Injury Updates on Marte and Nady

Via His Abeness, some vital information on Marte:

Damaso Marte said his shoulder has been bothering him for several weeks. He had an MRI on Friday and will see a doctor tomorrow. Joe Girardi said it was related to the issue he had in spring training during the WBC. “It’s weak,” Marte said. Marte didn’t use the injury as an excuse for how poorly he has pitched. But Girardi and Brian Cashman said that the injury clearly was to blame.

I always feel for players who are not just injured, but who make the attempt to play through pain.  It’s also important to remember that there is a fine line between being sore and being injured, with a good many pitchers routinely feeling soreness and the desire to pitch through it to help the team.  To what degree Marte is injured, we’ll see.  Hopefully it’s not too serious especially since, also according to Abraham in the same post, Bruney will almost certainly not be ready to perform once he’s eligible to come off the DL May 10.  Hopefully when he returns, Marte will be more effective than he has been thus far.

On a brighter note, Xavier Nady is undergoing an experimental procedure that might allow him to return to the field earlier than previously anticipated.  Abraham’s informative post is worth quoting at length:

Yankees outfielder Xavier Nady is attempting a cutting-edge medical procedure that could help him return to to the team far earlier than expected. Nady told The Journal News today that he is having platelet-rich plasma injected directly into the area around the partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The procedure was successfully used by right-handed reliever Takashi Saito last season. Saito, who is now with the Red Sox, was able to avoid Tommy John Surgery. Like Nady, he had a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament.

Blood drawn from Nady’s body is spun to isolate the platelets, which clot and promote healing of the ligament. The platelets are 10 times more concentrated than normal blood. It is believed Saito and Nady are the only baseball players to have had this procedure done. Hines Ward of the Steelers is another athlete who has had success with the procedure.

Nady, who had Tommy John Surgery in 2001, is hopeful that the procedure will work. He has been injected with the platelets twice.

“It hurts because the needle they use is designed to go right into the ligament. It’s a painful procedure,” he said. “But it’ll be worth it if I can get back sooner.”

Nady said he is hopeful of returning to the team sometime late this month or in early June as a designated hitter and then to get back in the outfield. Surgery would have kept him out for at least a year. The 30-year-old outfielder will be a free agent at the end of the season.

Nady injured his elbow on April 14.

First off, one must respect any player willing to allow a needle into to be inserted directly into a ligament.  That must produce a level of physical pain most of us haven’t known, with a needle out of a sci-fi movie.  Any fan blithely mouthing the turgid bromide that, for all the money players make, they should endure such pain should try to endure it themselves.  I know also that Nady must be looking out for his future, since he will be a free agent and anything that will allow him to play and produce before he hits the market this off-season may literally mean millions of dollars more than if he sits out an entire season.  Given recent developments with the Yanks, they could use all the depth they can get, and get back.  JD is playing banged up, and should Nady return sooner than previously anticipated, it would allow Damon to get a bit of much-needed rest.

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  1. oh c’mon–nothing is more fun than mouthing a turgid bromide. especially blithely.

  2. You wonder if it’s the “anti-Pavano” syndrome. In order not to look like a Pavano, players play when they shouldn’t in order to “man up.”

    As opposed to …

  3. You might have a point about turgid bromides, Mike.

    While I would also attribute it to a culture in which ideas of masculinity are constructed, Mike S., I think you may be onto something important–both for players who saw how PaVoldemort was treated, and for new players who don’t want to step in the same, shall we say, messes.

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