A-Rod Under Investigation

From Pete Abraham:

The New York Times is reporting that MLB is investigating Alex Rodriguez’s use of PEDs to determine the truthfulness of his claims.

Selena Roberts, who has a book coming out about Rodriguez, was asked to cooperate with the investigation and refused.

This news comes amid reports that commissioner Bud Selig has not yet decided whether baseball will investigate whether Rodriguez tipped pitches to friends on other teams the hope that they would do the same for him.

During his time with the Texas Rangers, Rodriguez often was allowed to call pitches from his position at shortstop. That would have easily enabled him to tip off opponents.

Since, according to the New York Timesarticle, Roberts did not agree to comply with an investigation, I think proving this charge may be difficult.  Considering Roberts’s reliance on anonymous sources, this poses an additional problem.  However, this issue of tipping pitches is serioys, affecting the very integrity of the game and the basis on which these players compete.  Plus, to consider it OK to tip a pitch late in a game that is allegedly out of hand ignores an incredible amount–the fact that comebacks such as the one the Yanks pulled off last night do occur, the affect such a breach of the loyalty provision of players’ contracts would have on another player’s performance and therefore employment and financial opportunities, the affect it would have on team chemistry and morale if ever discovered, and more.

I have no idea if A-Rod actually did this.  But I do know that if he did, he’s even lower than I had considered him when the steroids claims and admissions occurred.  We’ll see what actually come sof this, if MLB actually turns up or even wants to turn up compelling information or, as the Times article that Michael S. Schmidt authored contended, this is a matter of Bud Selig wanting to appear in control of a strange development.  I’m not big on tabloid journalism, and to a degree Roberts smacks of a tabloid journalist with her book trawling for dirt on A-Rod.  However, one question persists, especially since it has been A-Rod and not Roberts who has had to own up to charges and recant accusations–what it the dirt is true?

All this in the second of ten seasons for which the Yankees are financially yoked to A-Rod, regardless of the veracity of the myriad charges in Roberts’s new book.

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