Game 43: Phillies @ Yankees, 5/23/09

As per Joe Erwin at LoHud, below are the lineups.  Cervelli is thankfully back in, Pena is playing third, A-Rod is the DH, and Matsui sits against the lefty.

YANKEES (24-18)
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Nick Swisher RF
Francisco Cervelli C
Ramiro Pena 3B

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (4-1, 4.18).

Top 1: After seeing “Star Trek,” which was pretty good, I got back in and turned on the TV.  To my surprise, this is the FAUX game in the Midwest and, to my pleasure, the first pitch and play I saw was Pettite getting an inning-ending DP.

Bottom 1: Not a strike to Jeter, both because it was low and because the first pitch to him was in the same location and was called a ball.  JD also down looking, but on a nice pitch at the knees.  Teixeira hit a single past short, with Rollins playing way over on a hard pull.  A-Rod ends the inning on a 6-3, but at least Happ was forced to throw 19 pitches.

Top 2: Tremendous K of Howard on a perfectly located cutter away, one down, but Ibanez ripped a homer to center left belt high, missing Cervelli’s spot away, 1-0 Phillies.  Ibanez is on some kind of tear.  F9 for Victorino, two down.  Pettite walked Feliz on four straight.  Um, nothing wrong with these first two pitches to Mayberry, especially the first.  Barksdale is squeezing him, 2-1 with a fastball at the knees, 3-1 with one barely off the plate if at all.  The 3-1 strike was honestly not as good as the 2-1 ball, Barksdale is terrible already.  6-3 on a tough hop retires Mayberry, Jr, nicely done Jeter.  Get runs now guys and don’t stay behind, like last night.

Bottom 2: I think Werth lost that in the sun, getting turned around and having Cano’s hard-hit liner glance off the top of the webbing of his glove.  Melky sac bunts, Mike should be thrilled with that.  Swisher needs to at least drive the ball, though the infield is back.  Heck of a throw from deep in the hole by Rollins, three steps on the grass, to gun down Swisher, but Swish did his job and scored the run, tie game.  Nice job, Swish.  Why on earth did Cervelli bunt with no one on and two outs?  That’s beyond me, but the game is tied.

Top 3: Pettite painted the black with a first-pitch fastball, this time a strike from Barksdale.  Questionable third strike called on Coste, very nicely framed by Cervelli.  It was actually a pretty good pitch that tailed back over the plate, but Cervelli helped it out.  Rollins ahead 3-1, then swung and missed on a terrific sinking fastball, out on a 6-3, nice throw by Pena on an easy play.  Nice 2-0 bender to Utley, who eventually made out on a weak 4-3.  Pettite is already at 51 pitches, but hopefully more of the bullpen will be available today than for last night.

Bottom 3: Pena whiffed.  Jeter swung at a sure ball low, out on a 6-3.  Happ at 34 pitches.  The Yanks need to make him work more.  JD out on a five-foot tapper, 2-3.  Happ is at 37 only 37 pitches through 3.  This reminds me a bit of the first game against Bergesen and the O’s the last series, when the Yanks generated nothing with power off him until the wore him down.  My understanding is that, since this is first start, Happ will go about 90 pitches.  At this rate, that can get him and the Phils through 7.

Top 4: First-pitch change to Werth looked good but was called a ball, pop-up behind first, what a great over-the-shoulder sliding catch by Teixeira.  Watching him play first is a tremendous privilege. Howard out on a shallow F8, first pitch, two down.  Perfect location down to Ibanez on a 2-0 slider, and Ibanez popped out to Cano.  Pettite had a terrific, eight-pitch fourth.  Time to work over Happ with the heart of the order.

Bottom 4: Incredible effort from the hole by Rollins, who nearly threw out Teixeira from his knees at first.  Amazing.  Teixeira now at .267 after a 2-2 start today.  A-Rod ripped a 1-0 pitch way out but foul by about 10 feet, then A-Rod grounded into a 5-4-3 DP, nice scoop by Feliz to start that.  Nice patience Cano, swinging at the first pitch off Happ’s left hand, out at first.  When will this team learn some patience?  A seven-pitch fourth after an eleven-pitch third?  Goodness!

That’s a fast first four innings–one hour.

Top 5: Andy left that chest-high to Victorino, who singled.  Pettite walked Feliz, first and second no outs.  Pettite left that up for Mayberry Jr., who parked it to left 4-1, first homer.  Sure is nice to see the Yankees provide career and season firsts for various Phillies the last couple games.  Two down now and Pettite is at 86 pitches, 0-2 to Utley.  K of Utley, but it’s 4-1, and Pettite is at 88 pitches.  A very efficient two innings can get Pettite and the Yanks through seven, but it’s really up to the Yanks’ offense to get them back in the game before asking Pettite to hold it.  Wake up, guys.

Bottom 5: Melky is actually making Happ work, 2-2 before a weak pop to right, one down for Swisher, who just swung through a fastball right down Broadway, 0-2, eventually grounding out to third, two down and Happ at 56 pitches.  Shattered bat pop-up behind first, three down, Happ at 60 pitches and cruising.

Pettite hasn’t been bad but has made a couple costly mistakes, a generous strike call low gets Werth looking, one down.  He needs to hold it at four and give them a shot to defibrillate themselves and come back.  Pena playing short in a shift gets Howard on the first pitch, two down.  6-3 gets Ibanez, three down and Pettite at 99.  I’d be surprised if he didn’t at least start the seventh.

Bottom 6: Pena, Jeter, JD up.  Pena fans, and Jeter whacked the first pitch out to left, 4-2, seventh homer of the year for The Captain, and 213 for his great career.  JD hit a foul homer just past the pole on 3-2, then roped a liner to right, two down.  No patience from Teixeira, swinging at the first pitch, breaking his bat, and popping out, but it’s 4-2.  Hold it here.

Top 7: Andy K’s Victorino, one down on a sharp slider.  Nice running catch by JD in left center, two down and Mayberry Jr. up, bloop hit over first for a double.  Coke is warming up, nice catch on a foul pop, and Andy gave the Yanks seven pretty good innings, homers aside–5 hits, 2 BB, 5 K’s, but all four runs on the two homers.

Bottom 7: A-Rod, Cano, and Melky up against righty Chad Durbin, with Happ thankfully out.  A-Rod out on a 5-3, and really needs to get it going, down to .188.  That was not a first-pitch strike to Cano, Barksdale!  Weak 4-3 and is Cano lapsing back into bad habits?  That was a fastball outside, and he tried to pull it.  Why not take that the other way, Cano?  Melky chased a ball high, fouling it off 2-2, then looked at strike three.  I expect Coke to enter and face the top of the Phillies’ order.

Top 8: Nice job by Melky to track down a deep fly in left center off Rollins’s bat.  Utley singled on a belt-high pitch with Werth up, Coke could use a DP here.  Ask and ye shall receive!  Nice job by Coke especially pitching down in the zone to Werth.  Need runs now.

Bottom 8: Swisher K’d by Madsen, who clearly had his home-run swing on there.  No apparent thought of steering it to left.  Gardner is pinch-hitting for Cervelli, and Matsui is on deck for Pena.  Brett the Jet weakly hacked at a nasty change low and away; he was fooled.  But he did the right thing and slapped it just inside the line to left, easily getting a double as Werth misplayed the carom off the wall.  Matsui is up for the biggest at-bat of the game to this point, but K’d on a change, way out in front of that, two down for Jeter.  97-mph fastball for strike one, weak hack at the change that is devastating the Yanks this inning 0-2, and the change got him on 1-2.  That’s a tough change-up Madsen sports.

Top 9: Howard ripped a liner right at Swish in right, one down.  Now Coke is getting squeezed by Barksdale, especially on 2-1, but a weak tapper 1-3, two outs for Ibanez.  Jeez, now the match-up for Victorino?  Why?  He’s .260 versus righties, .265 versus lefties.  Veras for one-third of an inning?  I don’t trust him even for that.  Victorino lines out.

Bottom 9: Lidge is in versus JD, Teixeira, and A-Rod.  Hopefully Lidge’s starting off the 2009 season badly can serve the Yanks well, with hitters batting .312, 5 HR, 11 BB.  JD ahead 3-0, now 3-1 and a very low strike 2 call by the awful Barksdale–rendered academic with a fastball high and outside. Teixeira steps in as the tying run. Teixeira missed two changes in a row, JD took second on the second one.  Missed three in a row, one down for A-Rod, and this is a good time for him to get going.  Looks at a change low, good recognition, 1-0, high change 1-1, weak hack at a change low 1-2, lays off the change low 2-2 and another 3-2, then cranks a homer to deep right to tie the game!! 4-4, great work by A-Rod!! That was one heck of an at-bat, working the count, laying off low change-ups, then belting a pitch up out to tie the game. Cano singled up the middle and Lidge is up to 20 pitches, still one out.  Melky up, Cano just stole second!  Nicely done, putting the winning run at second and taking away the DP.  2-1 now and Melky the Clutch splits the gap in right center to win the game!! Great come-from-behind, walk-off fashion!! Huge win, stealing one from the Phillies and Happ but really working over Lidge for the win.  Outstanding!!

Great call by Girardi to have Cano steal second, making Melky the Clutch’s dramatics possible.  Pie in the face for Melky the Once-Again Clutch.  Great work also by Pettite and the bullpen to hold it at four, and shut down the Phillies in the last few innings.  Jeter’s homer was big to cut the lead to two, and A-Rod had a tremendous at-bat.  Nice patience by JD for the walk.  Huge win to even the series.

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  1. Huge win is right. Loved this game. It seemed like we were out of it against yet another rookie pitcher, but Jeter cut the deficit, A-Rod came through in the clutch (yes, he can) and Cano and Melky did their thing. Wow. And you’re so right about Tex and his defense. We’re just not used to that kind of talent!

  2. great recap man–were you doing this on the fly ? good stuff!

    and what a way to end a very frustrating 8 innings.

    they should do a remake of a 50’d horror flick…The Team That Wouldn’t Die

    or We Eat Closers For Lunch. with The Mets starring in their own sequel. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  3. My friends and I partied pretty well after the game. The Phils’ fans in our mix were a bit in shock.

    Right before A-Rod swung on the full-count pitch, the words out of my mouth were “take it the other way.” I was thinking get it up in that jetstream or whatever it is. Sure enough, he did.

    Barksdale was consistent all game long. A low strike zone only a mole could love.

    Be at a friend’s today. Hamels and CC should be a good one.

  4. Same here, Jane. I had a good feeling entering the ninth, with Lidge not approaching his successes of last year by a long shot. A-Rod’s at-bat was outstanding, showing excellent recognition of the change-up and patience to wait for his pitch. I can’t say enough about Teixeira’s defense–Gold Glove stuff every day.

    I was indeed doing this on the fly, Mike. Very funny titles for the late-inning dramatic smacks the Yankees have laid on teams.

    I had the feeling there was some revelry and mirth in your neck of the woods, Mike S. When I stopped over late and didn’t see a recap, I figured there was some post-game partying. Good for you. If A-Rod can take advantage of that apparent jet stream to right center, he’ll have a monster year. Barksdale was brutal, and missed a lot of calls at the corners. His strike zone was stretched too low, and way too narrow, all day.

  5. honestly i didn’t think alex would go the otrher way with that ball, but i’ve been waiting for him to do it since I saw mark de roda literally tap one out of the park in the opening homestand.

  6. I was thinking homer, but where was secondary to me. Right center at the new Yankee Stadium is a natural alley for A-Rod, especially because even with his long swing, he can still wait on a lot of pitches and, especially with those outer half, steer them with power. True about De Rosa, Mike–not exactly a bomb.

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