff.

  90. Take care, Mike.

  91. Nick Swisher is throwing the eighth. Bullshit. I commend him for doing it, but it’s nothing short of pathetic that they “need” to bring him in without a long man. Woe to Girardi if Swisher, who has carried the Yanks through the first week, gets hurt. He’s a guy they need to shore up the bench, who has filled in for the injured Teixeira.

    This, clearly, bothers me.

  92. Infield fly makes it two down, hopefully this charade ends soon.

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