Wang Atrocious as Rays Blow Out Yanks, 15-5

Wang was again pathetic, failing to record an out in the second and eventually allowing four runs in the second after allowing four in the first, dropping the Yanks in an insurmountable hole from which they never recovered.  He could not have been any worse, increasing his ERA to a whopping 23.98 in a weak, aggravating 15-5 loss.  Albaladejo did yeoman’s work by going three innings, allowing 5 hits, 3 runs earned, a walk, and 2 K’s.  Again, however, this is an object lesson in having a long reliever, a guy for example in Tomko who could have eaten several innings last Wednesday as well as today in relief for Wang to alleviate the need for the inevitable bullpen shuffle between The Bronx and SWB that Wang’s second consecutive poor start will almost surely necessitate.  It’s not a good situation, made all the worse by Wang’s either injury-or mechanically induced difficulties.

Honestly, I’m not in much mood for a blow-by-blow recap after having listened to this tripe.  Well, at least a had a four-pack of North Coast Pranqster to alleviate the pain.  And before I forget, thanks to Mike and Mike for dropping by the unintentional in-gamer.  Here are a few thoughts:

*Tell me that there isn’t a need for a long man when Nick Swisher just pitched the eighth inning.  Woe to Girardi should the Yanks’ MVP of the first week, who has only driven in 10 runs, batted .450 in seven games, and belted a homer to left (off Kazmir, outer half yet pulled; a beauty) while also filling in at first for the injured Teixeira, develop any kind of arm trouble from this fill-in stint/stunt.  I respect the hell out of Swisher for doing it, but it earns my first bold/italics Horrible for Girardi, the Yanks, and Wang for the perceived need to resort to this half-assed gimmickry.  Horrible. I’m officially annoyed by this.

*How important is Jorge? The guy is hitting .350 with 8 RBIs, with Teixeira having missed three games and A-Rod still rehabbing from hip surgery.  He’s an anchor, and wait until he has some lineup support.

*Jeter is 1 for his last 20, and was scarcely noticeable today.  I literally didn’t hear his name except for his three forgettable outs.

*JD is 2 for his last 12, no more a factor than Jeter.  I know Kazmir is terrific, but when the top two positions in the order (with subs) go a combined 0-7, that’s nothing but trouble and cannot continue.  With subs, the top two spots are 6-42 (.143) in the last five games.  Horrible.

*Cody Ransom is a not-ready-for-prime-time player, now going 2-24 (.083).  Pena please, Mr. Girardi.

*Kudos to Melky for going 2-4 with an RBI.  He had a good game.  But the decision to sit Brett the Jet was a bad one.  Why?  Both Upton and Crawford, one of my all-time favorite non-Yankees, stole homers or extra-base hits at the wall today, both on speed plays.  Melky is a terrific defensive player, but speed and athleticism make all the difference on such plays, more than even a good defender in Melky has.  I’m wondering if Girardi is experiencing wavering faith in The Jet.  I hope not, for if he is while sticking with Ransom Note, well, it won’t be pretty.  Plus, Melky simply doesn’t have Brett the Jet’s offensively capacity.  The Jet, however, needs to hit more line drives and balls on the ground.  He’s not done himself or the team many favors, either.

*Oddly enough, the Yanks were 3-9 with RISP, stranding only 4.  The problem was, first, getting so few runners aboard early, and second, Wang’s wretched start.

Burnett (1-0, 3.38 ERA) faces Garza (1-0, 1.29 ERA) in a match-up of top-flight righties tomorrow night.  Burnett better have seven good ones in him, an unfair saddle to be sure. Hopefully Teixeira is back.  Also, expect a promotion/demotion for a fresh arm after the last couple days.  I hate to say I told you so about Tomko…

It’s a bad stretch, people.  Let’s not get too exercised.  But this is not Tampa of a few years ago.  The Yanks need to respond with some anger and fast–say, tomorrow.  I’ll settle for their coming back to The Bronx Thursday 5-4.  Less than that, after blowing yesterday’s game, would be an unnecessary annoyance.  Even without Teixeira and A-Rod, the Yanks are better than that–or should be.

With concern for Wang, I’m out.

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  1. As disastrous and horrendous this game happened to be.. I feel semi shamefully glad for it, simply because of that 8th inning, which had me cracckkkking up. It was so hilarious, lol.. I love Swish. I probably would’ve went to bed feeling pretty pissed off or defeated after the slaughter of a game, but instead, I’m still laughing at that..
    I think it’s really about time the Yanks got a guy like him, that can single-handedly change the mood of the game and the clubhouse.
    I’m hoping for payback tomorrow though..

  2. what do you guys think Steinbrenner would do after last year and now this week?

  3. I don’t have a problem with Swisher’s attitude yesterday, V. Hell, the guy is refreshing, and his smiling during that, plus rolling the ball into the dugout after his first K, was funny. Good for him. I’m miffed at the team and Girardi for putting them and Swish in the position in the first place as a direct result of keeping no long man. Wang is obviously a mess and, since the team said he’s healthy (though who knows with them), then his mechanics are a mess.

    The Stein would flip, Mike, no question in my mind.

  4. Yea, I think that I would like to retract my prediction that Wang would be one of the five best starters in the AL this season. I actually thought about retracting it the day before his first start. He will come around, but I don’t know that he will have a *great* year now.

  5. Oh, so you’re to blame for Wang’s troubles, Joe?!? I THOUGHT so. That’s it. Well, in that case, Matsuzaka is going to have the greatest year EVER. See how you like it.

    Seriously, Wang has been brutal, just brutal. I think his having a great year is still possible after two starts, though I’ll pause on an ERA prediction with his hovering just below 24 right now…

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