Yanks Prevent PaVoldemort Win, Lose 5-4

A late-inning bullpen implosion tarnished an eighth-inning comeback and some excellent work by Wang in relief of Hughes as the Yanks lost 5-4.  Teixeira drove in all four runs to give him an outstanding 44 for the season thus far, fourth in the AL.  Hughes was decent but not great, allowing four runs earned in five somewhat inefficient innings.  Wang was excellent in relief, allowing three hits and a walk with three K’s in three innings on just 42 pitches/28 strikes.  After today, Wang deserves some consideration for being moved back into the rotation, although he does provide an important relief facet for the young starters in Joba and Hughes, whose pitches and innings the Yanks wish to limit.

I brought the family to see “Up” which was very good, and got back in the sixth, as Wang started to settle in.  Unfortunately, it took a while for the Yanks to start the offense against PaVoldemort.  I saw the play on which Jeter was wrongly called out at first, taking away a run in the sixth from the Yanks, for Teixeira hit a two-run and not a three-run homer.  Jeter then was rightly called safe on a grounder up the middle in the eighth, and  I must say that, with all due humility, I called Teixeira’s game-tying RBI double in the eighth.  I was folding laundry and, as I put away towels during the carousel from the Cleveland bullpen, I thought, what will happen with Teixeira.  I thought for a second and, since I was urging “hit the gap” toward the TV right before Herges entered, I stuck with that.  Sure enough, Teixeira ripped a two-run double off the scoreboard wall in left center to tie the game. Needles to say, I was very psyched. Yet the Yanks could neither score him from second with one out in the eighth, nor with first and third with one out in the ninth, when Brett the Jet didn’t steal second and Jorge hit into a 4-6-3 DP.  Coke couldn’t find the strike zone and allowed a walk to Crowe, the nine-hole hitter, then Robertson walked Francisco and subsequently allowed Peralta’s game-winning walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth–very much a bad product of the count as Robertson also struggled to throw strikes.  That said, I like Girardi’s using Robertson instead of a dung pile like Veras.  It’s about time that other players, especially the kids such as Robertson (and hopefully later Melancon) get the chance to succeed.  Veras should be gone; he’s simply not trustworthy.

The Yanks didn’t generate much off that asshead PaVoldemort.  They also hit 2-8 with RISP, not good.  I’m also displeased that they lost to a Cleveland team without Sizemore and Martinez.  But at least PaVoldemort didn’t get the win.  Nor did the team roll over; instead, they came back and fought, which they often do.  Wang’s excellent relief effort was one of the best developments of the game and, with Hughes decent but not great, it will bear some watching to see if Girardi will move Wang back into the rotation soon.

Jeter’s 2-4 puts him at .306.  Teixeira is killing the ball, going 2-4 with a double, homer, and all four RBIs, batting .281. JD was 2-4 with 2 runs, batting .301.  A-Rod, Matsui, Swish, and Gardner each had a hit.  Cervelli made two great throws, one to nab Valbuena and the other nearly gettign Francisco with both throws in the dirt.  He’s an excellent defensive catcher.

Joba (2-1, 3.97 ERA) faces Jeremy Sowers (1-2, 7.71 ERA) go tomorrow night. The Yanks are up a half-game after 50.  Win the series tomorrow, guys.

[Edit: According to Pete Abraham, Brett the Jet didn’t run in the 9th because he got the sign to run, but didn’t because he feared getting picked off.  Yeesh.  Memo to Brett the Jet, to paraphrase Ebby Calvin “Nuke Laloosh:” Don’t think, just run.]

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  1. Since you’ve got everything covered on the game (why NOT use Wang in the 9th since he’s a STARTER), I’ll comment on the movie “Up.” I wrote about it on my blog yesterday. Just loved it and wasn’t expecting to. Such a beautiful story that made me cry my eyes out!

  2. I felt similarly about Wang pitching the ninth Jane, but didn’t know if they’re restricting his pitch count or what. But I felt that his sinker ball was great yesterday, that he threw strikes, and wasn’t really threatened by Cleveland’s offense. He could have pitched the ninth. I like Coke and Robertson, and didn’t necessarily presume they’d fail, but it goes to show that the middle relief still has a lot of room for improvement.

    “Up” was really not what I expected, very much a story about life and moving forward. I found it very touching as well as very funny. I love Ed Asner anyway, and am glad that he was the voice of Carl. Great move.

  3. and i was ranting at girardi for not having brett run–i gues i’ll have to send an apology with flowers. Little G–how could you do this to me…and that missed ball in the outfield….not your best day …

    wedge did what he could to give us the game…we just have to move on and forget it…

  4. Didn’t see “UP” but that cartoon character sure looks like Spencer Tracy at the end of Tracy’s life!

  5. The Tracy of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (1963 and 1967 respectively). 🙂

  6. The Spencer Tracy analogy is a very good one, Mike.

  7. Sorry to miss your comment before, Mike. Good point about Gardner’s botched play in center. I didn’t see that since I got in a little late, but it was costly, and not the first miscue he’s had in CF lately. On the whole, he’s been good in center, but he’s made a couple youthful mistakes that have hurt.

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