Posada on the DL; Cervelli Up

More bad news on the injury front.  Jorge Posada left last night’s game with a hamstring injury that has landed him on the DL.  Francisco Cervelli has been called up to replace him.  From Pete Arbaham on the expected length of Jorge’s DL stay:

The Yankees are saying officially that Posada will be out 2-3 weeks. But within the clubhouse, the fear us that it could be more like 3-5 weeks.

Clearly the offense will take a hit without Jorge, even when A-Rod comes back. While the defense will remain good if not somewhat improve with Molina behind the dish more regularly, the offense loses just as much without Jorge, if not more, than what the defense gains with Molina.  Jorge is the guts of the team, and hopefully that the Yanks have added some mature players this off-season will help to stabilize them in the interim.  All the problems notwithstanding, this team has enough talent and ability to win games.  The question is whether or not they will pick it up until and after A-Rod returns, when Wang is healthy and hopefully effective, with Nady’s absence harming the depth, with the bullpen injuries, with the team’s continued problems with runners in scoring position, and with Teixeira having been mired in a slump (though last night’s homers were big and welcome).  This only compounds the other problems, but other teams have them, too.  Toronto has seen its starting staff decimated for the last two seasons, but they’re playing winning baseball.

It stinks, but no excuses.

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  1. Hopefully Jorge comes back sooner than later. Our offense is in trouble. I cannot figure out for the life of me why they can’t sonsistently hit with RISP? .254 this year. .261 last year. Both below the league averages. Hard to believe that the Yanks have a below average offense. I don’t get it. My only theory is they’re trying to go deep instead of just hitting the ball. Whatever the reason, they’re piss poor. the injuries wouldn’t change it.

    Girardi needs to figure out how to get his team to perform to their potential.

  2. Manny’s been juicing? Now let’s see the other names on that list!

  3. Now Molina…

    M*A*S*H* unit.

    …after one HR, and one blown save, I don’t worry about Mo.

    After four, two blown, another that only a big lead saved…now I wonder.

  4. Jason, here are my thoughts about the NBA if you care to read. Since you are a big fan.


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