Catching Up

After missing most of the pre-game stuff yesterday with work and the computer conundrum, I was prompted to this George King article about CMW in the New York Post by Mike Sommer.  In it, King quotes Brian Cashman as saying things that don’t necessarily add up:

“As of right now we have no reason to believe he isn’t healthy, but I have been down that road, too, before,” GM Brian Cashman said after last night’s game against the A’s was postponed (it will be made up in July).

“We are looking at everything else right now but health, but at the same time his velocity is down [89-91 mph] and his command is off. Those are two indicators [of injury]. We will keep looking at it.”

Yet King also reveals that Wang, according to Cashman, hasn’t been able to run since his injury.  Running is essential to pitchers’ training regimen, as we know.  I just don’t get how it is that Wang has not been able to run, yet is still pitching.  What workout regimen has he been following that the Yankees believe allows him to pitch?  Please tell me it isn’t a reversion to the Marty Miller club pro training regimen de-emphasizing running.  Whatever it is, for more than just reduced velocity and poor command but the obviously terrible results, it isn’t working.  Maybe the Yanks were persuaded by a decent Spring Training, in which Wang was 1-2 with a 4.15 ERA, to believe that Wang would be ready to go.  Maybe the foot that he injured last June has been re-injured, and Wang is being a gamer about it, following the lead of Jeter and others by not blaming any injury for poor performance.  Regardless, I cannot help but think that should there be an injury, we’re getting more of the same runaround from the Yankees brass about this situation.  It would also mean that Wang really shouldn’t be pitching, since he’s been atrocious and is being skipped for the Boston series–thankfully.

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