Game 42: Phillies @ Yankees, 5/22/09: Yanks Lose 7-3, Ending Winning streak at Nine

YANKEES (24-17)
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Kevin Cash C

Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett 2-1, 5.02.

Top 1: Not exactly the start I envisioned, with Jimmy Rollins parking the first pitch Burnett threw out for a homer, one pitch, 1-0 Philly.  Burnett then plunked Utley and allowed a single to the red-hot Ibanez, first and third no outs.  WTF/  No problem, says Mr. Burnett, who promptly fans Howard and Werth on his nasty slider, then gets a lot of help from his friend, Mr. Teixeira, who flat-out stole an RBI hot from Victorino with a great diving stop.  Right now, 1-0 Philly doesn’t look too bad.

Bottom 1: Jeter singled, JD forced him, Teixeira fanned, and A-Rod’d double didn’t score JD, who got thrown out on a terrific relay from left, still 1-0.

Top 2: Burnett coughs up enother homer, a two-run shot to Ruiz, 3-0 Phillies, with the surprise being who hit it, not necessarily that one was hit.  Now Rollins walked but is tranded by Utley.  Need runs now, guys.

1-2-3 for the wife-abusing Myers ends the second.  1-2-3 in return from Burnett, who is at 48 pitches through 3 and needs to go deep in this game.  Time to work the pitch count on that slob Myers, recognize his off-speed stuff busting lefties in, and work this clown over.

Good thing Melky swung at the first pitch, weakly tapping back to Myers one out.  Meanwhile, word is that Jorge may be back for the series in Cleveland later next week.  Come on, Jeter!  Swing or don’t; a check-swing weakly meandering to Howard gives Mr. Domestic-in-Public another easy 1-2-3 o eight pitches.  No way to work the count, no way to approach this reprobate.

I’d be lying if I said that Cash impresses me as a catcher.  Granted, he isn’t playing much, but he’s hitting all of .071, and the catcher Ruiz just stole second off him.  Thankfully, Burnett K’d Rollins.  Um, runs please, with patience too.  Burnett is at 65 pitches through 4, needs a blow, and Myers just isn’t this good, honestly.

JD worked the count but hit a comebacker to Mr. Wife Abuser, one down.  Teixeira singled to left, nice piece of hitting.  Time to string ’em together now.  Keep it rolling, A-Rod, but he got totally fooled on a moderate fastball down Broadway, two down.  Jeez, when A-Rod gets fooled, he leaves no doubt.  I know I’m just some guy and not a professional hitter but, with Myers’s off-speed based approach, why not look fastball, as I mentioned a couple days ago?  It isn’t as though they can’t react then to the slower stuff.  Matsui worked the count to 3-1, but Myers threw a change for a strike, 3-2.  I have to hand it to the loser, he’s throwing off-speed stuff for strikes.  Matsui with an infield single to short for Swish, who really needs to deliver as he did early in the season.  Myers gave Swish nothing but junk, and Swish made out with a 4-3.  Myers is at 53 pitches/20 in the 4th, but without runs, it’s just throwing.

Hold it here, Burnett.  Nice K of Utley on a nasty curve.  Ibanez walked on four pitches, but Teixeira flat-out robber Howard of a hit, forcing Ibanez at second, two down.  What a pleasure it is to watch Teixeira play first, an underrated position.  But it’s for naught, with Werth creaming a fastball up and over the inner half into the second deck in left, a huge homer, 5-0 Phillies.  Burnett knew that was gone as soon as it was hit, turning away from the carnage and looking away as Werth parked it.  Victorino now tripled and the Yanks are in deep trouble, not hitting and not getting good work from Burnett when the team, and bullpen especially, really need it.  Burnett fanned Stairs, but the Yanks are down five halfway through the game, and Burnett is at 86 pitches through five.

Seriously, guys, now’s the time.

Bottom 5: Cano appears by this neo-junkball loser, but his grounder to Utley should have been made, E4 gives the Yanks a base runner for Melky, who fanned on three pitches.   The Yanks are being worked over by off-speed pitches, Cash up with one out, but he too fanned on off-speed, two down.  I know Cervelli needs a blow now and then, but I must say that I eagerly await Cash’s eventual demotion.  Jeter meekly grounded out, leaving that slime Myers at a mere 66 pitches through 5.  This isn’t shaping up well at all–no patience, not working the count, no success off a jerk like Myers.

Top 6: Felix down on an easy 6-3, one down, yet this game has an eerie feeling of settling in to a loss.  I sure hope I’m wrong and that the team can awaken in the last few innings.  But this has a familiar sense of the Yanks limping to a loss, and the opponent grinding them down.  Clearly, I’d like to see that change.  Now Ruiz, who entered the game 13-55, hit his first homer of the year earlier and now just singled after stealing his first base.

Great play by JD in left-center! He caught a deep fly off Rollins, then doubled that cocky Ruiz off first.  That was a heck of a throw by JD.  Now there’s the momentum the Yankees need.

Bottom 6: Howard belly-flopped to first with the 3U to get JD, one down.  The modified shift ensnared Teixeira again, two hard-hit balls but two outs.  A-Rod positively crushed one to deep left-center, 5-1.  Just as when A-Rod is fooled there is no doubt, when A-Rod is on one, he leaves no doubt.  He tattooed a knee-high fastball far out.  Matsui gave one a ride to deep left, but for naught, 5-1 Phillies, but the Yankees are at least on the board.

Wang is in now, with Burnett at 5.28 ERA after surrendering 8 hits and five runs earned, though he fanned 7.  Not a quality start.  Wang has it tough, facing Utley, Ibanez, and Howard–no easy test.  Wang is 2-0 to Utley, now 2-1, throwing 93, and he got Utley on a 94-mph ground ball–a good sign.  Yet Ibanez hit his 16th, crushing one off Wang, 6-1 Phillies.  Yikes.  As of now, the Phillies have 4 homers and are blowing out the Yanks with power, and in turn the Yankees are now hitting chump like Myers at all.  Wang got Howard looking, two down.  Werth singled on a one-hop to center.  Victorino singled Werth to third then stole second.  A 3U ended the seventh, and the Yankees are right back where they were the inning before–down five, but now with 2 1/2 to play.

Brutal, Swish, just brutal–one pitch, one out on a weak pop-up to the catcher in foul territory.  Cano with a weak pop, two down.  Jeez, does this team have slithering to a loss written all over it tonight, or what?  Melky with nice hitting, ripping a single off the facade of the right field stands.  melky went down and got that pitch low and in, well done kid.  But Yikes, Cash up.  I know, I should stay optimistic regardless, but it’s Cash.  I’m trying to remind myself of the power of positive thinking for various reasons.  F9 for Cash, three down.  Myers is at 93 pitches through seven and could certainly get through the eighth at this rate, if not more.  Poor outing for the Yanks and, while not all games can be grand, this would be a weak way to let a winning streak end should it happen–not giving up yet.  They’re just weak as a team tonight, and I feared that they’d struggle after the missed opportunity in the first, as in years past.  As of now, that’s just what’s occurring.

Wang allowed a lead-off single to Feliz and, with one out, Rollins also singles.  I hate to say it, certainly in good part because I want the Yankees to win, but it’s a good thing that Wang is up and pitching tonight to save the pen, Utley singled, 7-1 Phillies.  I worried about just this–not the lack of Yankees runs, but rather the Phillies’ offense.  Right around the start of the game, as I made fajitas for dinner, I approached the dinner table thinking of the Phillies scoring lots of runs–not that I wanted to, but perhaps some fear of it instilled the image in my head.  Not without reason, for that’s a good offensive club.

Six runs down in the eighth?  Time for some 9:30 Lightning.  The Captain delivers! Over the so-called 385-foot sign, Jeter homers, his 6th of the year and 212th of his great career, 7-2.  Teixeira then ripped one into the upper deck in right!  Incredible, one of the deepest homers at the new digs, 7-3 Phillies.  After A-Rod’s ground out, home plate ump Mike Winter just gave Myers the wife puncher two gift strikes with Matsui up, and he tapped back to the spouse abuser, three down, but 7-3.

In all, Wang wasn’t awful but not sharp, either, giving up two runs but six hits on 51 pitches/29 strikes.  Yanks need a huge ninth-inning comeback.

Doesn’t happen in the 9th.  Yankees lose 7-3.  Why?  Burnett served up 3 home run balls, really groowing ’em up and in.  The bottom of the Yanks’ order went 1-15.  Additionally, all runs came off solo shots–no sustained rallies off a miscreant like Myers.  Burnett and Wang spared the pen but lost the game, allowing 14 hits, 3 BBs, and 4 homers.

Get ’em tomorrow, with Pettite on the bump and hopefully shutting down the lefty-heavy Phillies’ lineup.

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  1. After 9 in a row, I just didn’t feel good about tonight. That said, 2-2, 5.28 is not getting it done, esp. from someone given $85m over 5 years. Ugh.

    Here’s hoping experience in Andy prevails over the youngster Happ, and then the big rubber game… CC vs. Hamels.

    Some balls tonight were legit. Werth, Teix…Ibanez…but I did think some HR were questionable. I wasn’t sure about Rollins. Ruiz’s, I thought, was “cheap.” 7 HR.

    Next year, put up that screen I suggested. Maybe on BOTH sides of the field.

    Mantle must be turning over. He’d be thinking 100 HR in this new place…that’s for one season

  2. No it sure isn’t good enough from Burnett, Mike. No doubt. 27 walks in 58 innings? 5.28 ERA? Poor at any price, especially that one.

    I’m admittedly a bit worried about the next two games, with Hamels a good pitcher even if he isn’t on top of things this year yet. But today can be bothersome–a young and fairly unknown lefty in Happ. Lefty + unknown = trouble for the Yanks in recent years.

    On the new Stadium, I think it’s going to need a serious restructuring. I don’t mind homers, but some of them are not earned at the new place. Personally, I don’t think right center bows out enough. It looks to me like the wall is too straight.

  3. from what i’ve seen as far as actual dimensions from the old house overlaid ove the new one…yes, jason you are exactly right. lonn trosst–i hope you enjoy the revenue from those few extra seats. wait a second–i hope your ass gets fired.

    i think the team has been fairly good against lefties this year jason. am i wrong? i know thet we’re better that last year. as far as making unfamiliar guys into cy youngs. i know we complain about that nightly, but in reality there have been several that we have bashed into the ground. i’ll try to think of some. porcello., richmond, and i think a few others, but in general, yes…it could look bad today. it’s all about andy anyway with those guys bats…

  4. Amen on Trost, Mike, who also made a reference last week justifying exorbitant ticket prices and spatial preferences they conferred upon the super-rich by comparing it to not wanting the rest of the people wandering through a house you buy. What a jerk.

    Wow, the Yankees are batting .307 against lefties this year, tops in the AL. You’re right on the money about that, Mike, and honestly I didn’t know their average against lefties was that high. I did a little of this the other day, but I really need to do some more statistical analysis and posting as in years past. That aspect has unfortunately fallen out of my blogging of late.

  5. don’t worry–we won’t tell joe!

  6. The secret should be safe with us here on the blog, Mike. If Joe finds out, he’ll be steamed. You know better than I do about his nuclear temper. 🙂

  7. hey just saw some good news…dumbass ( girardi) finally woke up and put cano behind alex

  8. It’s about time for that, especially with no Matsui. Frankly, Cano should be there regardless given his .310, no Jorge, and Cano’s excellent start.

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