HDLR Saturday, Game 24: Superfluous Acronyms @ Yankees, 5/2/09

Hi everybody and welcome to the first Digital Living Room in a while.  The Yankees look to make it three straight against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Superfluous Acronyms, and five straight overall.  Following up on the great May Day comeback, CC Sabathia will hopefully be sharp with Swish out, Jorge resting after the night game, and a bottom half of the lineup that has been hot of late.  Below, as per Pete Abraham, are the starting lineups.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (13-10)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Cabrera RF
Molina C
Pena 3B
Gardner CF

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (1-2, 4.73).

ANGELS (9-13)
Figgins DH
Matthews RF
Kendrick 2B
Hunter CF
Napoli C
Morales 1B
Rivera LF
Wood 3B
Aybar SS

Pitching: RHP Matt Palmer (1-0, 6.00).

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  1. Will be in and out.

  2. Cool, Mike. I’m going quickly to the store and will be back circa game time.

  3. i’m in but it will be hard to keep up with comments as much as i would like as i’m watching on the laptop

  4. Hopefully CC starts pitching to the ace he was signed to be. Having the rotation go deeper can help take pressure off the beleagured bullpen. We need the CC’s, AJ’s etc. to start giving 7, not 5 2/3.

    Also, something I write about… it’s still VERY early in 2009, but I do wonder when the A-Jax watch starts. So far, so good at SWB for him, and he is the CF of the future, not Melky or Gardner. You just wonder how soon that future may be. Later this year, or the beginning of 2010?

  5. that coupled with that unbelievably SLOW Hi Def MLB tv. when i was watching it the other night it was like 3 to 4 minutes behind real time

  6. Nice catch by the Road Runner.

  7. Good evening everyone

  8. im gonna go with john and suzyn so i’ll be in real time

  9. hey mike and jas etc etc

  10. Hi everyone. I’m in now.

  11. hey welcome in

  12. Good first for CC. Get off to another good start–but don’t disappear for six innings–Yanks.

  13. How is everyone? Pretty damn good after last night, I presume.

    Now I’m mad after the hit of Jeter. Pettite doesn’t respond, but CC must.

  14. CC needs to inflict some pain on a couple of angels

  15. Jeter stole second, nice, but Aybar got hit in the face. Horrible.

  16. I really hope Aybar is OK. That’s terrible.

  17. is jeter ok?

  18. mats on fire !

  19. He seems to have a sore neck, but he’s OK.

    Mat-su!! RBI single, Teixeira to third, 1-0 nice and early. Matsui is killing the ball the last two weeks.

  20. Not a good at-bat from Cano, Melky needs a single.

    I have to hand it Melky. He’s been good, just plain good. He’s worked hard and not sulked.

  21. yeah i’m not planning to hate on melky–for a while…hmm maybe i will…

  22. Should have had more, but a nice start nonetheless.

  23. Agreed on that, Nick. How have you been?

  24. a lead is a lead come on CC

  25. Im ok mate just seen the new Xmen film good movie nothing special. How are you

  26. Teixeira has already walked 19 times.

  27. CC and the rest of the starters need to cut down on the free passes.

  28. All has been good, busy but good. My son wants to see the new XMen flick.

  29. if this walk scores i’m gonna be pissed…

  30. How about a DP ball on the slower Rivera?

  31. Same here Mike. Enough passes.

  32. another bad start…

  33. Another single, bases loaded. CC left that up. His form has been inconsistent at best.

  34. Need some shut down. It’s not good for your “ace” to give something back right after you have scored. Big K there.

  35. LET’s GO CC! NO RUNS!

  36. Yes, big K, two down.

  37. What’s up, Wiz?

  38. Souter retiring, wow…Did not see that coming.

  39. No question, Mike S.

  40. we will miss souter –a great justice.

  41. No harm after the liner to RC, still 1-0.

  42. Hopefully a Scalia replica will be placed on the bench.

  43. yeah–lucky cano was in the right place…

  44. Souter did a good job. My understanding from a Washington Post article is that, according to a friend of his, he wants the hell out of DC. He’s got a small farm in NH and wants to take it easy. I just respect that he is retiring when healthy. That rarely happens among justices.

  45. Good to see the run in the first. With 6-9 today, D and small ball may be necessary.

  46. Wiz, I think Scalia will hold onto that seat until his deathbed.

  47. yeah–lucky cano was in the right place…

    Just like Bobby Richardson in 1962?

  48. Truthfully, though, that liner by McCovey to end the 1962 Series was scorched.

  49. I’d say that analogy with Richardson fits, Mike. I’ll add that Cano has played a great second thus far this year. That turn he made on the DP the other day was as smooth as it gets.

  50. I would agree Jason. I saw Scalia in action this past November, crazy man. His brilliance is undeniable though I am not as much a fan of originalism as him.

  51. Did you go to the Court, Wiz?

  52. Yup. I went on November 10, 2008.

  53. A-Jax singled and scored for SWB already today.

  54. Or did you see him in a public-speaking engagement?

  55. Jackson has been great thus far, Mike. Your boy Montero has 5 homers and is hitting .333 in Tampa, killing the ball.

    I want to see SWB in Indy next week but need to save my cash for vacation. 😦

  56. be back in a sec.

  57. Yeah, just checking. AAA and A+ (Tampa) playing now. AA and A- (Charleston) have night games.

  58. The bottom of the lineup has been great the last couple days, but I must admit that a bottom four of Melky, Molina, Pena, and Gardner has me a bit concerned. It’s time for the top of the order to step it up a bit.

  59. Aybar was hit on the jaw and has been taken to the Yankees team dentist. Big ouch.

  60. back. Have a quick inning CC.

  61. HE SWUNG!

  62. Yes he did, Wiz.

  63. Molina is such a terrific defensive catcher, one of the very best I’ve ever seen.

  64. The Melkman delivers Defense.

  65. Melky!! The guy is winning me back over. He’s playing inspired ball.

  66. wish i had seen that one–hope there is a replay clip

  67. Apparently the Yankees have nicknamed Molina “Panda.” Hilarious.

  68. Diving catch into the RF corner. Apparently, when Melky ran after that, Abreu winced and cowered in the dugout.

  69. Mike, have you read “Luckiest Man” yet? I was touting that book to Frank the Sage last night. I think it’s one of the best and best-researched books I’ve ever read.

    Tough break, ball bouncing on the line. Unusual that Jeter didn’t run, but he clearly thought it was foul.

    Excellent catch by Matthews, another excellent defensive OF with a cannon of an arm.

  70. nice inning guys…

  71. Need to send something to state of PA. I have no idea what it is, but an uncle tipped me off that I have some unclaimed (under $100) property that the state treasury is holding. Need to photocopy my drivers’ license or SSN card. How much and what it’s for (from a previous job) I have no clue. I wouldn’t even have known about it had my uncle not been snooping around for whatever reason.

  72. They need to make Palmer work. He only threw several pitches that inning, and is at 43 through 3. be patient with this guy. Don’t let him settle in like that mullet-head Weaver.

  73. oh you know i haven’t…but i think i will–it being an appropriate time to do so…

  74. How odd, Mike, but then again, those things are not uncommon from what I understand–back pay, overpaid taxes, etc.

  75. Wiz, any flaming shots lately?

  76. CC with the nasty hook, 4th K.

  77. CC with a little payback for Jeter and Swish? Maybe.

  78. No shots Jason. Yourself?

  79. Not in a 1-0 game. If it were 5-0, maybe.

  80. he should have thrown it harder at him

  81. …Pena with the D.

  82. Nice PLAY Pena!

  83. But CC almost threw it behind Napoli. Regardless, I’m fine with it.

    What a play by Pena, throwing to second for the force from his knees. That guy can pick it in his sleep.

  84. More runs!

  85. Way to field the position, CC. He’s allowed some hard-hit balls, but looks better.

  86. Even the outs that Matsui and Cano make are skulled.

  87. …which is not to presume an out from RC here, but just I mentioned him on the horn to the Sage last night.

  88. Baltimore and Toronto tied at 3 in the 4th, and the Cubs are up 5-0 on the Fish.

  89. Did someone turn off the “jet stream” today? 😉

  90. Nice pitching match-up thus far, but I don’t like that career minor-leaguer Palmer is masquerading as Jim Palmer today.

    Hold it here, CC.

  91. I think so, Mike. Someone set it to “vacuum” today.

  92. Even David Palmer…

  93. “The Jet Stream”. Oh my goodness, Fatcessa went on for hours about it.

  94. What a great DP attempt by RC, nearly turning an amazing DP after CC missed that. He’s been incredible this year, incredible.

  95. I worked with a great union rep. Dave Palmer–different guy obviously.

    Have people been listening to Solo Francesca lately?

  96. CC blew that past Matthews, 0-2.

  97. Is it me, or does the new Stadium sound a bit louder the last few games?

  98. I believe CC is at 79 through 5 IP. The Yankees need to make Palmer work, and get something going off him.

  99. The crowd seems to have more energy today. I think last night got everybody jazzed up.

  100. it was quite loud last night–even with the wet weather-sounds loud today too. a few commenters from lohud said it was very loud last nigth

  101. I thought for a second that Pena had a homer. Still, a nice play by Matthews to take extra bases away from Pena.

  102. man i get tired of sterling making it sound like a big hit…

  103. Maybe the people who wanted to see the museum are now gone and replaced by the real fans.

    Now to lower those prices even more so that the real fans are closer to the field and don’t need megaphones to be heard.

    Where is the guy from the Miller commercial? You know the ad where he breaks into the luxury box and takes all the Miller away?

  104. Gardner has to hit the weights a bit. Get it through the infield.

    Would have been nice if Pena had curled one around the pole.

  105. I feel for Gardner, and his speed is a huge plus, but his at-bats lately have been BAD. I think part of it is inactivity and maybe a lack of confidence. But it’s more than that he’s not getting hits. He’s either grounding out or popping out without much more than a whimper.

  106. What is really fun is watching (and muting) a game to listen to Sterling on the radio. You wonder what game he is watching.

  107. I couldn’t agree more all around, Mike S.

  108. Harry Moskowitz. It is high, it is far, it is caught in shallow center field.

  109. The Yanks have one hit through five, against the Superfluous Acronyms’ version of Aaron Small.

  110. Wiz, on a different note, you would have been proud of my friend Frank the Sage’s anti-Mets rant last night. Harsh and priceless.

    Another nice pick by Pena. That guy is amazing in the field.

  111. the mets finally stood up and made a statement last night though…

  112. nice D- jeter…

  113. Terrible throw by Jeter, first and second now–right play, wrong execution. Teixeira kept that from “the guy in the third row.”

  114. Jeter, *sigh*

  115. what is going on?

  116. What the hell is this?!? Did someone call time? Hunter was picked off, no two ways about it. Come on!

  117. A ballboy had brought out new balls at the same time that Hunter got picked off. Now a double steal in a tight game.

  118. a double steal. Yikes. In this way, teams like the Angels and Rays make the Yanks look old….

    …and the error hurts.

  119. Tie game after all that, two out and a runner at third.

  120. another pathetic performance from CC–and against a team with no bobby or vlad… a sorry sorry game

  121. are catching a break… no bad Vlad…

  122. Indeed. This is a team with no Santana, no Lackey, no Escobar–and it’s tied at 1.

    Runs now, please.

  123. Top of the lineup coming up. Teix, at .187, has to start doing something….NOW.

  124. Runs please!

  125. I appreciate that Teixeira’s wrist has been sore and it has restricted his preparation. That said, .187 is abysmal.

  126. Against lefties, the Yanks have been hampered by no Alex, no Nady, and Teix’s wrist being the one that hurts him from the right side. They then have to rely on Jeter, Posada, Molina (if playing), Pena….or the lefties to hit lefties.

  127. finally!

  128. Big lead-off ground-rule double for The Captain. Who else to bust through?

  129. ….or Swisher (a switch-hitter forced to sit today)…or Melky…

    Anyway, point is against lefties, really hampered no Alex or Nady and the Teix wrist. Throw in no Swish today…

  130. An SF works here. Get it in the air, Teix.

  131. JD moved the runner over to third, one out. Um, Teixeira, now’s the time.

  132. Damn it Tex!

  133. i guess i spoke too soon…they wont get this run in

  134. Poor at-bat from Teixeira, now the need for a two-out hit.

  135. Not deep enough. Boo.

  136. He got lots of air on that, just really shallow. I feel for the guy and know his wrist has been an issue, but he’s been awful at the plate.

  137. CC at 99. Bring him back for the 7th? Probably. Sure enough, they strand him.

  138. i dont get this team…after last night this is the last thing you would expect

  139. Wasted the lead-off double. They’re 1-6 with RISP.

    Be back shortly.

  140. Infuriating to say the least. Hold them CC.

  141. HUGE K! Now escape the inning please.

  142. Hold it here, CC.

  143. Ugh.

  144. Infield hit, 2-1, nice play by Cano to prevent 2 runs. Jeez though, the Yanks are mired in a frustrating, anemic game thus far.

  145. $#*(!@$

  146. They play smallball. The sac. Then the infield hit. Now the killer, a 2-run double by Hunter. They play smallball well and take advantage of their opportunities.

    The Angels we (esp. Joe Colarusso) have come to know and hate.

  147. …and with two out to boot.

  148. Inexcusable, just inexcusable. The Yanks left this team in the game way too stinking long.

    Now they will need another four-run comeback like last night, and ala 2005.

  149. CC was again subpar. He reminds me of Mussina a couple years ago, pitching well for a few innings then turning into a much less proficient manifestation of himself in a devastating inning.

  150. Sterling: Robbie Cano singles up the middle, grabbed by Kendrick, who throws Cano out.

    How could it then be a single up the middle, John? He was out.

  151. Cano robbed of a single by Kendrick.

  152. I was about to write the same thing, Mike. He started to call it a single, but I think he wanted to jump the call because WCBS was late in coming back from the commercial break. Still, a bad call.

  153. First and second, one out. I’m pissed because the audio feed is the only feed in real time with MLB.com, and for some reason it’s not only been disrupted, but isn’t even showing up on the mlb.com audio-video page. What a bunch of crap, paying $16 a month for lousy service. No one to call on the weekend, either.

  154. That’s a low strike call to Jorge pinch-hitting, 0-1.

  155. K, two down.

  156. Bases loaded with two out for The Captain.

  157. That’s not CLOSE to a strike on 1-0. Not close, DeMuth!

  158. Arredondo knocked that down to get out of the inning. Crappy call from DeMuth to make it 1-1 instead of 2-0, which would have forced Arredondo to throw something more hittable. I haven’t called out umpires much this year, but he’s been crappy.

  159. Please DFA Veras already, grooving one down and in to Evo Morales, 6-1 The Superfluous Ones.

  160. When Wang returns and Bruney they better DFA and send Edwar to AAA but knowing them it’ll be Robertson or Alby. Girardi loves them both

  161. DFA Veras that is

  162. Veras walks Wood. Wow. Veras is downright painful.

  163. Does Girardi hate Robertson or something

  164. It’s a good point, Nick. He didn’t even use Jackson after calling him up.

    By the by, great throw by Teixeira over the shoulder of Wood to start the 3-6 force. What a great first baseman, everything in the field by the book. He’s great, even if he’s struggling at the plate.

  165. Second walk by Veras, and Kay is right. It’s as if Veras really doesn’t know where the ball will go. He’s horrible.

    “A little out of whack right now,” Flaherty? 12 of 17 for balls, and most of them not close. Horrible.

  166. Jorge needs to confer with Veras right now. He’s let him drift a bit as a backstop.

  167. What’s the point of Veras throwing it in at 98 when it’s at the shoulders?

  168. Gardner is struggling with the sun, but made the catch nicely.

    Another comeback from five down? Don’t rule it out.

  169. In the immortal words of that great 20th century philosopher, Billy Idol, “Dancin’ with myse-elf, oh-uh-oh. Dancin’ with myse-elf, uh-oh.”

  170. Teixeira nearly hit that out to center, two down.

  171. Aybar needed sutures in his upper left lip, but X-rays were neagtive, thankfully. That was scary.

  172. Maybe Robertson can get some quality time other than dealing in junk time in the 9th.

  173. Oh Robertson is alive.

    You watching the boxing tonight Jason. Go Hatton

  174. I am not, Nick. I can’t afford the PPV. Hatton’s power and hook versus Pacquiao’s speed and defense. It should be very good. I’ll say this, Hatton is no ancient De La Hoya. If he’s right, he’ll stalk Pacquiao.

  175. Looks like Cano’s hitting streak will end at 18. nice streak, RC, but DiMagg is safe for now.

  176. I cant either just on the radio for me hope for Hatton but Pacman’s class might be too much for him.

    Not the best of games but lets hope they win the series tomorrow.

  177. Something told me Jorge would hit a homer, honestly.

    The Yanks need to win tomorrow, and need Hughes to be good. The pen has become a bucket of hand grenades.

  178. I’d DFA veras and bring up Tomko we need a long man and Veras is useless right now

  179. Although when Wang returns, the Yankees will need to make a second move. Right now, half of the pen is woeful.

  180. Got some food. Yeah, I’m sick of Veras at this point.

  181. Thanks for coming by, everyone.

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