Game 11: Indians @ Yankees, 4/17/09

As per Pete Abraham, below are the lineups with statistical histories of today’s starters.  He also reports that Matsui has fluid on his knee from being on base four times.  Personally, if it’s the middle of April and Matsui’s knees are still a problem, they always will be and I’d be shocked if he plays 135 games.  After yesterday’s bullpen debacle, Joba has to be good.  So do the hitters after stranding an appalling 15 runners.  I’m going for a run and will be in around the start of the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Swisher DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera RF
Ransom 3B
Gardner CF

Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (0-0, 1.50).

Lineup TBA

Pitching: RHP Anthony Reyes (1-0, 6.00)

Joba Chamberlain vs. the Cleveland hitters.

Anthony Reyes vs. the New York hitters.

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  1. I am in, in case anyone else is around.

  2. I am in and out. I came by when the game started but no one was here.

  3. Thanks for coming by yesterday and today, Joe.

  4. I was out for a run earlier on a glorious, sunny, warm day after cutting the grass.

  5. And Joe, sorry if I laid a DL stint on Matsuzaka with my great season call on him the other day. I never saw that coming, and I never wish for injuries.

    Are you concerned or feeling more patient about your Red Sox?

  6. Long at-bat but for naught despite a hard-hit ball to SS, one down.

  7. It’s about bleeping time! JD cranks one to left center to tie the game.

  8. Now Teixeira! 2-1, back-to-back, and a-belly-to-belly! 2-1. YES!

  9. I am not too concerned about the Red Sox. They were going to be careful with Dice-K, so I would rather them get it over with.

  10. Now one of my favorite hitters to watch is coming up in Victor Martinez.

  11. Ortiz has started slow, but others have hit. But like the Yanks, Boston’s offense has been spotty.

  12. Martinez can mash, no question. Good thing, for he’s a subpar catcher.

  13. I assume Ortiz will find his groove. But I am not going to expect the 2004-2007 version to come back.

  14. I don’t expect that either, Joe. He’ll be good but not great. He was something else in 2004-2007, especially in 2006 before he had to sit out, with all those clutch and walk-off hits and homers. It was as if it were happening every other day.

  15. Oh, I remember 🙂

  16. Does Hafner’s uni look a little more loose? Or is it just me?

  17. Less ‘roids for Project Donkey Hafner, Joe.

    Melky! 3-2 Yanks.

  18. Yea, Reyes is serving up some power today.

  19. That was actually a nice piece of hitting by Cano though

  20. Joba needs to stop issuing the free passes, especially to light hitters like Cabrera. Jeez, not first and second with no outs after Sizemore’s single.

  21. Terrible, Joba. Terrible, giving the lead away all too fast. He’s not efficient, either.

  22. I am two batters and a commercial behind the actual game on and it is really annoying.

  23. MLB.TV has been just horrible, Joe–slow, messy, full of stops. There’s no excuse for that.

  24. DeRosa was safe on a close play, 4-3 Cleveland, one out.

  25. Not sure why the Yanks have the infield back with one out and being a run down, but it doesn’t cost the Yanks on Project Donkey’s pop-up.

  26. Garko nearly homered, RBI double to left, 5-3 Cleveland. Ouch.

  27. JD hit the wall hard.

    Joba’s out.

  28. Have friends at the game in RF, Section 104.

    Since when was Joba kidnapped and Jaret Wright’s clone put into Joba’s body? Too many pitches 93, too many walks 5, too few innings (4 2/3). Not only that, gameday says his average fastball hit just 90.

  29. Outstanding, Mike.

    Jeez, Mike, Joba was terrible. At least Sabathia battened down the hatches and avoided the worst of trouble with the five walks–Brett the Jet just beat a pitchout for a stolen base, amazing–and walked Cabrera twice. Horrible.

    On the pitch speed Mike, it’s hard to say. I saw lots of 93-95, but the YES gun and others’ definitely differ. I think his location was more an issue than his speed, which I don’t think was down. But I could be wrong; it’s been a while since the Yanks have asked me to scout with the radar gun. 🙂

  30. Jeter advanced Gardner with an F9, one down. JD needs to score that runner. Nice throw by Choo, BTW.

  31. Not an accurate throw, but hard.

    Terrible, JD, just terrible, popping up on the very first pitch with one out and a runner at third.

  32. Yeah, I don’t know about the guns. But seeing Gameday say that Joba’s average fastball was just 90.1 made me wonder. But yes, location not good. A disappointing outing (and his S.T. wasn’t that great). Step it up, Joba.

  33. Runners at the corners with 2 outs for Swish. Really need a base hit here.

  34. He was terrible, Mike, just all over the place. The walks to Cabrera of all people were brutal. Why that guy?!?

  35. Mash one out, Swish.

  36. Walk, bases loaded for Jorge. HUGE moment.

  37. The Yanks really need to start plating runners. They CAN’T replicate 2008.

  38. Jeez, catch at the wall. Jorge gave it a good ride, but a missed opportunity.

    I need to grab my son from school, but will be back in 30.

  39. YES!!! I just got home and turned on the game for Jeter’s home run!!!

  40. The Captain. Huge. Now it’s time for Mariano.

  41. Great running catch by The Jet, now a single. Get a DP to end it.

  42. Now another single, Sizemore up.

  43. K!! Mariano blew him away with a fastball away, two down.

  44. That 1-2 was a strike.

  45. K Looking!!! Mariano does it again, #485 of his illustrious career! Huge win. HUGE.

  46. My friends at the game will always remind me now that they were there for win #1 in the new Stadium. Good for them. I got a few cell calls from them. Let’s just say they were enjoying it and leave it at that 🙂

  47. What a great memory for them, Mike. That’s something they’ll undoubtedly always remember. I imagine some revelry from them over the win–a good thing which I can’t begrudge them.

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