One of These Days…

…the Yankees will beat Boston.

…A.J. Burnett will pitch against Boston for the Yanks as he did before he was a Yankee.  Oh, and stop walking people by the truck load.

…the Yankees will again stop committing errors.

…I will host an HDLR. I’ve been busy with teaching, writing, and family.  In fact, and rather thankfully, I didn’t see last night’s game for I was in transit bringing my nephew to my sister-in-law, thus unfortunately ending his stay with us.  Good kid, and surely thrilled that the Pens forced a Game 7 by beating Detroit 2-1 last night.  I checked the Yankees score and it was already 4-0.  An hour later, it was 6-0.  When I got home and saw online that JD grounded into an inning-ending DP to end the first real threat to score the Yanks had all night, I promptly shut it off.

0-6 against Boston, and still tied for first.  In an odd way, that makes me feel somewhat optimistic.

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  1. we just can’t dwell on this embarrassment, but AJ has got to step it up. i know he is a “second half” pitcher, so that’s something to grasp on to, hanging one’s hopes on wang to prevent a series loss is a sad proposition…

  2. Curious to see how CC fares against the Sox tomorrow. He’s handled them well in in the past, except for when he was lit up twice in the 2007 playoffs. Should be interesting to see. Seems like he’s found his stuff.

    Tonight, it’s Wake vs. Wang…anything can happen.

  3. Last night was definitely an embarrassment. Burnett has had 2 God-awful starts this year in Boston. I’m most disappointed though in the errors. 18 games without and now they’ve committed one in 7 straight. I don’t get that.

    I’m nervous about Wang. i like having Hughes and Aceves as backups if he falters.


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