The Finger

Some excellent tidbits from Pete Abraham. First, a funny exchange between Big and Little G after Brett the Jet’s larcenous play in center last night:

Brett Gardner told me a funny story last night. After he made that tremendous catch to rob Jason Giambi in the first inning, he was back in the dugout after the inning when Giambi yelled over to him from first base.

The Big G, on the sly, flipped Gardner off. “We were both laughing,” Gardner said.

Gardner singled on the second inning and when he was on first base, Giambi wished him well on the season and told him to play hard as good things would happen.

“It was great for him to say that to me,” Gardner said. “Jason is a really good guy. It means a lot to have a veteran on your side like that.”

Hilarious of Giambi, who for all his foibles and baggage really seems to have been a pretty good mentor and teammate while with the Yankees.

On a more frustrating note, more evidence about how class permeates the new Stadium.  The urinals in the field level bathrooms have dividers between them, something that others in the rest of the Stadium lack.  Apparently, only the rich deserve the luxury of a little privacy.  Also, the Legends seats mean tons of free candy for people in them, but not for the rest of the fans.  What an insult to everyday people, who have to watch the blue bloods gobble up platters of free candy while the rest of the fans scrounge for over-priced snacks.  Why not just openly give the finger to fans?  At least it would be more honest.

A bleeding disgrace, as is the endless stream of photos such as the one below.  Apparently, many of these blue blood seats are actually sold, but an unnamed Yankees official has speculated that ticket-holders are sheepish about going for fear of recriminations that they’re enjoying life while their businesses–and everyday people–suffer.  Then do us and potentially thousands of others a favor and donate the tickets, as Mike F. rightly suggested a few days ago, to one of many worthy causes to allow everyday people who might be in need or under duress to actually attend and enjoy the bloody game.  Horrible.


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  1. when i got up and read that story about big and little g–it made my day. it’s a shame that matsui’s contract didn’t run out the same time as his and bobby’s. I think we’d have a different DH this year ( though it would be bobby and i wish that were true). anyway. Perhaps they should arrange cattle cars to the bronx for people holding upper deck tickets tickets.

    if the boss were sentient this bullshit with empty seats would NOT fly. lon trost and randy levine define the word smarmy.

  2. If I were in charge of PR for the Yankees, I would do everything to blunt all these stories about the empty seats and the special urinals, etc. They need to start stepping up and making a bigger deal about their charity work. I would have them donate a daily batch of tix to needy kids; I would have a daily “Meet the Player” program where community members can get a ball signed by their favorite player; I would absolutely kill the rule about fans not being allowed near the field during batting practice. On and on.

  3. …and it just looks terrible on TV. Terrible. There could be 45,000 in the place, but all you see is the empty ring of expensive seats down below. Not only on the CF shot, but of every shot from 3B to 1B. That area is separated from the rest of the Stadium by a wall. Pete Abraham compared it to a moat.

  4. Moving on, how about that game today?????????

  5. Me and Mike were watching the game it looks terrible. Its weird seeing homers hit when you would see thousands of people behind home plate stand it was always great yesterday there was about 8 people.

  6. I’m stunned by the empty seats. Even in this economy I can’t get a decent seat at Fenway. I would have thought Yankees fans would have lined up in droves for a chance to be at the new stadium. I assumed the year would be a sellout, considering there are close to 4000 fewer seats now than in the old park. The good news is that getting tickets shouldn’t be that hard. I agree with Jane, though. Get people into those seats with a charity drive. Even the illusion of a sellout will spur ticket sales. There’s a good enough product on the field. The fans should embrace this team upgrade from last year.

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