Delays Possible at the Heartland

I’ll do my best to post semi-regularly, but it’s possible that my posts might be sporadic for a stretch.  My laptop seems to have taken a dump, and is right now on life support.  I’ll see how things stand and will plan to be around, I just can’t say how much for the foreseeable future right now.

Hopefully this is nothing major, but my gut tells me it is.

I’ve been having odd but minor problems with it lately, such as being booted off the Internet although I could get right back on.  That shouldn’t happen, but I worked around it.  Today, I used it without the adapter but not for too long, then set it to standby before taking it to school for some research.  When I opened it at school, the dashboard was lit up, but it wouldn’t turn on or off.  It could be the processor or mother board, but I’m going to wait until the battery dies before plugging it back up to the adapter, hoping it was just stuck in standby for some reas0n.  I know the battery was’t low, for I’ve used it unplugged for far longer before.  I think something has blown on it, and like auto repairs, computer issues never come along at a good time.

[Edit: Crisis averted, for now.  The laptop is back, thanks to Mike’s advice about removing the battery.  I was hoping to use that as a last alternative, but I resorted to it, and it seems to have worked thus far.  I’m still concerned, but for now, this is a relief.  I owe you a couple coldies, Mike.]

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  1. oh man-what a drag–so sorry to hear it–i hope all your important stuff is backed up.

  2. PS if I were you i would remove the battery and then put it back in and see what happens

  3. Everything is backed up, Mike. Most of my files are also stored off-site, a huge plus and relief despite my frustrations with the laptop. The removal of the battery is the next step if waiting on it doesn’t work.

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