Pettite, Offense Struggle as Yanks Lose 4-2

Pettite labored through five, not pitching efficiently, leaving pitches up, and getting rocked in the first for three runs from which the Yanks never recovered and, without offensive support, lost 4-2.  It sure seemed as though Pettite’s back was bothering him, for he missed badly outside the zone and was routinely in trouble.  Although the Yanks got an RBI single from A-Rod in the first to cut it to 3-1, neither he nor the rest of the Yanks got the offense moving after that.  A-Rod had runners on in every at-bat after that but failed to score any of them, hearing the boos for his subsequent failures–grounding into an inning-ending DP in the third with the bases loaded and a 3-1 count, striking out with JD on third and one out in the sixth, and fanning with Swish at first and one out in the eighth.  Poor night for A-Rod despite the first-inning RBI, his 21st.  Jorge ripped his 8th homer of the year and 229th of his terrific career, a line drive smash in the seventh, to cut it to 4-2, but the Yanks got no closer off Feldman or his successors.  It didn’t help matters than Texas SS Andrus was unbelievable tonight, throwing out runners from deep in the hole and successfully charging balls.  He was outstanding, the best defensive player on the field tonight bar none.

But the team as a whole failed to deliver, going only 1-6 with RISP and stranding 6, with only A-Rod’s first-inning RBI single indicating some success with runners in scoring position.  Tomko and Robertson were good in relief, allowing just two hits (Tomko) and a walk (Robertson) in four innings of scoreless relief, fanning four combined.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pettite hit the DL or get skipped, with Hughes moved to the bullpen and kept up in favor of Wang’s return to the rotation.  Maybe Pettite just had a rough outing, but I believe it’s more complicated than that–hardly a radical assessment after watching him slog through five–7 hits, 4 runs earned, six walks, 6 K’s on 104 pitches/59 strikes.

Swish (.244) and Jorge (.320) each had two hits tonight, but Jeter’s 16-game hitting streak came to an end.  The bottom third went 1-10, the top third 2-10, and six hits as a team attests to their collective futility, rendered all the more stark with Teixeira’s absence from the lineup with a bruised foot after wiping out Andrus at second in the fourth inning of last night’s game.

Wang (0-3, 16.07 ERA) returns to the rotation tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 in the rubber match against McCarthy (5-2, 4.35 ERA).  The Yanks and especially Wang and their offense need a good game tomorrow, with the Rays coming to town after Texas.  With the loss and Boston’s win, the Yanks drop back to 9 over .500 and into a first-place tie with Boston atop the East.

Get ’em tomorrow, guys.

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  1. what an awful game to be at…ugh. andy was atrocious and should never have pitched. clearly he IS injured but like last year playing the martyr/hero. But then the yankees don’t evaluate or handle injuries well as has been shown over and over again. still a-rod was just atrocious tonight- and i must tell you that the crowd was forgiving the first couple of times he failed. he was only booed on that last pathetic strikeout. tex was sorely missed tonight. anyway -the way they let feldman off the hook over and over was pitiful.

    also the guy i was with was more concerned with the lack of coke over pepsi than the game. slightly annoying…

    well just a bad game. whatever. we’ll get em tomorrow. i’m doing the upper deck so we’ll see how that is…

  2. Sorry to hear about that from your end, Mike. It must have been frustrating to witness first-hand. I heard smatterings of boos the first couple times he made outs with runners on, but maybe those were located around the broadcast booth. They were clearly audible over the air, but might not have been prevalent.

    Coke, Pepsi–not a deal breaker for me either, Mike. I’m a Tab guy, myself. 🙂 Just kidding.

    Best of luck in the upper deck, buddy.

  3. yeah it was very frustrating…the crowd really tried to get into it…the slightestr uptick would get them ( us) going. but then -always the big letdown… oh welll

    hey when was the last time i heard Tab?! 🙂

    what about royal crown? today i’m going with a tennis fan who’s never been to a baseball game and that is gonna be fun.

    oh i forgot to tell you about the two moron Mets fans behind us last night that kept yelling TEXAS in a really hideous and fake southern accent everytime some thing bad happened,… which was often.

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