Game 39: Orioles @ Yankees, 5/19/09

Because of time constraints, I’m going to do an in-game run down Mike Sommer style, simply because I have hours of work to do tonight.  Yet I also want to tune in to the game, especially with the six-game win streak rolling.  Sabathia has been better and needs to keep improving to help keep pace with the Jays, up 4 1/2 games on the Yanks.  Last night was great to see, an almost normal game to Crazy Stein the Twins.  Pettite wasn’t sharp but battled through, crediting Cervelli according to LoHud.  Cervelli has been tremendous.  Pena made a gem of a play at third last night on Denard Span, bare-handing a chopper to get the speedy Span.  Teixeira and A-Rod teamed up for back-to-back shots in the six-run first, and hopefully can help each other warm up.  Swisher is 5 for May and needs to get rolling again.  To me, he looks like he’s swinging for the fences too much.  Do as Donnie Baseball said–hit the ball hard somewhere, for eventually good things will happen.  I’d also like to see the effects of A-Rod’s return ripple down to Matsui though, with the struggling Swisher behind him, I suspect Matsui will get little good to hit.

Keep it rolling guys.  As per Pete Abraham, below is the Yanks’ lineup.

YANKEES (21-17)
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Francisco Cervelli C

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (3-3, 3.70 ERA)

Orioles (16-22)
Lineup TBA

Pitching: RHP Brad Bergesen (1-1, 5.27)

As per Abraham, Edwar has been sent down as Bruney was activated.  Good, and I thought he would be last night when discussing that during Vanessa’s fun in-gamer.

Top 1: Roberts roped a single to left, and Jones’s tapper into no-man’s land between the mound and first has things astir for the O’s early.  Markakis blooped to left on the first pitch, whew! one down.  Roberts stole third cleanly.  Huff’s weak tapper to Teixeira brought home Roberts, but I love that Teixeira attempted a Donnie Baseball, who once turned a 3-2 DP on a grounder to nab a runner at home.  Great catch by JD at the wall, doing it at the plate and in the field to keep it 1-0 O’s, with the Yanks coming up.

Bottom 1: Jeter out on a deflected grounder, JD singled on a bloop, Teixeira worked the count full before a 3-1 moved JD to second.  A-Rod also worked the count full before mashing an enormous homer over the bullpen in left center, 2-1 Yankees.  Homer #558 for A-Rod, and the 5th already this year.  Matsui out on a grounder, but the damage is done, and Bergesen is already at 23 pitches.

Sabathia is throwing hard, routinely 94-95.  He fanned the struggling Zaun to end the top of the second.

Bottom 2: Swisher looked utterly confused at the plate, going down on 3 straight.  Cano’s hard-hit shot was gobbled up by his counterpart Roberts, who did the same to Melky for an eight-pitch, 1-2-3 for Bergesen.  Don’t let this kid settle in after he labored through the first.

Two more K’s for Sabathia, who looks like he’s cranking it up–46 pitches/33 strikes, lots of fastballs at 94-95.  Beautiful.  Good thing too, for Bergesen is shutting down the Yanks who, other than A-Rod’s blast, haven’t hit a ball hard.  Tight pitchers’ duel thus far.

Um, Mr. Gary Darling sir, where was that 0-2 to Mora?  Painted the black, at the knees–the last I checked, that’s a strike.  The Yanks really need to stop feeding the umps free Budweisers before the game.  They’re getting an Away Job lately.  No matter, F8 ends the 4th, with Sabathia at 58 pitches.  He looks great.  Again, it’s a good thing for the Yanks appear to be defrbrillating another corpse, one Cy Bergesen, despite Matsui’s hard-hit F8.

CC is getting squeezed against Zaun, and in general.  The Yanks have not had good, consistent umpiring of late.  Big K of Andino, two down, two on with Roberts up.  Whiff!!  95-mph fastball blowsaway Roberts.  CC is looking dominant.  How about some much-needed insurance, guys.

Not from Swish, who is doing to much uppercutting, one down. Nor does Cano contribute with a weak pop out.  Bergesen has settled in as I feared, and the Yanks are just generating nothing off him.  He’s keeping the ball down.  Melky with an F7, Bergesen at 67 pitches/44 strikes through 5, Sabathia 80 pitches/54 strikes.

Excellent catch, Swish!  Way to contribute, and CC had a six-pitch inning.  At 86/58, he can go into the 8th with an efficient 7th.  Excellent start thus far.

Bottom 6: I can’t say enough about Cervelli, who’s now 9 for his last 18 after that lead-off single.  That’s the Yanks’ first base runner since the first inning.  String ’em together, guys.  Yet Cervelli caught stealing, someone probably missed a sign.  Too bad, for Jeter worked the count full and walked, the first BB by Bergesen.  JD ripped a foul homer, then grounded into a 5-4 force for Teixeira.  He worked a great eight-pitch walk, getting Bergesen’s pitch count up to 90 with A-Rod up.  But a shallow F8 ends the threat.  Heck, at least the Yanks worked the pitch count and got base runners, but the game is tight.  Stay up to the challenge, C.C.

Sabathia jammed Mora, getting him on a 2-2 pop-up to the mound.  Sabathia still at 93-94 in the 7th.  That 2-2 to Reimold was really close before a K, two down, and Sabathia’s 6 K.  Sabathia fanned Montanez on a 3-2 change, great pitch! Here’s the question:  Sabathia is at 105 pitches, and the batters in the 8th are all righties or hit switch.  Sabathia, or Bruney (just called up)?  I say Sabathia, with no disrespect to Bruney.  For me. it’s all about Sabathia.  He’s dead-on tonight, and the Yanks should ride that to 120 pitches or so.  He’s been money, is still throwing 94 and hit 95 in the 7th, and has allowed all of 3 hits and a walk while fanning 7. With his control much improved from the earlier stints, stick with C.C.  By the way, in the last 38 2/3 IP, C.C. has allowed just 7 walks.

Speaking of walks, Bergesen issued one to Swish, then a weak four-pitch walk to Cano that ended Bergesen’s over-achieving night.  Historic Yankees punching bag Chris Ray in against Melky (who is 0-5 career against Ray; time for hit #1 now).  Sure enough, Melky got it but drilled it on a hot one-hop to Markakis, whose great arm held Swish at third.  Cervelli needs to drive the ball.  E6 scores Swish, as Andino clearly took his eye off the ball, 3-1 Yanks, still bases loaded for Jeter, who doubles to right center and, after a bobble by Jones, Cervelli was smart and scored! 6-1, but do the Yanks kill Ray.  Huge late-inning rally. JD singles to drive in Jeter after the wild pitch sent Jeter to third, 7-1.  Sit Sabathia, who was tremendous, nothing short of outstanding.  As has been Teixeira who absolutely crushed his 11th homer, 9-1 now.  Chris Ray for president!

I’d say The Big Man can hit the showers now.

With Boston’s 2-1 win over Toronto tonight, the Yanks will move to 3 1/2 behind Toronto with their seventh straight.  Six more outs for that.

Pena in for A-Rod, nice defensive replacement and giving A-Rod a blow, made the catch on Zaun’s pop-up, one down for Bruney in the 8th.  Bruney had a 1-2-3 8th, 15 pitches, nice work kid.  Tomko is up in the pen, a virtual throw day for the long man.

Tomko closes it down, 9-1 Yanks.  That’s 7 straight for the Yanks, who are now 3 1/2 behind Toronto in the East.  Jeter 1-3 with 2 RBIs, his 17th, batting .276.  Teixeira hit his 11th homer with 30 RBIs, batting .241 and rising.  A-Rod is now up to .194 with his 5th homer and 10th RBI.  Those guys are mashing, a terrific duo. JD’s 2-4 night bumps him up to .327 with 28 RBIs Cervelli had a hit, hitting .370.  Swish is down to .230 and Cano .296, but Melky’s hit, his first off Ray, has him at .315–kudos, Melky.  Great to see the Yanks go 4-6 with RISP, stranding only 2.  of course, to a good degree it was a product of the Yanks having no base runners between the first and sixth innings, but when they did get guys on, they hit.

C.C. was The Man, going 7 great innings allowing a run in the first and nothing else, 3 hits, one walk, 7 K’s as his ERA is down to 3.43.  Nice inning from Bruney, and Tomko wrapped it up.  Good to give Mariano and the rest of the pen a blow.  Great job by The Ace.

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  1. How about tonight? Another win! Can we go for #9 against the Phillies? Works for me.

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