Three Hours Hate HDLR, 4/19/09: Indians @ Yanks

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room.  With PaVoldemort’s return to The Bronx and yesterday’s embarrassment, there is no shortage of motivation for the Yankees to bounce back and deliver a pasting of their own.  As per Pete Abraham, below are the lineups with historical statistics of the starters, He Who Shall Not Be Named versus Burnett.  The Yankees need a win for more than just to split the series and return to a winning record today.  I’m going for a run but will be in a bit before game time, so come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, a cold one, and some spicy chicken wings and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Matsui DH
Ransom 3B
Molina C

Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett (2-0, 2.70).

Sizemore CF
DeRosa 2B
Martinez 1B
Hafner DH
Peralta SS
Choo LF
Garko RF
Shoppach C
Cabrera 2B
Idle P

Pitching: RHP Carl Pavano (0-2, 16.71).

Burnett vs. the Cleveland hitters.

Pavano vs. the New York hitters.

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  1. PaVoldemort…that is good. With our luck he will pitch 7 innings of one run ball and get the win.

    Please visit my blog…

  2. after yesterday hate is not an emotion that will be difficult to summon.

  3. Amen, Mike.

    I am in, by the by. How are you this morning?

  4. Hey Chris. Thanks for the comment. Part of me fears your prognostication, but the majority of me feels the Yanks will bounce back big today.

  5. hey jason–i’m good–

    chris–i will check out your place

  6. Same here, Mike. I went for a long run and beat the rain. It’s rainy, but fairly warm here–60 degrees.

  7. I will as well, Chris.

  8. Hey all

    I still can’t get yesterday out of my head I want at Yanks to beat Pavano bad here.

  9. Nick! I hope you brought your PaVoldemort mask for the festivities today.

  10. How has everything been, Nick? Mike tells me you’re in school again.

  11. Be good today, AJ.

  12. tons of empty seats in the Imperial Boxes

  13. Sterling is hilarious, touting Peerless Boilers on a cool, blustery day–all tongue-in-cheek.

  14. A stinking disgrace, Mike. That will continue well past this Opening series.

  15. why are you listening instead of watching?

  16. Ahead 0-2, and Burnett walked him. Poor.

  17. Why is Girardi coming out with Monaghan?

  18. The TV is way too slow, Mike. It was a full three batters behind the other day. I can’t stand that, especially while we’re chin-wagging.

  19. yeah thats a shame

  20. hey guys.. this looks to be an interesting one..

  21. F9 in RCF, one down.

    Burnett is throwing hard.

  22. i had noticed that about the HD flash player as well

  23. V! How are things?

  24. hey V!!!

  25. The HD has been a joke, Mike.

    F9 shallow on one pitch to the dangerous Martinez, two down.

  26. Cheap bloop from Hafner, runners at the corners for Peralta.

  27. hafner and his cheap hits.

  28. Sterling and Waldman are having an interesting debate about whether or not they would like the new Yankee Stadium as a monster hitters’ ball park.

  29. things are okay J.. kind of stressing some work I was supposed 2 do over the break, but waited till 2day to do, lol.. other than that, also stressing our bullpen.. we are going to need a hell of a lot stronger one if the stadium is indeed a launching pad..

    nice inning there by A.J.

  30. YES! Nasty slider from Burnett that Sterling said drifted into the lefty hitters batters box, K.

    Alright now, no mercy against this waste of a procreative act in PaVoldemort.

  31. V, you work better under pressure anyway. 🙂

    Good point about the bullpen, and what about a long reliever, AHEM! especially if the Yankees are carrying eight relievers. Why don’t they just forgo a bench and carry 11 relievers?

  32. every out pavano gets will be like a knife in my heart

  33. Gardner needs to be a little more aggressive in one-strike counts. He gets to 1-2 and 0-2 without taking cuts…and now just K’d.

    Get things going against this chump, Captain.

  34. Waldman is exaggerating about PaVoldemort, saying “he has a great fastball.” What?!? It’s good at best. Jeez, Suzyn.

  35. JD, yank one outta here.

  36. a great fast ball?

  37. a pathetic 1st inning

  38. That asshole never made a play off the mound like that for the Yanks, or anything else for that matter.

  39. Indeed, Mike.

  40. Pavano is getting outs AND making good plays?…. Yanks are screwed..

  41. “He has a great fastball.”

    Please, Suzyn. If The Wizard were here, he’d freak at that comment, with some justification.

  42. And so it begins..

  43. why couldnt WE do that…well yet…

  44. That stinking Choo has killed the Yanks this series.

    DP was nice, though. Runs, boys.

  45. I’ll say this. Although the up-and-down start, especially Wang’s travails, have been bothersome, the defense has been pretty good.

  46. ok time for destruction

  47. I’ll say this as well. Wang breezed through the first yesterday, too. Let’s hope his fate gets visited upon PaVoldemort.

  48. Long, loud out, F8.

  49. what does Nick Swisher look up at before every pitch? the bleachers?

  50. Now I’m getting a bit annoyed, Swish K’s looking, two down.

  51. i’m getting quite annoyed

  52. They cannot let that miserable excrement get settled into a groove.

  53. V– you know how all hitters have their quirks…

  54. i hope big G gets a big hand from the crowd tomorrow

  55. F7, one down.

  56. I think he deserves a good hand too Mike, despite being a moderate disappointment.

  57. Nice Cody, two down.

  58. tex rules

  59. unbelievable play right there.. wow..

  60. Teixeira!! Great diving play! His defense is tremendous.

  61. Teixeira’s defense makes the Yanks infield damn good defensively. Cano is very good when focused, as he is now, Jeter’s defense is still a bit underrated, and A-Rod is good. But Teixeira is nothing short of great at first, great.

  62. The offense looks inept…at the hand of this clown?!? Ridiculous.

  63. do we seriously have no hits against Carl Pavano?

  64. Hi

  65. i’m in shock–i hope you just jinxed his no no V 🙂

  66. hey joey–i hope you have arrived with some disturbing stats on pavano…

  67. 36 thru 3 inning. Not good Yankees

  68. How are you, Joe?

    No hits against this piece of human flotsam.

  69. Indeed, Nick. PaVoldemort rendered–efficient.

  70. hey joe–can you tell us how you guys have turned nick green into a hitter?

  71. The disturbing stat is that Pavano seems motivated today, and that might be the first time ever

  72. hmm…good point

  73. I heard a quote from PaVoldemort that really rankled me the other day, saying that he had some good memories from playing in NY–winning the World Series there in 2003. What a total loser, trying to twist the knife when he knows he not only did nothing in his four-year heist, but shied away from competition itself, balked at actually earning his keep.


  74. Small sample size, that’s how. Remember Jose Molina in the beginning of last season? 🙂

  75. oh yeah-jose was the doubles king

  76. Nice plays from Ransom and Jeter, two down.

  77. very nice by both of them jas

  78. I have the Yanks on TBS HD and the comp

  79. Sox on comp i meant

  80. Burnett has the gas today, throwing 95 with ease.

    Another walk, though from what I heard the 2-2 was a strike.

  81. I got the Yanks on TV now, too.

  82. it was a strike jason–

    and now we pay—

  83. Goddammit! Homer, 3-0.

  84. 11 homers for Cleveland in the 3+ games. Disgraceful, while the Yanks are shut down by this piece of dung.

  85. Defibrillating that team and that slob’s career. Horrible.

    wake the hell up, Yanks. You’re being embarrassed.

  86. off topic ( to try to lighten the mood)

    i got this amazing gelato— dark chocolate with jalapeno- delicious.

  87. Hey Brett, use the bat and stop getting behind in counts. Now he pops up. Some of his at-bats are just lousy. That was one.

  88. you’re not kidding jason–very bad

  89. Why is Jeter swinging at that 1-0 fastball up? They’re having bad at-bats thus far.

    That sounds good, Mike.

  90. Hey, a double, about time. Nice hit, Captain.

  91. the no-hitter is snapped! lol..

  92. you got him jinxed V–!!!! thank you

  93. Imagine the benefits of using the opposite field. Since the Yanks have all those lefty hitters, and PaVoldemort is throwing everything on the outside corner, take the ball the other way.

  94. Indeed, V. Many thanks.

  95. 5-3, two down.

  96. could this be a more depressing series?

  97. 1-26 with RISP this series for the Yanks. That’s 2008 all over again.

  98. ok it got a little cheerier

  99. Impressive swing on that ball down in the zone (out actually)

  100. Clutch, Mr. Teixeira! 3-1 Keep it going. Nice hitting, hooking a ball on the outside to RF.

  101. Well, it’s a start, 3-1 now, and at least they made that slob throw 22 pitches. But they need a lot more. No excuses, this is PaVoldemort for goodness sake.

  102. Swish is 0 for his last 8 I believe.. the guy cooling off?

  103. I think so, V. It was bound to happen, and the rest of the team needs to pick it up offensively, but you’re right. He’s cooled.

  104. Burnett is not locating his off-speed pitches, behind 3-1 now–3-2 on the fastball.

  105. BB. Hold it here, AJ.

  106. i knew as soon as i picked him up on my fantasy team he would cool off–sorry guys–my fault

  107. He looks like he’s overthrowing his fastball a bit, and not following through on his fastball.

  108. Unforgivable, Mike. Deal him away right now, please.

  109. Nice play to track it down, Swish.

  110. i’ll DFA him ASAP jas…

  111. That 0-2 was a strike. I can’t stand Jerry Crawford.

  112. He’s the jerk who ejected Torre in a haste in 2007.

  113. crawford is a pig. call leslie van houten, susan atkins and patricia krenwinkle

  114. Sorry, everyone, for some flashes of anger earlier, people. This game is particularly significant for me, as for others I’m sure. PaVoldemort is right down there on the human scale with Bush and Cheney. It’s a must win.

    WP lets Cabrera go to second.

  115. 4-3 ends the top of the fifth.

    Time for runs, Yanks.

  116. good stuff.. can we bash carl pavano now?

  117. no need to apologize jason

  118. Well, I do, even though I advertised this HDLR in 1984-like fashion. It’s usually not my way.

    RC, start if off right, kid.

  119. Plus, this is to be the season of positive reinforcement and feel-goods. I’m forcing myself to get back to that.

  120. Nothing wrong with the opposite field, RC. Use it, please.

  121. well this inning is really pathetic.

  122. Oh my God, RC and now Matsui, two pop-ups, with Matsui chasing a ball. He’s just lost and needs to sit. they made a mistake sending down Miranda when his bat would have been a nice alternative, especially at this launching pad.

  123. there isn’t a lot to like jason

  124. Horrible inning. Horrible, with Ransom pulling a ball on the outside to SS. This really rankles me. They can’t step into a pitch and steer it to the opposite field? Honestly, making this turd look good.

  125. 66 pitches thru 5 embarrassing Pathetic.

  126. Without question, Nick.

  127. 19 of the 34 innings our pen has pitched has been in relief of wang. so says kay

  128. I really didn’t need to see Project Donkey blow a snot rocket in the batter’s box.

  129. A.J. has been stellar.. great stuff..

  130. That’s about right, Mike. The bullpen has struggled when it has had to log long innings. Most of that is on Wang. He’s got to be skipped.

    Nice K of Project Donkey.

  131. i missed it -damn

  132. Poor walk of Peralta, overthrowing.

  133. All those empty seats behind home plate. What a disgrace.

  134. sweet DP!

  135. Watching this game and how he frames pitches is yet another reminder of what a great catcher Molina is.

    Great DP by RC!! Nothing short of tremendous, going to his right, quickly flipping to Jeter for the DP turn.

    Get some momentum now!

  136. aj deserves this W–we gotta get it

  137. In the meantime, I’ve played a brisk game of “Balloon” with my son, not letting it touch the ground. Lots of fun.

  138. Jose!! Nice single.

  139. let pena pinch run-bring in jorge

  140. The Jet!! Keep it going.

  141. mama’s cookin’ now!

  142. dont bunt for god sake

  143. for god sake

  144. i would’ve preferred the bunt to that DP mike..

  145. Jeter and the damn DPs, two down.

    Need a hit, JD.

  146. God damn it

  147. well i guess i would have to , wouldn’t i?

  148. HBP for Teixeira.

  149. I feel your profanity, Nick.

  150. That 2-0 was not a strike.

  151. That 2-1 was mint, Teixeira. Kill that.

  152. JD steals second on the 2-2, single can tie it.

  153. idiot ump

  154. Nick Green just ripped his second ball of the game, Mike. A double off the wall, and earlier he ripped one to the warning track in center that was caught

  155. c’mon Swish..

  156. Whew, close.

    Can Swish jack one for a huge moment?

  157. You’ve got Green on the Fenway juice, Joe.

  158. Wake up, Swish, swing of don’t.

  159. ouch.. stinggg..

  160. well that was just….fucking lovely

  161. shocking

  162. Swisher has fanned three times today, and the Yankees are the only team in the AL with no hits with the bases loaded. Disgraceful.

    Wang and some others have been terrible, but I think the bats deserve a lot of blame. they’ve repeatedly failed in the clutch.

  163. i agree with you jason- more and more futility

  164. Any early-season pressure on Girardi? Opinions?

  165. if the boss were’nt diapers he would have been fired already. ( not saying that would be fair) but still. he would be gone. after last year and this bad start

    also kevin long would have been gone long ago. same with eiland

  166. I was always a fan of Girardi but this looks like it did last year with just better players same results. If it does not improve by May I think he has to go and I hate to say that i really do.

  167. so the rays have looked pretty bad this year so far as well…cant hit either

  168. ok it’s bullpen time i think

  169. Coke and Alby up in the bullpen.

    I don’t think Girardi should be fired for this start, yet. I think Wang’s horrendous issues and the pathetic struggles with RISP are not his fault. But this team cannot endure another slow start for the first six weeks.

    Need a DP here.

  170. if not for wang, we would be off to a splendid start i think

  171. Good point about the Rays, Mike. And despite these struggles, it’s early and the Yanks are far from out of it. But there will be some pressure on Girardi now, fair or unfair, because of all this.

    C’Mon! That 1-2’s a strike!! Crawford is such an asshole.

  172. that was infuriating!!!!!!

  173. This ump is costing us this game

  174. Unbelievable, stinking unbelievable. Seven walks from Burnett, but two of those were total crap.

    Burnett’s tired right now, but did pretty well.

    Can you believe they’ve outhit the Indians?

  175. Be good here, Alby.

  176. is anyone else cringing at the thought of another possible salami here..

  177. hmm alby up against the top of their order..i dont like the choice guys

  178. nice cody

  179. Nicely done, Cody. 5-2, two down.

  180. I’m honestly not, V. Not sure why, but maybe it’s the overarching sense that the Yanks must beat He Who Shall Not Be Named. The crowd is trying to get loud, with no help from the blue bloods present and absent.

  181. But 2-0 really hurts.

  182. thank u, phew..

  183. 2-1 now. Fight back, Alby.

  184. 4-3, well done Albaladejo!

  185. There’s a guy to get some more work when it counts. Sit and watch, Veras.

  186. Thinking about it I don’t the things I’ve said about Girarfi Im just worked up over this game and Pavano.

    AJ looks such a great tema mate seeing him there to give Alby a high 5.

  187. enough god damn kate smith.

  188. ok i’m glas i was proved wrong-thank you alby-=-

  189. !!!! nice one robbie

  190. Smoked down the 3B line by Cano, lead-off double. nice start.

  191. Mat-su, we need you now.

  192. matsuiiiii!

  193. YES!! 3-2 now. Outstanding, Matsui.

  194. 1 run game now COME ON YANKEES

  195. Bang one out, Cody.

  196. Matsui just can’t run; not the best bunt, but Matsui just can’t run.

  197. what a stupid move with matsui riunning

  198. Jorge, now’s your time.

  199. C’Mon, Jorge.

  200. HOMERRRR!!!

  201. if they recall this run i will explode

  202. They’re going to replay this. It’s really hard to tell if that was in the stands because it was so high.

    BUT it didn’t hit the fan reaching in, but the guy next to him, and he was in the stands. That’s a homer.

  203. Dont even think of it

  204. listen itb was over the wall–it is a homerun

  205. The replay clearly shows that it didn’t hit the guy with the glove, but the guy next to him who was in the stands, but dropped it. That’s a homer.

  206. Crowe flat-out missed the ball either way. PERIOD.

  207. good point jason…

  208. Oh wow.. you would think this a world series deciding call..

  209. and they say that replay quickens the pace of a game..ridiculous

  210. That’s being handled disgracefully. Show some nerve, Crawford.


    Jorge with a clutch, PH homer.

  211. And the homer sticks.. finally some home cooking..

  212. ok guys–lets pile on more runs…

  213. Keep it going, Mr. Jet.

  214. Gardner is taking too many pitches over the plate. He can’t take a good 1-1 here, and doesn’t fouling it off.

  215. The TBS crew is absolutely brutal. They don’t get the rule. If it’s deemed to have landed in the crowd, as it would have, that’s it–no fan interference.

  216. Jeter and Gardner are swinging at pitches way up and out of the zone.

  217. wow–the white sox have scored 9 on the rays guys—

    that bullpen of theirs….

  218. Bruney time, or do we see Coke with the lefties coming up?

  219. My son is thrilled about the White Sox.

    Bruney it is.

  220. Nice Cody on the pop-up, one down.

  221. you give that little guy a high five for me jas

  222. I will after he’s done riding his bike, Mike. He had a good sports day yesterday, playing well in soccer and hitting well at tennis.

  223. Bruney to the screen. Next time, BB, hit the bull.

  224. Nicely done Mr. Captain sir. Two down.

  225. Bruney has the gas today, 94.

  226. YES, JD! Three down, again nicely done Bruney.

    Add on for Mariano.

  227. Can we say now Bruney is the 8th inning guy

  228. I believe so, Nick. I believe so.

  229. Add on here, JD.

  230. JD goes the other way, but to Choo, one down.

  231. Heck of a play by Martinez, two down for Swish.

  232. Atta boy, Swish! Double to CF.

  233. Swish breaking his 0-9.. another xtra base hit..

  234. Come though again, Mat-su.

  235. There Loaded

  236. now would be a nice time for ransom to prove himself..

  237. Way to lay off, Mat-su, bases loaded with his walk.

    Ransom can win over a lot of people here with a hit.

  238. im back!

  239. Amen, V.

    Lotta room in RCF. 2-0 now.

  240. 3-2, bases loaded, two outs, huge moment.

  241. Get in 7-3

  242. YES!!! Broken-bat double, Choo couldn’t see it. 7-3. Huge moment.

  243. sweet!!!!

  244. I don’t know if he saw the ball, but Choo may have stopped on that. But I really don’t think he saw it.

  245. Oh wowwww.. this game is getting funny, lol..

  246. There’s no way he saw the ball. It bounced, and THEN Choo put up his glove to protect his face. He lost it.

  247. Good morning, good afternoon, and good night Mr. Posada. But a huge inning, and amazing that for all the differences discussed about the new Stadium, Left Field as the sun field reared its head again for three huge insurance runs.

  248. I’m keeping it positive, but I’m thrilled that that miscreant PaVoldemort won’t get the win.

  249. sweet play cody! its his day!!

  250. Ransom thinks he’s A-Rod now? Lol..

  251. WOW!! What a bare-handed play by Cody, and not on a weakly hit ball. Cody got around that, fielded it cleanly, and slung it to first to get him by three steps.

  252. we needed this one badly–for many reasons. it’s too bad they didnt kill pavano, but still

  253. OH YEEEAAAHHH!! Mariano shuts it down, 7-3, big win. I’m going to make steaks, but this was huge.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by.

    Burnett deserves credit for keeping it close despite the control issues. So does Albaladejo.

  254. good bye tribe–i’m awfully sick of you losers…

    thanks for hosting a very tense but ultimately satisfying game

  255. Amen, Mike. Amen.

  256. What a tense game.

    Thanks for hosting Jason

  257. Good win.. thx for hosting J =)

  258. Thanks for coming by, everyone.

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